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Bạn đang tìm kiếm từ khóa Bài tập chia dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc được Update vào lúc : 2022-11-28 04:08:20 . Với phương châm chia sẻ Mẹo Hướng dẫn trong nội dung bài viết một cách Chi Tiết 2022. Nếu sau khi tìm hiểu thêm nội dung bài viết vẫn ko hiểu thì hoàn toàn có thể lại phản hồi ở cuối bài để Ad lý giải và hướng dẫn lại nha.

Cho dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc 1. There is between written EL and spoken EL (differ) 2. The story of Oliver Twist moved us . ( deep ) 3. He tried to learn EL but he was .. ( success ) 4. The machine is old, but it is . ( use ) 5. I’ll help you to some flowers (choice) 6. What does this wedding ring ( symbol ) 7. My brother plays tennis very . ( good ) 8. They looked the exam . (happy) 9. I haven’t had such an evening before ( enjoy) 10. I missed the of the play ( end ) 11. We were in . on that point ( agree ) 12. She could have her book ( print) 13. He used to be .. by his teacher (punishment) 14. The picnic gave us a lot of . (enjoy) 15. EL is ..spoken all over the world. ( wide) 16. He devoted his life to . (write) 17. A successful business needs good .. (organize) 18. I’ll never forget the days in Sa Pa. 19. Children must be .. home and school (educate) 20. The class . is about collecting stamps (discuss) 21. She reviewed her note . (careful) 22. The . dishes lay on the floor. (break ) 23. Her father is a famous .. (act) 24. She sent her best wishes for my future . .( happy) 25. . are trying to find out new stars (science) 26. We are very proud of our ( friend) 27. He was punished for his .. (lazy) 28. These articles are written many stories (report) 30. He will never forget his happy .. (child) 31. Ba is an thành viên of the club (act) 32. We like going in his car as he is a driver (care) 33. AIDS is a disease (danger) 34. Do you often read newspapers (day) 35. They are watching an (excite) 36. She is ..of doing the same thing (tire) 37. What do you do on . day (sun) 38. She looks in her new clothes (attract) 39. He turns out to be the ..student in my class (good) 40. You are . from your mom (differ) 41. Mr Nam is a ..neighbor (help) 42. I watch TV every day because it is very .. (inform) 43. Internet is a very useful means of .. (communicate) 44. We can see many ..on TV (advertise) 45. They live in a . province (mountain) 46. It is . of you to cheat in the exam (honest) 47. She received a lot of ..from friends (courage) 48. There are about wearing uniforms (argue) 49. The situation is getting worse (economy) 50. The internet has developed (increase) 51. We must keep our environment .. (pollute) 52. Don’t eat that thing it is very . (poison) 53. We’ll have a happier and life (healthy) 54. Environmental is every one’s responsibility (protect) 55. We want to buy …… that save money (product) 56. Mai can repair electric very well (apply) 57. This river is for swimmers (danger) 58. I’m worried about the of the children (safe) 59. Nam has a beautiful ..of stamps (collect) 60. Our school hold a . to raise fund (meet) 61. We should save our ..resources (nature) 62. My sister is a good . ( cook) 63. You look so (happy) 64. What’s the ..between two groups (differ) 65. There were no . For his absence (explain) 66. It’s so out here in the country (peace) 67. We have a fewin Ha Noi. (relate). 68. Conversation is one of .. (entertain) 69. He seems a very . person. (friend) 70. I know all the boys who live in my (neighbor) 71. He’s always to me (help) 72. She is always ..about home work. (complain) 73. Hoa is ..about her trip tomorrow. (excite) 74. The village is in the valley (situate) 75. She find it to take picture of flowers (interest) 76. All . may be cancelled be cause of the fog (fly) 77. The telephone has been widely used since its .. (invent) 78. He is always .. to the visitors (hospitability) 79. Son is a man (success) 80. You must be when you open that door. (care) 81. My sister is in her class (tall) 82. I don’t know how you . your birthday (celebration) 83. We are very . football. (interest) 84. Are you fond of ..sports (play) 85. Don’t go to see that play, it is very . (bore) 86. Jack doesn’t mind . night ( work) 87. Can you drive a bit more please! (slow) 88. France is .for its beautiful spots (fame) 89. Angkor Wat is one of the . of the world. (wonderful) 90. It is hard to find in the summer. (accommondate) 91. He has a large . of stamps. ( collect) 92. He made an unfavorablebetween food in his country and mine. (compare) 93. They made a . about the heating (complain) 94. I had to write a. for HW. (compose) 95. She gave a .. of the computer. (demonstrate) 96. I had .. of starting my car this morning (difficult) 97. Have you got some kinds of on you? (identify) 98. How is her .. ? (ill) 100. They had a happy (marry) 101. There was a strange in the bowl (mix) 102. Could I have .. to go home tomorrow? (permit) 103. There are several .. in that letter. (punctuate) 104. He made a . about who to invite. (suggest) 105. Can I get a . of this book? (translate) 106. He is having .. for his bad back ( treat) 107. I have put on . since I arrived here (weigh) 108. We must meet soon before Saturday. (prefer) 109. The earthquake caused . damages (extend) 110. The roads were . because of the snow (pass) 111. This place has change beyond .. (recognize) 112. She took the job to be independent. (finance) 113. We look forward to a period of . (prosper) 114. I am afraid this plan will prove very . (divide). 115. They were caught in an shower of rain (expect) 116. I am afraid I would rather a greed to help (wise) 117. I will make a (decide) 118. It’s of motorist to drink and drive (respond) 119. If you have any special , please let me know. (require) 120. If you aren’t busy, I could do some (assist) 121. I had my trousers ..because they were too short. (long) 122. If you lose your cheque book, you should ………..the bank (note) 123. It was a ..letter addressed to boss and secretary shouldn’t have opened it (confide) 124. The of the flight was delayed so we had to spend the night the air port. (depart) 125. The teacher warned the Ss that if they again, they would be punished (behave) 126. Its to study a language if you are never going to use it ( point) 127. I am afraid you’ve . me because that is not what meant (understand) 128. Why do we always end up by having .? (argue) 129. I have been a . since I had a heart attack ( smoke) 130. I wish you would be .instead or telling me lies. ( true) 131. The weather in this country is so that you never know what to expect (predict ) 132. It’s a . doing business with you. ( please) 133. It’ expect to get something for nothing (reason) 134. We need her ..before we go ahead (approve) 135. He made an for the position of manager (apply) 136. Have you got of your booking yet? (confirm) 137. He made an . to see me 3 o’clock (arrange) 138. This time his . were not believed (deny) 139. The new center is an interesting .. ( develop) 140. I am afraid is hard to find here (employ) 141. She made a thorough (hoan toan)of the body toàn thân (examine) 142. He gave no for his absence ( explain) 143. I hope to be a president in the next .. (govern) 144. Has she got any kind of .on her (identify) 145. His ..definitely needs working on (pronunce) 146. He made a to proceed (tien len) with the sale (recommend) 147. We were shocked by his to see his son (refuse) 148. I wish you a very happy (retire) 149. This my favorite chair, it’s very .. ( comfort) 150. We must clean this . door (dirt) 151. Nguyen Du is a . writer ( fame) 152. It was so they had to drive slowly ( fog) 153. Is lunch ready? They are very . ( hunger) 154). Be careful! The roads are ( ice) 155. I’d like a nice .fruit ( juice) 156. How many holiday do you have? (nation) 157. Why do they give such a party ( noise) 158. His broken arm is still .. ( pain) 159. The president was very ( power) 160. I am fed up with days ( rain) 161. He always feels in the morning (sleep) 162. I live in the . part of Viet Nam ( north) 163. The film was .. and became very rich ( success) 164. I hope we will have weather tomorrow ( sun) 165. She reads . newspapers (week) 166. I have a . time recess. ( wonder) 167 He lives in a house ( wood) 168. Most of orphans are bred ( nuoi) in the ( orphan) 169. Thousands of people were made by the war ( home 170. Mr Nam lives lonely in his . ( poor) 171. Nam is old enough to be ……….of his parents (independ) 172. It’s of you to steal this money ( honest) 173. UFOs means . Object flying ( identify) 174. In England there are (1) (2). (region/ different) 175. The street are with apopulation which has no.. (crowd/interested ) in learning 176. Hamlet is a play (success) 177. Millions of come to visit Lon don every year (visit) 178. English tends towards. Which is its (simple/strong) 179. The pronuciation causes me a lot of .. (difficult) 180. The English articles and ..verbs puzzle me most (phrase)



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