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Going into tonightsThe Blacklistseason 8 finale, we knew that Megan Boone would be leaving the show and the Liz Keen character. There was, however, still one big question: How would it happen within the world of the show?

The first thing that we should spell out here is preciselywhythis is happening. It was a mutual decision reportedly for Megan to exit the show, and it comes after she was gone for a good chunk of season 8. The actress may be ready to move on to do other things, which we more than understand after being a part of this world for so long.

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As we dive further into the future of The Blacklistseason 9, let’s go ahead and

When it comes to Liz the character, our main hope entering the finale was merely that the character would be written out in a way that still allowed her a chance to come back down the road. We liked the idea of her going into hiding, and from there season 9 could be about seeing if there was a way to clear her name and the burn notice out against her. As long as she didnt die, wed be reasonably happy with the end result.

Well Liz may actually be dead. Based on the end of the episode, thats the indication. How would she survive that gunshot? It seems like Vandyke killing her is the end of her journey, but why did it have to be her? It was such a shocking killer given his overall presence, and such a sad end to her story given that she didnt even get all the answers.

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Are you going to miss Megan Boone as Liz following the events of The Blacklist season 8 finale?

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