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the trombone nghĩa là

The best low brass instrument in existance! trombones rock

ExampleLook that awesome Conn 88HO Trombone

the trombone nghĩa là

1. A low brass instrument with a slide. All other instruments may mock this wonderous creation, but deep down inside, they all wish that they could play a trombone.
2. One who plays a trombone. These people are generally the coolest people in the band and, during a pep band, are the true spirit of the band.

Example1. Wow, look that shiny, beautiful trombone. It has such a cool slide. I want one.
2. “That person is so awesome. What is she?”
“She must be a trombone.”

the trombone nghĩa là

An instrument whose players can, unlike tuba players, actually keep time. Originally designed as an improvement on the trumpet, the trombone turned out to be an improvement on all other instruments as well. A single trombonist can, and will outplay many small string ensembles. For every time a trombonist hits fortissimo, a man gets a hard on somewhere, and three women lose their virginity…twice. Also considered by many to have magical properties.

ExampleNo, there is nothing wrong with your recording equipment’s balance, we have a trombone in the ensemble.

the trombone nghĩa là

The trombone is a brass instrument found within the low brass section of the band. The trombone, when held in playing position, extends forward from the mouthpiece, then curves back around (Usually) just past the length of the musician’s arm, then returns, passing the player’s head, and curves once more, passing the head again, and opens up into the bell of the instrument. The trombone has seven positions, cleverly name: 1st-7th position. Each of these said positions extends from 1st, where the slide is completely retracted, moving out specific intervals, although the intervals may change slightly to accept slight variations in pitches, until it reaches the seventh position and the player’s arm is fully extened, exposing the ‘sox’ of the slide.

Having ‘bone’ in the name(Also a common nickname), the Trombone has been used in many differant innuendos, the general reactions are laughter(Most in the section), disgust(Several outside the section), or confusion(Sousaphone Players).

“In my opinion the trombone is the true head of that family of wind instruments that I have named the epic one. It possesses nobility and grandeur to the highest degree; it has all the serious and powerful tones of sublime musical poetry, from religious, calm and imposing accents to savage outbursts. Directed by the will of a master, the trombone can chant like a choir of priests, threaten, utter gloomy sighs, a mournful lament or a bright hymn of glory, they can break forth into awe-inspiring cries and awaken the dead or doom the living with their fearful voices.”
-Hector Berlioz, Treatise on Orchestration

Example’The trombone solo sounds amazing!’
‘I love playing the trombone!’
‘Bones doing it in seven differant positions.’
‘Hey! You’ve got your own bone, stop playing with mine!’
‘I shoved my bone in Brian’s slot last week.’
‘Do you wanna touch my Bone?’
‘I play with my bone all day!’

the trombone nghĩa là

The most awesome brass instrument in the world.

Uses a slide to change notes.

Evolved from the ancient sakbut, the first brass instrument able to play a chromatic scale.

Has the same range as the Euphonium, or Baritone, usually based in the key of B flat.

Has many varieations such as the soprano, alto, tenor (the normal trombone), and bass trombone (which is also amazing).

“Trombone” means paperclip in spanish.

Example1) What’s that awesome thing that guy is playing making those beautiful sounds?

A trombone of course!

2) Hombre! Puedes darme un trombon? Tengo que abrochar algunos papeles. (hey man! can you give me a paperclip? I have to fasten some papers.)

the trombone nghĩa là

Being sexually aroused by someone in a band uniform.

ExampleWhoa! That cute clarinet player standing on the 40 yard line gives me a tromboner!

the trombone nghĩa là

A trombone with its slide fully extended, resembling an erect penis.

ExampleTry playing some pedal tones with that tromboner—just be careful. Don’t whack that girl in front of you with the slide.

the trombone nghĩa là

The trombone is the only instrument with a (non-tuning) slide, used to change the note and tuning. In theory, a good trombone player should be able to maintain perfect pitch forever, adjusting the position of the slide very slightly as well as flexing their embouchure. The trombone has been scientifically proven to be the loudest wind instrument, capable of overplaying, individually, 3 trumpets, 7 tubas, 40 clarinets, 4 horn players, and sometimes (depending on the players) the entirety of the orchestra.

By other band members, trombones/trombonists are often thought to be a) bad players, b) bad instruments, and/or c) selfish jerks. A is often used when around beginners; it is often hard to adjust to the slide and similar. As for tone, one can’t account for everyone’s tastes, but those who enjoy trombone sounds praise what they say is a mellow, brassy yet sweet sound accomplished by those proficient with the instrument. See the above for an explanation of beginning sounds. For C, trombones aren’t the ones causing that, so please take your insults elsewhere.

As to players themselves, many say they enjoy the playing of the instrument because, firstly, it is, again, the loudest instrument, excepting percussion, etc., secondly, it has an interesting sound, unlike that of trumpets or woodwinds, and lastly, because it is simply fun to wave the slide around and pretend you are shooting a Nerf gun the conductor.

Example1. On the night before the concert, I had to practice my trombone part so I could be sure I would play well.

2. The marching band cringed when the trombone players came out, blasting their parts as loudly as their lungs would allow.

the trombone nghĩa là

getting your anus licked and getting jerked off the same time

Examplei love getting tromboned by my girl

the trombone nghĩa là

When a girl eats your butthole while stroking your cock and plays with your balls

ExampleThis chick was down to do the trombone last night


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