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Today we look the Topping DX7 Pro, which is selling for $599 USD or 599,99 Euro.


Disclaimer: Topping sent us the DX7 Pro via the Aoshida-HIFI Audio Store for the purpose of this review, in exchange for our honest opinion.

Topping Audio

Topping is a Chinese company that makes all sorts of audio products. Their portfolio stretches from portable DAC/AMPS to desktop sized electronics. Topping has been founded in 2008 and has been on somewhat of a purple patch of late when it comes to bringing an impressive range of both digital and analogue gear to market.

In the past couple of years alone, theyve released a range of DACs, amps, and hybrid units that have impressed bothour review teamas well as the personal audio community large with thoroughly well-packaged products that combine performance and thoughtful design with extremely sharp pricing.

The following can be found onToppings website:

TOPPING is the top. We give a more profounder meaning for TOPPING that is, develop and expand, evaluation and quality. TOPPING always remains true to our original aspiration, adheres to this concept to pursuit and explore on the road of Hi-Fi.

TOPPING firmly believes that the Hi-Fi should be highly united with pleasant hearing and superb performance. Therefore, since its establishment, TOPPING has determined a R&D route of parallel hearing experience and parameters, and put the R&D in the first place. We set up the R&D department composed of senior engineers and audiophiles and invested a large amount of money in purchasing professional audio instruments to ensure performance.

In todays review, we will check out how their latest DX7 Pro DAC/AMP performs.

Topping on Headfonia

The last few weeks and months several HFN writers have covered popular Topping units on the site:

Matty Topping A90 Amplifier: ://.headfonia/topping-a90-review/

Matty Topping E30 DAC: ://.headfonia/topping-e30-review/

Linus Topping D90 DAC: ://.headfonia/topping-e30/

The DX7 Pro were looking today is the last Topping review of this series, but Im sure well feature most of their upcoming models from now on.

Topping DX7 Pro

DX7 Pro

The DX7 Pro is a DAC/AMP unit featuring the well-knows ES9038PRO DAC chip. Weve seen many companies use this exact chip, such as Astell&Kern (KANN CUBE) and Matrix (X-Sabre Pro). The DX7 Pro isnt an MQA renderer.

Its a new and modern unit and so it also features Bluetooth 5.0 with LDAC, a must if youre into wireless HiFi. To do so the DX7Pro uses the CSR8675 chipset which supports DAC/AAC/SBC/APTX/APX LL/APX HD protocols. In addition to the USB (supporting Apple and Android) and BT input, the DX7 Pro also features an optical, IIS, COAX and AES input. All inputs tư vấn up to 24bit 192khz.

The DX7 Pros circuits have been designed to be full balanced. The analog section includes separate OPA 1612 operational amplifiers for each channel and the headphone amplification of each channel is assigned to an independent TPA6120A2 chip.

An nice DX7 Pro feature is that it sports 3 different headphone outputs: a standard single ended 6.35mm, a balanced XLR output and a balanced 4.4mm output. Can you wish for more?

Next to being a DAC/AMP, the DX7 Pro also has a pre-amp output mode. You can hook it up to a power amplifier, headphone amp or active speaker and youll be able to control the volume with the DX7 Pro. DX7 Pros volume control is digital, so theres no channel imbalance all.

You can tải về the Windows drivers for the DAC function right here: ://.tphifi/drivers/

Topping DX7 Pro

Technical specs

The full list of technical specs is long and it along with its measurements can be found on the DX7 PROs official web page, the bottom.


Pricing & Accessories

The Topping DX7 Pro is selling for $599,99 USD and 599,99 Euro. It arrives in a standard but nice black box in which you will find:

DX7 Pro*1
6.35mm to 3.5mm connector*1
Bluetooth antenna*1
Remote control*1
USB cable*1
AC cable*1
User manual*1
Warranty card*1

Its another sharply priced unit from Topping, especially looking the tech inside and the units usability and versatility.

Design & Build Quality

The DX7 Pro looks and feels nice. It sports a full aluminium case and it has a small footprint, it really disappears on your desk and it doesnt draw too much attention to it. In my case, its perfect for using work.

The Topping DX7 Pro only measures 22.2cm x 17.8cm x 4. 5cm and merely weighs 1.4Kg. That does mean it will move a bit on your desk when plugging headphones in and out (especially with the XLR), but nothing to worry about either. Its rather normal and accepted.

I find the DX7 Pro to look quite sexy. The case feels soft, the edges round and the buttons sturdy. I feel confident this unit will last for a very long time, unless you drop it of course. For $599, the quality is perfect.

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