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Bạn đang tìm kiếm từ khóa Framework máy tính AMD được Cập Nhật vào lúc : 2022-01-08 11:04:22 . Với phương châm chia sẻ Thủ Thuật Hướng dẫn trong nội dung bài viết một cách Chi Tiết 2022. Nếu sau khi đọc tài liệu vẫn ko hiểu thì hoàn toàn có thể lại Comments ở cuối bài để Admin lý giải và hướng dẫn lại nha.

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While many Linux users were excited years ago around EOMA68 and in part the possibility of an open, upgradeable máy tính design, it has yet to ship and looking like it never will — not to mention being very outdated specifications by today’s standards. Entirely unrelated to that prior upgradeable hardware effort but continuing in similar goals is The Framework Laptop. The Framework Laptop is a thin, upgradeable notebook that is Linux-friendly and allows the user to easily upgrade their own components. I was testing The Framework Laptop for a while and from the hardware perspective is a very nice device and running well under Linux.

The Framework Laptop is a well-built, upgradeable máy tính design. Framework allows even changing out the ports on the máy tính based on a user’s need/preferences. The RAM, storage, and other components are easily upgradeable. The máy tính’s ports are built out as modules to allow for physically swapping those ports. All of these modules internally are using a USB-C connection for interfacing with the system. Though with it not being an industry standard, ultimately the upgradeability is still dependent on the offerings and long-term success of the company.

For privacy-minded folks, The Framework máy tính features hardware toggle switches for the camera and built-in microphone.

Accessing the inside of The Framework Laptop was simple after loosening five screws and popping off the keyboard.

The system RAM, NVMe M.2 storage, WiFi, and other components are all easily replaceable.

The CPU/motherboard itself to this máy tính is also designed to be replaceable, permitting the long-term success of the company with this just being their first-generation model. There are QR codes on the various máy tính components to help with instructions for installation/swapping.

Long story short, the Framework Laptop is a very upgradeable and forward-looking máy tính designed to reduce e-waste and minimize upgrade costs moving forward. The build quality is quite nice — decent to good standards — and great upgrade capabilities from the core components to máy tính ports. Granted, how upgradeable the máy tính is over the longer-term remains to be proven but they hope to ultimately offer motherboard/CPU options and more. Plus hardware kill switches for the camera and microphone will please privacy-minded users.

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