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aime nghĩa là

n. – An Internet text messaging program that exchanges communications between users in real time, and allows college students to leave nifty trực tuyến “away” messages for their buddies all day.

v. – to AIM someone is to send them a message using the AIM program.

I used AIM to ask Sheila out on a date.

Sheila AIMed me back to tell me no.

aime nghĩa là

A device people use to put up an away message 24/7, thus ruining the prospect of having a freaking instant messenger in the first place.

ExampleAOL is NOT the best messenger service out there, I only use it because all of my friends are AOL handicapped.

aime nghĩa là

crapy instant message client used by teenage boys to talk to girls because they are afraid to talk to girls in person

Exampleclashrocker123456:hey michelle wanna go out sum time
princess1234234235:no grow up and ask me in person


aime nghĩa là

The newest way to hate your friends since actual communication. Also, the best way to hide your actual identity.

ExampleBeeblebrox1337: Dude, you are lame.
Deathapefornicator: I know.

aime nghĩa là

Stands for AOL Instant Messenger.

Freeware that can be downloaded and used for communication via screen names added to one’s buddy list.

Extremely popular software. Can have multiple 2 person conversations or multi-person buddy chats similar to a conference call on the telephone.

Popular networking tool for todays youth which also allows for the transfer of pictures, files and mp3s.

ExampleP1: “Dude, I’ve been waiting to here all day… tell me what happened between you and Jay!”
P2: “I’ll tell you tonight on AIM- in fact I’ll make a buddy chat so I can tell everyone once.”
P1: “Hey send me the English Vocab too while you’re it”

aime nghĩa là

from the french term love/like.

It is my name!!!

Examplemy name is Aime.
yes thats right it is my name.

aime nghĩa là

The chat client that slaughtered, butchered, and hacked to pieces any trace of the english language by causing the creation of shorthand, such as “OMFG LOL U R TEH SUK I KANT TYP RITE HAHAHAHA”

ExampleDumbass: LOL U R TEH UZ AIM!!!1!!! OMFG IM SYKIK!!!!

Intelligent person: Brilliant deduction. I use it, but not to talk to jackasses like you. *BLOCK*

aime nghĩa là

A great instant messaging program when not used by complete jackasses. Not so good when people leave up all-day away messages or talk using abbreviations that look as if they bashed their head against a keyboard.

ExampleMe: Hey, did you see that family guy episode?


Me: What the hell does that mean?

Jackass: rolling on the floor laughing while eating a ham and cheese sandwich and pissing my pants…. duh, it’s the new “lol” for aim.

Me: Why do I talk to you?

aime nghĩa là

Stands for AOL Instant Messenger. An Instant Messenging service launched by AOL. They add AIMbots to your buddy list such as ‘Moviefone’ or ‘SmarterChild’. It can be used to IM(instant message) with your friends, or even close relatives. It could even bring the family together.


1. qtgurl1122 has signed on.
hayleeangel17: hey gabs.
qtgurl1122: hey haylee.
hayleeangel17: so r u goin 2 the bowling alley w/ me, terra, and jim 2nite?
qtgurl1122: cant, my mom sayz i hav 2 babysit my lil sis an her friend 2nite.
hayleeangel17: o, that sux. well, u cn still go 2 da mall 2morow w/ me, sarah, and mimi, rite?
qtgurl1122: oh ya!! i hav no plans 2morrow, i cant wait!!!
hayleeangel17: neither cn i. so, c u round,bye!
qtgurl1122: kk, c u 2morrow, bye!!!

2. ambergirlie224: brandon!!!!
cooldude123: yeah?
ambergirlie224: dad wants tlk 2 u, NOW!!!
cooldude123: aw man, wat is it this time??? k, im gunna IM him right now.

cooldude123: dad, u wanted 2 c me?
number1dad: yes, son, but also your mom wants to talk to you.
cooldude123: aw no, y??
number1dad: it is about your ‘run away’ attempt.
cooldude123: o no.
number1dad: i’m going to invite you into a chatroom room with your mom, and you better say yes mister!!

‘number1dad has invited you to chatroom 891102847658.’
‘you are now in chatroom 891102847658 with number1dad and mom4eva.’

mom4eva: brandon!!! i cant believe you tried to run away to your friend’s birthday party!!
cooldude123: but mom! it was da party of the year!!
mom4eva: in SAN FRANSISCO??!!!
number1dad: you never even told us!
cooldude123: i thought you would say no!!!
would u???
mom4eva: what do YOU think?? it was your great-grandma’s birthday!! she was 102!!! and we had to cancel because we couldn’t find you!!!
cooldude123: well srry!!
number1dad: you’re in big trouble, mister! grounded for 3 weeks. No TV, no computer!
cooldude123: but, but…
number1dad: want to make it a month?
cooldude123: nvm.
‘cooldude123 has left the chatroom.’

cooldude123: sis?
ambergirlie224: ya, bro?
cooldude123: mom and dad r weird.
ambergirlie224: i no they r, i mean, wut mom wud spell ‘ever’ as ‘eva’??? thats only 4 teens!!

aime nghĩa là

Stands for AOL Instant Messenger.
Also means how good you are in FPS games – like in CS and for aimbot (also in FPS games)

Example- You got aim? (as in AOL Messenger)

– Dude, my aim is bad today 🙁 (as skill in shooting games)

– Cheater! I saw you using aim! (as in “aimbot“)


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