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What are Hextech Augments in TFT
How to read this Hextech Augments tier list

TFTs Set 6 is upon us, and many players are getting ready to jump right into the madness. With Teamfight Tactics: Gizmos & Gadgets preparing to introduce new units, several reworked items, and a whole slew of new comps for players to try out, the biggest change that Set 6 will bring is with the addition of the Hextech Augments.

What are Hextech Augments in TFT

The big mechanic change that is being added in Set 6, Hextech Augments are designed to make every trò chơi of Teamfight Tactics feel unique. Similar to the Galaxies mechanic of Sets 3 & 3.5, Hextech Augments can drastically change how players approach a match. In some cases, Hextech Augments will bend or break basic rules of TFT, allowing for unique combinations and comps that would not otherwise be possible.

Players will get to pick three Hextech Augments during the trò chơi, stages 1-3, 3-3, and 4-5. Augments come in one of three tiers, with the higher tiers (generally) containing the better Augments. But players are not guaranteed to get the same Augments in each of their shops, making the decision of which Augment to choose critical to their odds in the trò chơi.

How to read this Hextech Augments tier list

This tier list will be looking the Augments in a holistic manner, not considering the specific numbers or stats they give. Augments will be placed into tiers starting with the strongest, Augments that fit the widest number of comps to the ones that fit very few comps. The order within the tier does not matter, and if an Augment has variations (for instance, some Augments have levels ranging from 1 to 3, getting more powerful higher levels) they will be grouped in the same tier.

Another note to mention is that this is based on hands-on testing with the Hextech Augments on the PBE, but this ranking could change depending on how certain builds and comps get discovered. This tier list is meant to be, primarily, a ranking to help TFT players who are generally unfamiliar with the Hextech Augment system get an idea of what to look for.

S Tier

Hextech AugmentTierDescriptionDominance1After winning your combat, gain one bonus gold for every 2 surviving units.Pandora’s Items1Gain a random component. At the start of each turn, items on your bench are randomized. This does not include Force of Nature, Spatula, and consumables.Underdogs1Whenever your team has fewer units alive than your opponent, your units regenerate 10% of their missing health every second.Weakspot1Your units attacks ignore 20% of the targets armor and reduce healing received by 50% for five seconds.Wise Spending1Gain 2 experience points when you refresh your Shop.Ancient Archives2Gain one Tome of Traits.Metabolic Accelerator2Your Tactician moves faster and heals 2 health the start of each round.Rich Get Richer2Gain 10 gold. Your maximum interest is increased to 7.Sunfire Board2At the start of combat, burn all enemies for 20% of their maximum HP over eight seconds and reduce healing received by 50%.Trade Sector2Gain a không lấy phí Shop refresh each round.__ Soul3Your team counts as having 2 additional __Golden Ticket3Each time your Shop is refreshed, you have a 40% chance to gain a không lấy phí refresh.Level Up!3When you buy experience points, gain an additional 3 experience points. You can now reach level 10.New Recruit3Gain +1 team size.Portable Forge3Open an Armory and choose one of three unique Artifacts crafted by Ornn.Windfall3Gain gold based on the number of Augments you currently have. 0 equals 20 gold, 1 equals 25 gold, and 2 equals 30 gold.

Starting in the S tier, these are Augments that that will fit almost any comp or are Hextech Augments that are so powerful that its worth revamping your comp around these Augments. One common thread of these S Tier Augments is that they tend to give something useful, like additional gold, experience, or some massively overpowered bonus. The Soul emblems are also incredibly useful, as youll have the opportunity to get credit for two additional copies of a given trait without needing to waste an item slot. If you get a Soul Augment and its not a big burden to pivot to that Origin or Class, you should almost always do it.

A Tier

Hextech AugmentTierDescriptionCelestial Blessing1-3Your units heal for % of the damage dealt by attacks and abilities. Excess healing is converted to a shield.Cybernetic Implants1-3Your units equipped with an item gain health and attack damageExiles1-3Your units that start combat with no adjacent allies gain a % maximum health shield.Scoped Weapons1Double the hex range of your ranged units and their attacks cannot miss.Thrill of the Hunt1, 3Your units heal health on kill.Emblem2Gain a __ Emblem.High Roller2Gain 2 Loaded Dice.March of Progress2Gain 4 bonus experience points per round. You can no longer use gold to gain experience points.Salvage Bin2Gain a random completed item. Selling champions breaks apart their full items into components. This does not include Force of Nature.Titanic Force2Your units with more than 1300 maximum health gain attack damage equal to 4% of their maximum health.Band of Thieves3Gain two Thiefs Gloves.

In the A tier, we have the Augments that will almost always be useful to a given comp. The only instance where you might not grab one of these Augments is if your shop also has an S tier Augment as well. Like the Soul Augments, an Emblem Augment is available for every Origin and Class in the trò chơi, so it will usually be worthwhile to grab if the Emblem would work in your comp. Otherwise, the A tier is filled with mostly decent additions that are either limited or save some sort of drawback.

B Tier

Hextech AugmentTierDescriptionChemical Overload1-3Chemtech units explode on death, dealing % of their maximum health as magic damage to enemies within two Hexes.Cutthroat1Assassin units mana reave the first unit they attack, increasing their maximum mana by 65% until they cast.Duet1Summon 1 additional Socialite Spotlight.En Garde1The first time an enemy is attacked by a Challenger unit, they are disarmed for a total of 4 seconds.Lifelong Learning1Scholar units that survive combat permanently gain 5 ability power.Runic Shield1-3Arcanist units start combat with a shield equal to X% of their ability power.Smoke Bomb1The first time champions with the Assassin trait drop below 60% health, they briefly enter stealth, becoming untargetable and shedding all negative effects.Sniper’s Nest1Snipers gain 8% damage per round when theyve started combat in the same Hex. The maximum is 40%.So Small1Yordles gain 35% dodge chance.Unstable Evolution1Mutants randomly gain one of the following when they reach two-star: 600 health, 40% attack speed, 40 attack damage, or 40 ability power. These bonuses stack.Ardent Censer2Allies healed or shielded by Enchanter units gain 15% stacking attack speed for the rest of combat (maximum once every 2 seconds)Armor Plating2Colossus units become invulnerable for 2 seconds the first time their health drops to 60% and 30%.Dual Rule2There are now 2 Tyrants.Instant Injection2Chemtech units now additionally trigger their bonuses the start of combat.Share the Spotlight2Allies adjacent to a spotlight the start of combat gain 75% of their bonuses.Cram Session3After casting their first Ability, Academic units restore 80% of their maximum mana.Junkyard3Every 3 combat rounds with the Scrap trait active, gain a random component.Payday3After winning your combat, gain 1 bonus gold for each surviving Syndicate unit.

The B tier contains mostly Augments that are strong… if you are running the right comp. In some circumstances, these might even be better for a given comp than an A Tier Augment, but the problem is that the same Augment would be useless in other comps. If you are running the appropriate comp and one of these shows up in your shop, dont feel bad passing up on a higher-tier Augment for it.

C Tier

Hextech AugmentTierDescription__ Heart1Your team counts as having one additional __.Calculated Loss1After losing your combat, gain 2 gold and a không lấy phí Shop refresh.First Aid Kit1All healing and shielding received by your units is increased by 35%.Knife’s Edge1-3Your units that start combat in the first 2 rows gain attack damage.Makeshift Armor1-3Your units with no items gain armor and magic resistance.One for All1When your Syndicate unit dies, they grant your other Syndicate units 20 attack damage and ability power.Pirates1Mercenary units have a 50% chance to drop 1 gold when they kill an enemy.Self-Repair1When the Innovation unit dies, it will become untargetable and repair itself if an Innovator unit is still alive with a revive time of 6 seconds.Stand Behind Me1At the start of combat, Bodyguard units grant 100% of their armor bonus to non-Bodyguard allies directly behind them. This effect does not stack.All for One1When an ally dies, they grant the Tyrant (Imperial trait) 25% of their maximum health.Clear Mind2If you have no units on your bench the end of a round, gain 3 experience points.Gold Reserves2Mercenary units giảm giá 1% more damage per one 1 you have. This caps a maximum of 60%.Spell Blade2Arcanist units attacks giảm giá bonus magic damage equal to 50% ability power on hit.Broken Stopwatch35 seconds into combat, all enemies and non-Clockwork units are frozen in time for a total of 5 seconds.

The C Tier is similar to the B Tier, in that the Augments will have limited uses. However, unlike the B tier, here the advantages that the Augment might have in those limited uses might not outweigh a better, higher tier Augment in the shop. Thats not to say that these Augments are never worth picking up, because in some cases they certainly are worth taking. But its more likely than not players will be passing up on these.

D Tier

Hextech AugmentTierDescriptionAscension1After 15 seconds of combat, your units giảm giá 100% more damage.Binary Airdrop1Your units equipped with 2 items temporarily gain a random completed item the start of combat.Built Different1-3Your units with no traits active gain Health and % attack speed.Featherweights1-3Your one and two-cost units gain % movement and attack speed.Shrug It Off1Bruisers regenerate 2.5% of their maximum health each second.High End Shopping2Champions appear in your Shop as if you were 1 level higher.Sharpshooter2Twinshot units ranged attacks and abilities can bounce once, dealing 40% less damage.Woodland Charm2At the start of combat, your highest health champion creates a 1,200 health copy of themself. The clone does not include items from the champion that was copied.

Picking an Augment that falls into the D tier is, by and large, a bad idea. In almost every case, there is a higher-tier Augment that does what one of these does, but better. Unless its the case where your shop is giving you straight up garbage and you have to pick one of these, avoid picking one of these weaker Augments.

E Tier

Hextech AugmentTierDescriptionHyper Roll1If you have less than 10 gold the end of a round, gain 3 gold.Item Grab Bag1, 2Gain 1-2 random completed items and 1-2 Reforgers.Phony Frontline1Gain 2 Target Dummies with health of 600.Stand United1-3Your units gain attack damage and ability power per trait active across your team.Tinker1Every 1 combat round with Scrap active, gain a Magnetic Remover or Reforger

Terrible, awful. Almost never with picking. Unless a strategy arises that somehow needs or makes incredible use out of these Augments, skip them without question.




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