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Artur Blaim

Utopian Visions and Revisions

Or the Uses of Ideal Worlds

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Artur Blaim is Professor of English Literature the University of Gdan´sk. He is the author of Gazing in Useless Wonder. English Utopian Fiction 1516-1800 (2013) and Robinson Crusoe and His Doubles (2022). He has co-edited several volumes on utopian/dystopian fiction and cinema like Spectres of Utopia. Theory, Practice, Conventions (2012) and Mediated Utopias (2015). His main research interests include utopia/dystopia in literature, film and other truyền thông, William Shakespeare, cultural semiotics, and desert island narratives.

About the book

The book focuses on different uses of the concepts of utopia, dystopia, and anti-utopia. The author analyses literature, cinema, and rock music, as well as scientific and legal motifs in utopian fiction. He also considers the functions of Jewish characters in early modern utopias and looks the utopian aspects of scientific claims of literary and cultural theories. Utopian models are also applied to the practice of literature (socialist realism) and current socio-political affairs. Among the texts and films discussed are Utopia, New Atlantis, Gullivers Travels, Memoirs of Signor Gaudentio di Lucca, Nineteen Eighty-Four, A Minor Apocalypse, Lord of the Flies, and Even Dwarfs Started Small.

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The twenty studies constituting this volume individually and collectively illustrate the practical uses of the concept of utopia ranging from theoretical questions, through analyses of particular texts and common themes, to more general applications in domains bordering on literary and political studies. What joins them together is not only the general label of utopia understood here as the imaginary reconstitution of society (Levitas 2013), but also a common method of reflection combining elements of close reading, cultural semiotics, and constructivist approach to the study of literary and cultural phenomena.


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