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Spotify Blend is made for both you and a friend to enjoy together.Hello World/Getty Images

    Spotify’s Blend feature lets you create a playlist that mixes your favorite songs with a friend’s.The Blend playlist updates daily, and comes with a rating that tracks how similar your music tastes are.You can find Blend in the Spotify app’s “Made for you” menu.Visit Insider’s Tech Reference library for more stories.

It only takes a few clicks to make any of your Spotify playlists “collaborative,” meaning that anyone with the link can add songs to it. This is a great way to mix your musical tastes with a friend’s.

But an even easier way to do it is with Spotify’s Blend feature. Blend lets you invite a friend to share a playlist, which will automatically fill up with songs that both of you love. It also comes with a “taste match” rating that shows how similar or unique your tastes are. The playlist updates every day, meaning you’ll always stay in sync.

Here’s how to get your Blend playlist.

How to make a Spotify Blend playlist

Both users will need a Spotify account to make a Blend playlist, but neither needs a Premium subscription. The steps are the same on both iPhone and Android.

1. Open the Spotify app and tap the Search option the bottom of your screen.

2. Underneath the Browse all heading, tap Made for you.

Open the “Made for you” menu.Spotify; William Antonelli/Insider

3. Tap the box with a plus sign inside of it labeled Create a Blend.

Tap the big plus sign icon to start your Blend.Spotify; William Antonelli/Insider

4. You’ll now have to invite a friend to share the playlist with you. Tap Invite and share the link you can quickly send it using your device’s default options, or just tap Copy to send the link manually.

You can text or email the link it doesn’t matter how your friend receives it.Spotify; William Antonelli/Insider

5. Once you send the link, have your friend open it on their own phone and tap the Join option that appears.

Your playlist will appear right away, along with a slideshow that tells you how similar your music tastes are. If you want to watch the slideshow again once it’s over, tap the swirling icon above your playlist’s name.

The taste match rating updates over time, too.Spotify

Your Blend playlist stores songs from both of your libraries. If you’re not sure which tuy nhiên belongs to who, check out the initial next to the tracks it shows who “added” the tuy nhiên.

Finally, if you tap the three dot icon underneath your playlist’s name, you’ll find even more options. Use this menu to share your Blend playlist, leave it, add the current songs to a permanent playlist, and more.

Leaving the Blend will delete it for both users.Spotify


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