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the adolf hitler nghĩa là

Leader of the Nazi party and the Third Reich.

ExampleWatch the award winning film ‘Der Untergang’ aka ‘Downfall’, to see Bruno Ganz’s very convincing portrayal of Hitler.

the adolf hitler nghĩa là

First i would like to say that gypsygal has no idea what he/she is talking about. Hitler and his WIFE Eva Braun (thats right they got married a day before they commited suicide) committed suicide by both taking poison. Shortly after consumption, Hitler shot himself to escape the pain of the cyanide. Eva Braun never shot herself. They did not have any childeren. I believe you are confused with Josef and Magda Goebbels, who fed cyanide to their six childeren a day after Hitler committed suicide. One child of Magda’s from a previous marriage, Harald Quandt, escaped the FuehrerBunker and made it to the united states front lines. He was 26 years old.

You are also wrong in the fact that you think Hitler tried to gain citizenship to Poland. At the outbreak of World War 1, Hitler applied for the German army, thus granting him automatic citizenship to Germany. He never once went to Poland.

And it is spelt Auschwitz, not Aushwitz. Auschwitz-Birkenau, commanded from 1941-45 by Rudolf Hoess and Otto Moll, allegedly has the highest murder rate of all the concentration camps. I will not argue with this.

The fact that you say Germany never attacked Russia makes my skin crawl with rage. My great granparents lived in Stalingrad, and i have a large part of my family from Leningrad. You do some research, and come back and tell me whether or not Germany attacked Russia. Germany ruthelessly sieged Leningrad for months. Residents of the city were forced into eating rats and other disease-ridden creatures, as well as insects. Stalingrad, the second largest city in Russia the time, was completely obliterated by German military action and German air raids. Small villages? no, no these were the two largest cities in Soviet Russia besides Moscow that time.

I would like for you to show me the ‘records’ that prove that Hitler fled to California. Maybe you are confused with Argentina, where most Nazi leaders escaped to such as Eichmann or Mengele. Even so, there is no documentation proving Hitler ever got out of Germany. In fact, the contreversey regarding Hitler’s death is completely unfounded. Soviet troops found his skull when they invaded the FuehrerBunker in Berlin, and it was paired up with dental records to prove it was the skull of Hitler.

The fact that the end of your definition you wrote ‘But please dont post s–t if you dont know what youre talking bout’ makes me highly consider that you wrote that entire article as a joke. It would make sense, for all that article did was showcase your complete ineptness on history.

Good Day.

ExamplePlease, Gypsy Gal, do not post anymore ever. Adolf Hitler deserves a proper article, not your unfounded jibberish.

the adolf hitler nghĩa là

(from: The History of the Entire World, I guess By Bill Wurtz) the angry mustache model who hated the Jews for existing.

ExampleWhat do you think of my mustache? I tried to make it look like Adolf Hitler’s

the adolf hitler nghĩa là

(April 20,1889-April 30,1945) was the dictator or Fuhrer of Germany from 1933 to his defeat in 1945 the end of World War 2 (1939-1945). Hitler served in World War I (1914-1918) and won the Iron Cross for bravery as a dispatch runner in the German Army. After the humiliating defeat of Germany in 1918 and the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II, Hitler became an anti-semite and blamed the Jews for all of Germany’s woes, Hitler in 1933 became Reichskanzler and took over the presidency of Germany which he merged and became absolute ruler of Nazi Germany in 1935, Hitler expelled Jews from German life and labelled them as non citizens in the 1934 Race Laws, Hitler aided Francisco Franco in the Spanish revolution and became allies with Benito Mussolini who was Prime Minister of Fascist Italy. in 1938 Hitler both annexed Czechoslovakia and his native Austria into a “Greater German Reich“. From 1939-1940 Hitler invaded Poland and France then in the next year of 1941 Hitler invaded the Soviet Union which created a war on two fronts and because of his blundering in military matters he was eventually defeated and committed suicide with his mistress Eva Braun in Berlin but not before causing the deaths of 50 million people and 6 million Jews in the Holocaust.

ExampleAdolf Hitler is commonly associated with “Pure Evil

the adolf hitler nghĩa là

The Dictator of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945, mostly during World War 2.

ExampleAdolf Hitler was a horrible maniac, and he also had a shitty mustache.

the adolf hitler nghĩa là

A German leader that rose to power after WWI when Germany was in a Great Depression, he offered help and used the Jewish religion as a scapegoat saying they were the reason for Germany’s troubles, as well as people who did not follow his views. Hitler then recruited as many soldiers as possible, especially the mentally unstable, to ‘control’ the prisoners. The guards tortured and raped whomever they pleased but still followed Hitler’s golden rule, massacre. In total about 6 million innocent lives were taken before Russian and American forces infiltrated all the camps that were made or renovated that held the remaining live prisoners.

Example” Adolf Hitler was a great man!”
“Alright sir, eat your spinach before you go back to your cell or you wont get any dessert later, okay?”
“But I dont LIKE spinach!”
“Sir, you’ve been here for 12 years for firing upon a Mosque, eat it or I’ll get mr. Sanches in.”
“Okay! God! Heil Hitler.”

the adolf hitler nghĩa là

Leader of the Third Reich in Nazi Germany (1933-1945). When he dropped out of school 14 Hitler moved to Vienna and soaked up extreme Nationalism. Hitler thought by killing of inferior humans, the strong would survive and the human race would be more intelligent. He basically used a fucked up version of Social Darwinism to ensure the Germans would survive.

Hitler did not just kill 6,000,000 men women and children of the Jewish Religion, but killed over 21,000,000 people that were either retarded, gypsies, handicapped, aged, sick, prisoners of war, forced laborers, camp inmates, critics, homosexuals, Jews, Slavs, Serbs, Czechs, Italians, Poles, Frenchmen, Ukrainians, and so on. He also used public speaking (That’s how he got chancellor) to actually make Germany think that Jews caused the economic depression from WW1.

ExampleAdolf Hitler kills people he doesn’t like, Period.

the adolf hitler nghĩa là

Human definition of a dick

Exampleman adolf Hitlers a dick

the adolf hitler nghĩa là

A politician in Namibia, which is a southern African country. His full name is Adolf Hitler Uunona. He currently is the councilor of the South-West Africa People’s Organization. No, he isn’t related in any way to THAT hitler.

ExampleI met Adolf Hitler in public today the market in Namibia!

Adolf Hitler’s speech focused on the struggles of many people.

the adolf hitler nghĩa là

Where you take your lover(preferably a Jew) rape her then you “gass” her under the sheets

ExampleSo today my wife picked up a penny so I gave her the Adolf hitler special


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