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verb /faɪt/ /faɪt/Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they fight /faɪt/ /faɪt/ he / she / it fights /faɪts/ /faɪts/ past simple fought /fɔːt/ /fɔːt/ past participle fought /fɔːt/ /fɔːt/ -ing form fighting /ˈfaɪtɪŋ/ /ˈfaɪtɪŋ/Idioms Phrasal Verbs
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in war/battle

[intransitive, transitive] to take part in a war or battle against an enemy

    soldiers trained to fightHe fought in Vietnam. fight against somebody My grandfather fought against the Fascists in Spain. fight somebody/something to fight a war/battleThey gathered soldiers to fight the invading army. fight for something They fought for control of the island. fight somebody/something for something Didn’t we fight a war for freedom? fight over something They were fighting over disputed land. fight somebody/something over something Future wars will be fought over water supplies.

Collocations War and peaceWar and peaceStarting a war

    declare/​make/​wage war (on somebody/​something)go to war (against/​with somebody)cause/​spark/​provoke/​foment/​quell unrestincite/​lead/​crush/​suppress a revolt/​rebellionlaunch/​mount/​carry out a surprise/​terrorist attackprevent/​halt/​represent an escalation of the conflictbe torn apart by/​be on the brink of civil warenter/​invade/​occupy somebodys territorylead/​launch/​resist/​repel an invasion

Military operations

    adopt/​develop/​implement/​pursue a military strategycarry out/​execute/​perform military operations/​manoeuvressend/​deploy/​station/​pull back/​withdraw troopsgo on/​fly/​carry out a reconnaissance/​rescue missiontrain/​equip/​deploy army/​military/​combat unitslead/​launch/​conduct a raid/​a surprise attack/​an (air/​airborne/​amphibious) assault (on somebody)employ/​use guerrilla tacticsconduct/​wage biological/​guerrilla warfarefight/​crush/​defeat the rebels/​the insurgencysuffer/​inflict a crushing defeatachieve/​win a decisive victoryhalt/​stop the British/​German/​Russian advanceorder/​force a retreat


    join/​serve in the army/​navy/​air forcebe/​go/​remain/​serve on active dutyserve/​complete/​return from a tour of dutybe sent to the front (line)attack/​strike/​engage/​defeat/​kill/​destroy the enemysee/​report/​be engaged in heavy fightingcall for/​be met with armed resistancecome under heavy/​machine-gun/​mortar firefire a machine-gun/​mortar shells/​rockets ( somebody/​something)shoot a rifle/​a pistol/​bullets/​missileslaunch/​fire a cruise/​ballistic/​anti-tank missileuse biological/​chemical/​nuclear weaponsinflict/​suffer/​sustain heavy losses/​casualtiesbe hit/​killed by enemy/​friendly/​artillery firebecome/​be held as a prisoner of war

Civilians in war

    harm/​kill/​target/​protect innocent/​unarmed civilianscause/​avoid/​limit/​minimize civilian casualties/​collateral damageimpose/​enforce/​lift a curfewengage in/​be a victim of ethnic cleansingbe sent to an internment/​a concentration campaccept/​house/​resettle refugees fleeing from warfear/​threaten military/​violent reprisalscommit/​be accused of war crimes/​crimes against humanity/​genocide

Making peace

    make/​bring/​win/​achieve/​maintain/​promote peacecall for/​negotiate/​broker/​declare a ceasefire/​a temporary trucesign a ceasefire agreementcall for/​bring/​put an end to hostilitiesdemand/​negotiate/​accept the surrender of somebody/​somethingestablish/​send (in) a peacekeeping forcenegotiate/​conclude/​ratify/​sign/​accept/​reject/​break/​violate a peace treaty

Extra Examples

    We fought and won.Millions fought and died.He did not believe that the enemy was ready to fight.We believed we were fighting for freedom.These men fought for their country.Many African American soldiers fought for the Union.He fought alongside his comrades.I met someone who fought alongside my father in the war.They fought bravely against the enemy.The country fought several wars against its neighbours.The soldiers were trained to fight in the jungle.Bolshevik troops fought Polish forces in what is today Western Ukraine and Belarus.These soldiers fought under the imperial banner.Modern wars are fought with more sophisticated technology.

Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadverb


verb + fight

    be prepared tobe ready tocontinue to




    fight to the death

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    in war/battlestruggle/hittry to get/do somethingVideo liên quan

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[intransitive, transitive] to struggle physically with somebody

    My little brothers are always fighting.He taught me how to fight with a sword. fight with somebody Riot police fought with demonstrators.He sometimes fights with other children in the playground. fight somebody She fought her attacker, eventually forcing him to flee. fight over something Children will fight even over small things.dogs fighting over scraps of food fight somebody over something They were fighting each other over a toy. fight (somebody) for something Paris offers to fight Menelaus for Helen’s hand. fight against somebody/something She fought hard against his strong grip.

Extra Examples

    He was suspended from school for fighting.How did you get the black eye? Have you been fighting?I caught them fighting with sticks.He fought another boy over a girl.He fought against his attacker.Thousands of rioting students fought with police.They practically fought (with) each other for the honour of carrying my bag.A boy said he wanted to fight me after school.

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verb + fight

    be prepared to



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[intransitive] to have an argument with somebody about something

    I remember lying in bed listening to my parents fighting. fight about something It’s a trivial matter and not worth fighting about. fight over something Scholars have long fought over this point. fight with somebody I’m always fighting with my sister.
    It’s normal for couples to fight.The thing we fight about most is money.We’ve fought over many issues, but always respected one another.Let’s not fight over the details.He was well-liked by his peers, but often fought with his teachers.

Topics Opinion and argumentb1


[transitive, intransitive] to try hard to stop, giảm giá with or oppose something bad or something that you disagree with

    We will continue to fight for as long as it takes.She fought bravely, but died of the disease. fight something to fight terrorism/crime/corruption/povertyVitamin C helps your body toàn thân to fight disease.Workers are fighting the decision to close the factory.The fire crews had problems fighting the blaze.She fought a long battle against cancer. fight against something They are committed to fighting against racism. fight for somebody She spent her life fighting for the poor. fight something with something We must fight hatred with love. fight to do something She’ll fight like a tiger to protect her children.

Extra Examples

    We are committed to fighting poverty.The government will introduce new measures to fight terrorism.a superhero who wants to fight crime and clean up the cityFighting corruption is essential to restore public confidence.He vowed to fight against the decision.He has used his fame to become a spokesman for alleviating world poverty and fighting AIDS.His body toàn thân was too weak to fight the infection.Why did you fight so hard against these changes?I’ve always had to fight against prejudice.They are fighting unwinnable wars against corporate giants.We’re fighting for people who are discriminated against.The organization fights on behalf of political prisoners across the world.This battle is being fought with spin and PR.

Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadverb

    hardlike a tigertooth and nail

verb + fight

    be determined tobe prepared tobe ready to



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try to get/do something

[intransitive, transitive] to try very hard to get something or to achieve something

    We fought for years before we got the recognition we deserved. fight for something Women fought for the right to vote.He’s still fighting for compensation after the accident. fight to do something Doctors fought for more than six hours to save his life.She fought hard to get this film made. fight your way She gradually fought her way to the top of the company.

Synonyms campaigncampaign


These are all words for an effort made to achieve or prevent something.

    chiến dịch a series of planned activities that are intended to achieve a particular social, commercial or political aim:

      the chiến dịch for parliamentary reforman advertising chiến dịch

    battle a competition or argument between people or groups of people trying to win power or control:

      She finally won the legal battle for compensation.the endless battle between man and nature

    struggle a competition or argument between people or groups of people trying to win power or control:

      the struggle for independencethe struggle between good and evil

battle or struggle?A struggle is always about things that seem absolutely necessary, such as life and death or freedom. A battle can also be about things that are not absolutely necessary, just desirable, or about the pleasure of winning: the battle/​struggle between good and evil a legal struggle for compensation a struggle of wills/​wits.

    drive an organized effort by a group of people to achieve something:

      the drive for greater efficiencya drive to reduce energy consumption

chiến dịch or drive?A chiến dịch is usually aimed getting other people to do something; a drive may be an attempt by people to get themselves to do something: From today, were going on an economy drive (= we must spend less). A chiến dịch may be larger, more formal and more organized than a drive.

    war [sing.] an effort over a long period of time to get rid of or stop something bad:

      the war against crime

    fight [sing.] the work of trying to stop or prevent something bad or achieve something good; an act of competing, especially in a sport:

      Workers won their fight to stop compulsory redundancies.

war or fight?A war is about stopping things, like drugs and crime, that everyone agrees are bad. A fight can be about achieving justice for yourself.Patterns

    a chiến dịch/​battle/​struggle/​drive/​war/​fight against somethinga chiến dịch/​battle/​struggle/​drive/​fight for somethinga one-man/​one-woman/​personal chiến dịch/​battle/​struggle/​wara bitter chiến dịch/​battle/​struggle/​drive/​war/​fightto launch/​embark on a chiến dịch/​battle/​driveto lead/​continue the chiến dịch/​battle/​struggle/​drive/​fightto win/​lose a battle/​struggle/​war/​fight

Extra Examples

    The company is fighting for survival the moment.We will never give up fighting for justice.He fought tirelessly for the abolition of slavery.Regional monopolies were bitterly fought for.We need a good manager who is prepared to fight for a fair share of the funds.We are fighting for equal rights.Campaigners fought to save the hospital from closure.She fought desperately to suppress her laughter.He fought hard to overcome his disability.They say they are fighting to preserve their way of life.She fought to keep her composure.We fought our way across London in heavy traffic.This small company fought its way to global success.

Topics Successb1Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadverb

    hardlike a tigertooth and nail

verb + fight

    be determined tobe prepared tobe ready to



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in contest

[transitive, intransitive] to take part in a contest against somebody

    fight somebody/something (for something) to fight an election/a chiến dịch fight for something She’s fighting for a place in the national team.There are twelve parties fighting the election.The second half was fiercely fought, but neither side managed to score.

Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadverb


verb + fight

    be determined tobe prepared tobe ready to




    fiercely fought

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in boxing

[intransitive, transitive] to take part in a boxing match

    Doctors fear he may never fight again.

Extra Examples

    fight somebody/​something He has fought 37 bouts with 24 knockouts.

Topics Sports: other sportsa2


[transitive, intransitive] to try to get what you want in court

    fight (somebody) for something He fought his wife for custody of the children. fight something I’m determined to fight the case.

Oxford Collocations Dictionaryadverb

    hardlike a tigertooth and nail

verb + fight

    be determined tobe prepared tobe ready to



See full entry Word OriginOld English feohtan (verb), feoht(e), gefeoht (noun), of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch vechten, gevecht and German fechten, Gefecht.Idioms fight your/somebodys corner (British English) to defend your/somebodys position against other people fight fire with fire to use similar methods in a fight or an argument to those your opponent is usingTopics Opinion and argumentc2 fight for (your) life to make a great effort to stay alive, especially when you are badly injured or seriously ill

    A young cyclist is fighting for his life after the accident.

Topics Health problemsc1 fight your own battles to be able to win an argument or get what you want without anyones help

    I wouldn’t get involvedhe’s old enough to fight his own battles.My parents believed in leaving me to fight my own battles.

Topics Opinion and argumentc2

fight shy of something/of doing something to be unwilling to accept something or do something, and to try to avoid it

    Successive governments have fought shy of such measures.

fight to the death/finish to fight until one of the two people or groups is dead, or until one person or group defeats the other

    The soldiers were prepared to fight to the death if they had to.

fight tooth and nail to fight in a very determined way for what you want

    The residents are fighting tooth and nail to stop the new development.She fought tooth and nail to keep custody of the children.

live to fight another day (saying) used to say that although you have failed or had a bad experience, you will continue (fight) a losing battle (to try to do) something that you will probably never succeed in doing

    Im fighting a losing battle against the mess in this house!She wanted him to take some responsibility for his actions, but she knew it was a losing battle.

Topics Difficulty and failurec2 Phrasal Verbs

    fight backfight downfight it outfight offfight out

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