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Free Post-It Notes Application for The Cloud

Evernote is one of the most popular notes applications available combining extensive note-taking functionality with advanced productivity tools. However for many users the full feature-set is overkill and Evernote Sticky Notes from the same stable sets out to meet a much simpler need without making things overly complicated or resource-hungry.

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    Free Post-It Notes Application for The CloudWhat Evernote Sticky Notes DoesWho Is Sticky Notes For?

What Evernote Sticky Notes Does

This application lets the user pin important notes to the desktop so that they’re always visible. Each note can be a different custom colour allowing a simple way of distinguishing entries of varying importance urgency or category. All notes are automatically backed up to the user’s Evernote account or via Dropbox or Google Drive meaning that not only are they securely stored but they can be easily accessed from any device. Keyboard shortcuts make adding editing or deleting individual notes a breeze.

Who Is Sticky Notes For?

While the main Evernote application is one of the most widespread notes applications its wealth of features means that for many users it’s overqualified for simple note-taking tasks. Evernote Sticky Notes takes a much simpler approach to organising important notes and while it lacks any features beyond its basic functionality it meets its aims perfectly well without undue use of resources.

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reviewed on May 18, 2022

Does not work with virtual desktops.
When I’m working on my desktop machine, I’m generally working on a number of interleaved project, simultaneously. I use a separate Virtual Desktop for each.I’ll work on one project on one desktop until I get to a point where I kick off some task that is going to take some time, then I’ll switch to another desktop to work on another project.On a bad day, I’ll have three different project in progress, simultaneously, on three different desktops.What I would like to find is a sticky note program that would allow notes to be stuck to different desktops. I could then keep on each desktop a note as to what it was I was doing on that desktop, and maintain for myself a checklist of what it was I was doing, and what it is I need to do next, when I return to that project.Evernote Sticky Notes is not that program.Evernote allows you to create multiple stickies, but they’re on the same desktop. If I try to move one to a different desktop, all the stickies move to the different desktop.It may work well, for some uses, but it does not work for what I need.
Simple installation
Simple UI
Place individual notes where I’d like
Place notes on different virtual desktopsMore


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