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Note, Amazon Music do not share how many users follow or listen to a particular playlist, and rather just give a ranking. All of these playlists are curated by Amazon’s Music Experts. You can find the full “Top Playlists” list, with hundreds of playlists, here.

1. All Hits

The biggest songs in the world.

2. Country Heat

Fire tracks from the hottest acts in country music.

3. Viral Hits

These tracks are Internet famous.

4. Relaxing Piano

Keep calm and press play for peaceful piano tracks.

5. Today’s Country Hits

Today’s biggest modern country hits.

6. Mellow ’80s Gold

Your favorite soft-sounding radio hits from the 1980s.

7. Classical Focus

Boost your brainpower with Bach, Vivaldi, and more.

8. Classic Rock Hits

A decade-spanning collection of classics from rock legends who inspired & influenced generations.

9. Feeling Happy

Happy, upbeat hits to make you feel good.

10. Solo Classical Piano

Timeless classical pieces for solo piano.

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