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Windows Remote desktop is also known as Remote Desktop Services(RDS), or RDP(Remote desktop Protocol) is a very helpful feature that allows you to connect to other computers or devices that are connected to your local network or that are on the Internet and have a public IP address. But sometimes users report Unable to connect to remote PC, Remote desktop not working after windows 10 update,windows 10 remote desktop not available etc.

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    1 Remote desktop not working

      1.1 CheckTheres a problem with the network1.2 Check RDC connection is allowed1.3 Allow Remote Desktop Via Windows Defender Firewall1.4 Check RDP dependency services1.5 Disable IPv6 protocol

Remote desktop not working

Your computer cant connect to the remote computer because a security package error occurred in the transport layer. Retry the connection or contact your network administrator for assistance.
Unable to connect to remote PC. Please verify Remote Desktop is enabled, the remote PC is turned on and available on the network, and then try again.

There is a various reason such as limited network connection, not enough memory, buggy update or wrong firewall settings and more that cause remote desktop failed to connect. If you are also struggling with the Remote Desktop connection problem, here 5 working solutions for you.

CheckTheres a problem with the network

Before go ahead first check and Make sure that:

    Your System connected to the local network, everything is okay with your Network and internet connection.Restart your Router and PC, which fix the problem if any temporary gitch causing the issue.The Ethernet cable is properly plugged into your network adapter, green light blinking.

Check RDC connection is allowed

If you are using the Remote Desktop Connection feature very first time, Or you have a brand new computer and looking for Access via Remote Desktop that causes you must have check RDC connection is allowed. Here how to Allow remote connections on your Windows 10 computer,

    Press Windows + R, typesysdm.cpl SystemProperties and ok to open system properties.move to Remote TabunderRemote Assistance, checkmarkAllow Remote Assistance connections to this computer.Under Remote Desktop, select the radio button Allow remote connection to this computerClick Apply and ok to make save changes.

Allow Remote Desktop Via Windows Defender Firewall

Most of the time windows firewall block remote desktop Access because of security reasons. Follow the steps below to Allow Remote Desktop via Windows Defender Firewall.

    OpenWindows Defender Firewallfrom Start menu searchGo toAllow an app or feature through Windows Firewall.

    Here on the Allowed apps screen, clickChange settingsThen scroll down, check the Remote Desktopentry in this list.And make sure youve allowed this app for bothPublic and private.ClickOK to make save changes.Thats all now Windows Defender firewall will allow you to connect to this PC remotely using the remote desktop protocol.

Check RDP dependency services

    Press Windows + R, type services.msc and okIn the Services window, scroll down and check the status of every service having remote term in their name.All of these services should be set either toManualorAutomaticAnd make surenoneof them should haveDisabledstatus.Once you confirmed this,RDCwill start working as expected.

Disable IPv6 protocol

Disable IPv6 (internet protocol version) one of the most effective solutions, that help most users to Fix Remote Desktop connection problems.

    Press Windows + R, type ncpa.cpl and okOn network connections windows, Right-click on the active network adapter and select properties.Look for the checkbox which saysInternet Protocol Version 6(TCP/IPv6), uncheck it.Click on OK, and restart your computer.

Did these solutions help to fix Windows 10 Remote Desktop connection problems? Let us know on the comments below,

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