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fake person nghĩa là

1.)A person who acts like something they are not to gain “popularity” typically a Cheerleader, prep … anything the like
although popularity is a truly non-existant thing as an example a “popular” girl… is only “popular” amongst her “popular” friends and therefore no more truly popular than a “nerd” “emo kid” or anything else.. because they all more or less have the same ammount of friends
cheerleaders and football players think they are “popular” but in reality they are only popular amongst themselves
the other “people groups” such as “gangsta” “goth” “punks”
“skaters” “hicks” w/e ETC all actually hate their guts and think they are fake peices of shit with no real personailty
2.)someone who basically just follows w/e MTV tells them to like and do… and buys shitty CDS from artists like Ashley simpson , brittney spears , Ne-yo , Cartel , and many other talentless crappy sounding poor excuses of musicians, also dresses in whatever they are told is “trendy” usually crap like hollister ambercrombie and fitch etc etc
3.) basically someone who is just not true to themself and only does things to try to impress other people in an attempt to make friends , often will even do drugs if someone tells them its “cool”
4.)see prep

Example1.)A girl has no friends and no personality either… so she decides shes going to be a cheerleader so that she will make other fake people friends and hopefully get laid by a football player

A guy with no friends and no personality either decides he wants to be “popular” so he will have friends so he plays football and whatnot

is truly a hollow victory because they are all only friends because they arent being themselves and they basically , waste their childhood grow up to be adults and realize they wasted their childhood by being someone they really weren’t… and participating in sports they did not really like
2.)Bob is a fake person , deep down he hates the music on MTV and plays video games when none of his so called friends are around(and never tells them these things), and hates his “trendy” clothes… but he wants to fit in and be “popular” so he does whatever is “current and trendy”
his computer is secretly full of metal music but he has a seperate thư mục full of pop trendy shit from MTV for when his so called friends come over. etc
3.Ted : hey bob you should try crack … all the popular kids are doin it man !!
Bob : (tries the crack)
5 years later Bob dies in a crack related overdose

fake person nghĩa là

A hypocritical, ungenuine person whose words and actions are not reflective of their true feelings or intentions.

ExampleDespite the fact that Tom didn’t value Mike or view him as a friend, Tom pretended to be Mike’s friend because he knew Mike would take him on a nice vacation; by doing this, Tom is being a fake person to Mike.

fake person nghĩa là

A person who says they bang but doesn’t know any other stack/gang sign than their gang & who usually try’s to make them selves seem “better than you” by being on you’re dick all the time, A person who usually brags & has to include themselves in & every conversation/situation & makes it apart of their “life” & who has an explanation/excuse for why they failed or lied or just for anything.
Fake hood rat—> 775 842-7432

ExampleExample 1
Person 1- Have you ever been to a rave ?
Person 2 – Yeh (Not done with answer)
Fake Person – (Fake person interrupts) PSHHH! I ALLWAYS GO TO RAVES EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT!
Person 1 – So why aren’t you there now?
Fake Person – Because i don’t like raves! duh!
Person 1 – So why do you go to them?
Fake Person – Because…gangsters don’t go to raves!
Person 1 – So why did you say “you go every Friday night”?
Fake Person – (Quiet) & Smiles

Example 2
Person 1 – Eh dawg does that fool bang blue?
Person 2 – Yeah fool he was here ye (Not done talking)
Fake Person – (Interrupts) NO HE DONT! I WOULD KNOW I BANG BLUE B.N.C.! Throws up B.N.C.
*Conversation killed by the fake person*

Example 3
Person 1 – Hey lets go play guitar hero dawg
Person 2 – Ok fool but you’ll whoop my ass though lol
Person 1 – I know fool! lol
Fake Person – (Talking to person 2) YOU SUCK AT GUITAR HERO!
Person 2 – I know but its still fun
Person 1 & 2 walk away to go play guitar hero
Fake Person – IDK WHY YOU PLAY IF YOU SUCK !(Follows Person 1 & 2)

fake person nghĩa là

A person who is “good” deception. Wishes to control or manipulate others by emotional misrepresentation.

ExampleListen to me girl, don’t go out with Jake, he has a totally fake personality.

fake person nghĩa là


ExampleAna Julia talks shit about a girl because she’s such a fake person.. i.e
“Oh my god if you slept over her house she’d try to fuck you in your sleep”
*keep in mind Ana Julia has neverrrr met this girl before*

fake person nghĩa là

Someone is is super nice first but is actually really selfish and/or evil, and just wants something from you. Don’t blame yourself, you are just one of their many victims so it isn’t your fault. They leave a bad trail of footprints and it bites them in the ass in the end and they are never happy. “Just Desserts“-type people. I don’t understand why they can’t just be the person they pretend to be so nobody gets hurt. Very superficial and materialistic. They usually dress super nice too and are too perfect. Watch out!

Also see narcissism.

ExampleThat guy was overly polite and nice and then he turned out to actually be a huge fake person. What a waste.

fake person nghĩa là

A fake person is someone who will do least two of the following:
1) Talk behind your or someone else’s back
2) Act like their something they’re really not to be liked (a Poser)
3) Try to be relatable
4) Pretend to be friends with someone just to use them

ExampleYeah, Lindsey is such a fake person. I can not believe she talked behind Taylor’s back like that.

fake person nghĩa là

someone who backstabs and acts different to your face

Examplepaige kelly is not a fake person

fake person nghĩa là

someone who leaves you when they are around someone more popular than yourself, they talk behind your back then act like they never did it. just to sum it up don’t be friends with them

ExamplePerson 1: so i heard you were talking sh*t
Person 2(Fake Person): No WhaT dO YOu meAn?

fake person nghĩa là


ExampleNever be friends with a Cindy; they’re fake and will stab you in the back ; usually a fake person is cindy


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