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Listening Exercise 3. Sentence completion

Difficulty level: medium

Nội dung chính

    Listening Exercise 3. Sentence completionVideo liên quan

Listen to the recording and complete gaps in the text below.

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Technology experts, government officials, and engineers are meeting this week in Italy. They have in Rome for the first Green Standards Week conference.

Italys Ministry of Economic Development and the International Telecommunications Union organized the . The sự kiện calls attention to the need for information and communication technologies to fight climate change and to build greener, more economies.In recent years, the world has changed because so many people now use computers, mobile phones and other kinds of . But the increasing use of information and technologies, also known as ICTs, also has led to more pollution, especially greenhouse gas . This is mostly because of the energy used to manufacture, transport and operate such equipment.Check Show answers Hide answersTweet


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