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Even in 2022, Netflix outranks many popular streaming services on the internet. Its about time that other competitors, including Disney, Apple, and HBO, will introduce more compelling alternatives that would further revolutionize (and decentralize) the streaming industry.

While there is a long list of Netflix features, if youre a regular binge-watcher, you know people have to giảm giá with a fair share of Netflix streaming problems every now and then. For instance, there could be a technical error with its servers. Or sometimes, Netflix would just stop working, leaving you on the verge of a suspense moment to be revealed.

So, in this article, I have clubbed some common Netflix issues, including the ones that I have faced during my usage, and what fixes you can try.

In your không lấy phí time, check out some more interesting Netflix hacks:

1. Is Netflix down, or is it just me? Check for Netflix outage

Nowadays, we see that more and more services are running into problems, so Netflix not loading all of a sudden wont be a total surprise. If Netflix is not working on your computer or smartphone, the first thing you might want to do is check the status of the streaming service.

Check Netflix server status

Like many other companies, Netflix has also set up a dedicated web page that displays the service status of its streaming service. So, when you experience any problems, just take a quick look the Netflix server status page for any issues.

Check out Netflixs handle

At times when youre trying to find the answer to the question, Is Netflix down right now?, dont forget to keep an eye on its Netflix CS account for any announcements. If not on the status page, Netflix might resort to to reach a large number of people.

Other websites where you can check Netflix outage

In addition to this, various websites keep track of internet services going up and down. You can visit the site Down For Everyone Or Just Me to know if its just you who cant use Netflix.

You can also check out the Down Detector Netflix outage map to find out where else across the globe Netflix is down.

Is Netflix blocked for me?

It could be a rare case, but you might not be able to access Netflix on your device because its blocked. It mostly happens on college networks where authorities dont want students to become full-time binge-watchers. Here, you can check out our detailed article on How to unblock websites on the internet.

2. Why is Netflix not working on my PC?

Now, you know that there is nothing wrong on the part of Netflix. So what fixes can you try when Netflix is not working on your PC?

Reset browser data (Windows/macOS/Linux)

You might call this a tech tư vấn advice, but you can fix common Netflix problems on your computer just by deleting your browser cookies and cache. This removes any corrupt data that might be messing up your Netflix account.

Reset the Netflix app on Windows 10

If youre using the Netflix UWP app on your Windows 10 PC and the titles wont play, try resetting it. To reset the Netflix app, follow the steps mentioned below:

Go to Settings > Apps > Apps & Features.Scroll down to find Netflix on the list.Click on the app name and select AdvancedOptions.
Here, youll find the Reset button.

Keep in mind that doing this will remove all external data from the app, including your preferences. Youll have to log in to your Netflix account again.

Disable VPN connection if Netflix is not loading

It had happened to me a couple of times when I was trying to watch something on Netflix and didnt realize that the VPN was enabled on my computer. As a result, the movies and TV shows werent playing, although, I could browse the catalog without any issues. So, it took a while for me to figure out that was the case.

This doesnt happen with every VPN connection, but if youre facing problems with Netflix, then try disabling your VPN.

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Check your internet connection

Also, make sure that your internet connection is fine. I have noticed many times that my internet goes off, and the Wi-Fi logo in the notifications area remains the same.

Here, try opening some other websites to see if that is not the case. If your internet is not working, then try to restart your router and hopefully itll be up again.

Update, update, update!

Another tech tư vấn advice that could help you is to make sure that your Windows 10 Netflix app (or web browser) and your operating system are up to date. This reduces the possibility of any bugs that could be messing around with the streaming service.

3. Cant tải về Netflix titles

Ask your friends

You can log in to your Netflix account on a virtually unlimited number of devices. But you can only make content offline on a limited number of devices depending on your plan. For instance, the Premium Ultra HD plan lets you tải về movies and TV shows on four devices any given time.

That means if four of your friends have offline content, youll see an error message when you try to tải về something. In this case, any of them can delete the downloads from their device so that you can tải về your stuff.

Or, try this trick to teach them a lesson

At times when you really need to make Netflix content offline, I have found a neat little trick. Go to your Netflix Account page > click on Manage Download Devices.

Here you can find the list of devices that have Netflix downloads. You can click on Remove Device to delete any of them.

I know its rude, but sometimes you really need it. For instance, when you realize the last minute that there is nothing to watch on a 6-hour-long flight.

Disable the Wi-Fi only tải về option

If youre on a cellular internet connection and unable to tải về Netflix movies and TV shows on your mobile device, then there could be another reason. Go to the App Setting page to make sure that the WiFi Only option is disabled.

Here, you should also check whether youve exhausted your monthly data cap while binge-watching.

Check your device storage

If you still cant tải về your Netflix movies, then go to the Storage settings on your Android or iOS device and make sure there is enough space to tải về more content.

4. How do I fix bad streaming quality on Netflix?

Why Netflix isnt streaming in Ultra HD or even 1080p?

You have subscribed to the Premium Netflix plan that lets you stream Ultra HD titles on your device. But unfortunately, the streaming quality is stuck 720p HD, why is that happening?

My biggest Whats wrong with Netflix? moment arrived when I came to know that Netflix streaming quality on Google Chome, Firefox, and other popular browsers is only limited to 720p HD.

This is because Chrome doesnt tư vấn advanced DRM technologies required to stream copyrighted content. Hence, providing lower-quality content limits the illegal use in case someone is screen recording Netflix movies and TV shows.

So, even if you have met all the hardware requirements, you will only get HD quality on your device. Here, you wont see any Netflix error popping up on the screen.

However, its not the end of the road. You can stream Netflix in Ultra HD if youre using Microsoft Edge or the Netflix UWP app on Windows 10.

Check default streaming quality

If, for some reason, the movies and TV shows youre watching are pixelated or jittery, then you might want to take a look the default quality option. Changing the streaming quality of Netflix is a bit of a pain, still, you can follow these methods:

In your web browser

Go to your Netflix account page.Scroll down to the My Profile section.Click on the Playback Settings link.Here, you can choose between Low, Medium, and High-quality options depending on the speed of your connection. However, when you set it to the Auto option, Netflix works decently.Click on Save when youre done.

Here, you might already know that switching to a higher quality option would require more data. So, choose the High option only if you have an unlimited data connection.

On your Android or iOS deviceTap on the More option in the Netflix app.Next, tap on the Account option.The Netflix account page will now open in the browser, and the rest of the process is the same as above.

Why does Netflix keep stopping? Check your internet speed

Now youve configured your streaming quality to the highest setting, but your Netflix titles are still loading in poor quality. Then you might want to check the speed of your internet connection.

You can use a couple of reliable tools like Fast (owned by Netflix) and SpeedTest.

Also Read: 5 Best Sites To Test Internet SpeedOn your Android device

In the Netflix app, go to More > App Settings.

As you scroll down, there is another option that tells the speed of your internet connection. Basically, it is a link to Fast, which opens in your web browser. You can tải về the Speed Test app on your Android and iPhone as well.

Make sure your internet bandwidth is không lấy phí

Also, make sure that other apps on your device, some idle devices, or other people on your local network arent using bandwidth since this can result in bad streaming quality on Netflix.

5. Netflix is showing me a black screen

Another problem you could face while streaming your favorite TV shows and movies is that Netflix might show you a black screen.

Fix Netflix black screen error on Windows 10

If you see the Netflix black screen on Windows 10, but you can hear the audio, there could be an issue with your PCs graphics drivers. So, consider updating them.

If you cant hear any audio when the black screen appears, then try to disable any unknown browser extensions that could be messing with your Netflix playback.

If the problem persists, try to delete Netflix cookies from your browser and scan your PC for any possible malware. You can also try running your browser in Administrator mode.

Fix Netflix black screen error on Android/iPhone

The first thing you might want to do is restart your device, which will do the job most of the time. If it doesnt help, to get rid of the Netflix black screen error on your Android device, you can do the following: Make sure that Color Correction is disabled in Settings > Accessibility > Color Correction.

On your iPhone, try to restart the app or play any other video. If this doesnt help, restart your device.

6. Why is Netflix app not working on my Android device?

Again, follow tech tư vấn advice first (Restart, Update)

Start the Netflix troubleshooting process on Android by restarting your device. If that doesnt help, make sure both your Netflix app and Android OS version are up to date.

Use the Netflix network check tool (Android)

If you dig into the Settings page on the Netflix app, youll find that there is a built-in tool that checks the network connection.

Go to More > App Settings > Scroll down to find the Check network option. You can use the tool to find out if the Netflix app can connect to the internet and communicate with the Netflix servers properly.

Netflix app is crashing clear Netflix app data

Just like your PC, you can try cleaning the data for the Netflix app on Android. For Android 10, follow the steps mentioned below:

Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications.Tap on App Info> Tap on Netflix.Go to Storage & cache.Tap on Clear Storage and Clear Cache.7. Why is Netflix app not working on my iPhone or iPad?

If Netflix doesnt load titles on your iPhone or iPad, then here are some solutions that you might want to try in order to fix the Netflix issues.

Update your Netflix app, iOS, iPadOS

Here also, you need to make sure that your iPhone or iPad is running the latest version of iOS or iPadOS, and your Netflix app is up to date.

Reset the Netflix app on iOS 13

Still, if Netflix isnt loading properly, try to reset the app on your device. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Go to Settings.Scroll down to find the Netflix app.Tap on the Reset toggle button the bottom of the Netflix app page.Go to your home screen and sign-in to your Netflix account in the app.

So, these were some common Netflix problems and solutions that you can try when Netflix doesnt work on your PC, Android, or iOS device. Well try to add more points to this list in the future. So, feel không lấy phí to come back in the future.

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