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When Taron and Andrew Lissimore started headphones, they wantedto create the headphone store they wished existed. As headphone enthusiasts, they wanted a store with 365-day returns.

So theydecided they were going to try to make 365-day returns work – no matter how ridiculous it sounded to their wives.

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Years later,they’re still doing it, and their wives still thinkthey’re crazy.

So take some time to get to know your new gear. We want you to enjoy your purchase for years, not just a few weeks. If you’re not satisfied, you can return items in like-new condition for up to 365-days.

How To Make a Return

1. Follow the link below.

To get the return process started, you just need to click this link. Enter your order number as well as e-mail address to get it started and after that just follow the steps outlined in the portal (note open-box, special order and sale items are not eligible). A pre-paid shipping label will be generated for you a deducted from your refund after being processed.

After receiving your return label, you will have 7 days to drop off your return with the courier. If your return is not dropped off within 7 days of receiving your return label, a 30% restocking fee will occur. If your return is not dropped off within a month of your label being issued, your return will be rejected.

2. Pack Your Items Carefully

Your item must be in like-new condition with its original packaging. It must also include all original accessories and manuals.Please add a larger shipping box to protect the original packaging during shipping.

Important Refund Details

Refund or Exchange

You may choose either a refund or an exchange for the full cost of the item. The refund will be processed on the same method of payment you used to make the original purchase.

Return Shipping

A pre-paid shipping label is generated for you. It is deducted from the final refund total after inpsection.

Defective Items

If you are returning a defective product, the product must be repaired under manufacturer’s warranty before a refund is issued. If the manufacturer claims the product cannot be repaired under warranty due to damage outside of warranty, the product will be returned to you and no refund will be issued.

Like New Condition

Headphones may refuse a return or charge a restocking fee if the items are not complete and in like-new condition. Here are some examples of returns that would incur a restocking fee:

    The returned item is missingaccessories or partsthat were included with the original productThere are obvious signs of wear (scratches, dirt, worn out parts etc.)

Here are some examples of returns that may be refused:

    The serial number on the returned product is different from the serial number that was originally shipped.The item has been damagedthrough mishandling (water damage, drop damage etc.)

Eligible Products

Special order, sale and open-box items are not covered by our 365-day return policy. However they are usually covered by the manufacturers warranty.

Special Order

Special order items are non-cancellable and non-returnable. The estimated shipping window is just an estimate, your item may ship sooner or later than the estimate.


Accessories such as ear pads and ear tips are final sale and not returnable due to hygienic reasons.

Fee Policy

All fees are cumulative.FeesFee Amount


5% on Affirm orders. All other orders have no cancellation fees with one exception.

Weinternally trackcancellations. If you exceed a certain amount, you will be charged a cancellation fee our discretion.

Return shipping

Return shipping is paid by the customer.

Affirm Financing

10% Restocking Fee

Products with Batteries

15% restocking fee.

Damaged Products

Returned products that have been damaged cannot be returned. Regular wear and tear is expected. Each return is inspected and tested.

IEM Returns

10% restocking fee.

Returns with missing accessories

20% restocking fee.

Bundled Item Return

All items from the bundle must be returned. If an item is missing, retail value for the item will be deducted.

Return of a purchase with a missing or damaged không lấy phí item

Retail value of the missing/damaged gift items.

Return of more than 2 items in a 365-Day Period

25% restocking fee on each additional return.

Open-Box, Sale, Final Sale and Special Order

These items are final sale however the manufacturers warranty still applies

Return Policy Abuse

In order to provide a 365-day return policy, we need to take abuse seriously.

We monitor a buyers ratio of purchased to returned products. If it exceeds an internal threshold they will no longer be allowed to place orders with Headphones. This includes customers who spread returns across multiple accounts.

We made our return policy to help you find gear you feel great about for a long time. Most people use it exactly as intended.We don’t want the handful of people who attempt to abuse our policy to ruin it for everyone else.

Cryptocurrency Refunds

Ifyou paidwith a cryptocurrency, the returned amount will be equal to the USD equivalent of your payment on CoinGecko the time the refund is processed. The return will be made in the currency of your original order.

After You’ve Madea Return


Each return is inspected our warehouse. During busy times these inspections may take a few extra days.

Refund or Credit

We will notify you by email when your refund or credit has been processed. It may take a few business days for a refund to appear in your account. This is determined by your financial institution.

If you still have questions, pleaseemail and an advisor will be happy to help.


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