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Spotify is known as the most popular music streaming platform which supports almost all the latest model mobile phones along with other advanced devices. This is a Swedish audio streaming service, founded about 15 years ago, on April 23rd, 2006 by Daniel Ek. This trực tuyến public business industry is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and has extended its business in 16 different locations.

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    Features of SpotifySolutions to Solve Spotify Skipping ErrorSolution 1: Recheck your internet connection and Restart and reconnect itSolution 2: Sign out and then Sign in againSolution 3:Solution 4: Switch to lower music streaming quality or Use high music streaming settings ( Ogg Vorbis 160kbit/s)Solution 5: Revoke Sonos accessVideo liên quan

At present, the number of không lấy phí users of Spotify is about more than 198 million around the world. Some people are also interested in enjoying uninterrupted Spotify service, so the number of premium subscribers is almost 160 million! Which is really impressive business growth! As a result Spotify has become the largest music streaming service provider globally.

In Spite of such popularity, a large number of users including paid subscribers are continuously complaining about Spotifys sudden skipping or stopping in the middle of the tuy nhiên. Some users say that they need to click on the play button to move forward or listen to the next tuy nhiên of the playlists. But, relax! That doesnt mean that you wont be able to get privileged by Spotifys great audio streaming service. There are lots of solutions which might help you to troubleshoot your Spotify issues.

In this article, I am going to focus on how to make your devices Spotify app work again smoothly. Also, you will be amazed to know the super advanced features of Spotify and why it stands out from other music streaming platforms. Lets zoom in!

Features of Spotify

Spotify is an all in one music streaming service that offers digital copyright restricted recorded music and podcasts. It offers more than 90 million songs of different genres the same place. Spotify offers service almost all around the globe including Europe, Oceania and more than 40 countries of Africa and Asia.

There are lots of super supportive features of Spotify that make it superior from all the other trực tuyến music streaming services and apps. Here I will list up some of Spotifys exclusive features below:

    You can tải về music from Spotify for không lấy phí of cost
    It supports almost all the modern devices like iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, macOS, Linux computers, Windows etc.
    It also supports artificial intelligence enabled sound systems like Alexa, Amazon Echo, Google home etc.
    You can discover new music on Spotify
    Spotify premium allows you listen ad-không lấy phí music
    You can also listen to the other countries songs if you are a Spotify premium subscriber
    You can play the music from different devices by using Spotify connect facility
    You can create collaborative playlists with your Spotify users friends trực tuyến
    You can share your favorite music to other social truyền thông platforms directly from Spotify
    Spotify provides lyrics along with the songs

Solutions to Solve Spotify Skipping Error

In Spite of a lot of exciting features, many people complain of encountering skipping issues while playing music on Spotify. Users faced problems like sudden Spotify pausing, Spotify failing to play current songs, Spotify applications stopped working or corrupted the OS of the device etc.

If you are also dealing with such issues and want to get rid of the same, you are absolutely in the right place. I will lead you to the solutions that will definitely help you to fix your Spotify related problems. Stay tuned.

Solution 1: Recheck your internet connection and Restart and reconnect it

It is quite possible that your Spotify skipping error is somehow related to your internet network environment. So, you need to check the network wires carefully as well as the routers. Ensure that all the internet cables are properly connected and also appropriately placed. In case if you are using wifi, disconnect the internet connection and then restart the router again.

If the Spotify issues still persist, then move on to the further solutions and use them according to your consideration.

Solution 2: Sign out and then Sign in again

You might face Spotify skipping issues when your premium subscription has just ended. Then it requires a fresh premium subscription pack to bring back your apps previous standard. So you need to sign out from the app and then sign in again to the program. Follow the steps to get the solution:

Go to the Spotify appThen move on to the Account Overview page, scroll down and go to the below section of the page. Click on the Sign Out Everywhere tab. This action will lead to you to sign out of Spotify from all your devices on which you have logged in to Spotify previouslyLastly, open Spotify app again from whatever the device you want to log in to Spotify and log in

Solution 3:

1. Uninstall Spotify and Reinstall it.

2. Write control in the search box and tap to the Control Panel to find and open it.

3. Control panel window will appear, choose Vie by Category on the top-right corner of the window and view the Program section and then click on Uninstall a program to eliminate Spotify from your system.

Select the Spotify entry from the program list and then right click on the Game tab and tap on Uninstall. Wait for the dialogue box that might appearDo the needful according to the on-screen instructions to remove Spotify from the PCOpen the File Explorer on your PC and click on the following path. Next delete the Spotify file from the Roaming thư mục


After that tải về the Spotify application from their official website again and navigate to the instructions to install Spotify on your device

Solution 4: Switch to lower music streaming quality or Use high music streaming settings ( Ogg Vorbis 160kbit/s)

For DesktopIf you are using Spotify on your desktop, to fix the Spotify skipping issue tap to the arrow placed in the top-right corner of the window and then go to SettingsClick on the High quality streaming ( for premium users only) off tab that would be found under Music quality optionFor Android, iPhone and iPadGo to trang chủ or App library, then move on to the Settings tab and go to the Music quality tabClick to other music quality option except Very high

Solution 5: Revoke Sonos access

Sign in to Spotify.comGo to the account and then move on to the appsTap to Revoke Access tab next to the Sonos

Other than the above mentioned solutions you can also try two more troubleshooting processes. Such as Disable battery saver mode or Power saver mode of your device and you can also change your earphone. Sometimes little overlooked matters can bring permanent solutions. So go ahead and enjoy Spotify uninterruptedly.


1. Why does my spotify keep skipping songs?

It often happens if your internet connection is not working well. It might happen when you play Spotify songs in high streaming quality. When you play Spotify songs with a poor internet environment, it will keep buffering, skipping or stopping in the middle of the streaming.

So, make sure to complete the songs tải về if you want to play them when you are offline. Or if you want to play Spotify songs with moderate internet connection, just try to play it in lower streaming quality. This will also help.

2. Why do my Spotify songs keep stopping after 10 seconds?

You might face such an issue if your Spotify songs are not downloaded to the playlists for offline listening. And it can also happen if your Android smartphone or iPhone is on battery saver or power saving mode.

So, if you want uninterrupted Spotify service, make sure that you have solved both the mentioned issues.

3. How do I clear my spotify cache?

Clearing Spotify cache can fix most of the common issues regarding Spotify skipping. You can clear the Spotify cache by using the following steps and không lấy phí up your phones space to get more storage.

Go to Spotify HomepageClick on SettingsTap to the Storage optionClick on the Delete Cache button.


To wrap up, all the above mentioned solutions are equally useful to make your Spotify music player work appropriately again. If you are also going through such situations with Spotify, try these solutions and I hope you wont get disappointed.


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