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    Check font file propertiesEmbed the font in a presentationOther font issuesTo Embed or Not to Embed?Mac-to-PC solutionPC-to-PC solutionFont management software can help a lotBest practicesWhy is my font not showing up on PowerPoint?Why is my font not changing in PowerPoint?

I am a Linux user and perphaps what I am going to ask may sound a bit stupid for all of you, but I would be very grateful if you could give me some hint:

I have correctly installed- through the Control Panel feature –  the “sternten” font available in the community tải về area. I can see that it has been installed in the Windows fonts thư mục. However, when I search for it in Powerpoint, I cannot find it.

How do I recompile or reload the
fonts in Windows from shell ?

Thank you very much for your advice.

Third-party fonts are not embedded in a PowerPoint presentation by default. Therefore, if you send it to a colleague, text might not appear correctly. Custom fonts are automatically substituted with a standard font if the recipient’s computer (or website) doesn’t have the desired font installed.

Original PowerPoint

font: Lobster

Shared PowerPoint

font: Arial (substituted)

Learn how to embed font in a .pptx file.

Check font file properties

Before embedding a font, make sure that the font file is not read-only, and that it is available for embedding.

Log in as Administrator (to change font file attributes if necessary).

Open File Explorer and go to C:WindowsFonts.

Find the font that you used in your presentation (e.g., Lobster Regular).

Right-click the font and select Properties.

Remove the Read-only attribute if it’s checked, and then click OK.

Go to the Details tab. Make sure that the Font embeddability property is either Installable or Editable. Otherwise, you cannot embed it.

Embed the font in a presentation

PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2022:

Open a
presentation that you want to share.

Go to the main PowerPoint menu on the upper-left corner.

Select Options.

Go to the Save options on the left.

Find the embedding options the very bottom and check Embed fonts in the file. Here, you can either embed only the characters used in the presentation’s text, or the font’s entire character set. To be safe, we recommend that you select
Embed all characters, though it will take more space.

Under the Preserve fidelity… dropdown menu, you can select the current presentation only, or apply this setting to all presentations that you save.

Click OK and save the presentation.

Now that the fonts are embedded in your .pptx file, you can send it to a colleague or upload it to the Internet, and keep all the fonts displayed exactly as in the
original PowerPoint.

Note: the file size can grow dramatically if you embed all font’s available characters. Each font can take up to several megabytes of the published presentation size. Don’t use more than two non-standard fonts in your presentation to keep a consistent design and small file size.

Other font issues

Some commercial fonts are protected with DRM and are not available for embedding. You can check this out in the font file properties via the
Details tab. In this case, please choose another font; there is no simple and legal workaround.

Also, some downloaded fonts might contain errors in the charset, so they will not be processed correctly either. This is a rare occasion though.

If you are still having problems with fonts, please contact us tư vấn.

Ever wonder why when you send your perfectly formatted presentation to customers, the text sometimes appears big and ugly on their screens? Or worse, how does your beautiful presentation turn out all wrong on a conference PC, leading you to a last-minute scramble to reformat every slide?

Well, these deep cosmic mysteries are caused by fonts: there are quite a few different ways fonts can
cause chaos, and in this article we’ll walk you through the different quagmires and how to avoid them.

To Embed or Not to Embed?

Before getting into this legendary question, let’s explain what exactly embedding means. Embedding fonts is the inclusion of the font file in a document. Not just using the font in the
document with the font file installed on your computer, but attaching the font file into the PowerPoint file itself. This is a subtle yet crucial difference.

The biggest problem is when presentations with embedded fonts travel between Mac and PC. This often doesn’t work, and you may not get any warning from PowerPoint that it’s not working.

There is not one single solution to this quandary. We’ve put together some simple rules to help you navigate it:

    For Mac users in
    general, don’t embed fonts. This rule applies to Mac-to-Mac, Mac-to-PC, or even PC-to-Mac.For PC users sending to PC users, embed fonts, but still send the font files with your presentation so the recipient can install them in the (very much still possible) case that the embedded fonts are not displaying correctly.

If you install fonts on a computer, be ready to restart PowerPoint, and potentially all other Office applications and the computer itself to make sure caches are
refreshed and the font file is loaded up.

Mac-to-PC solution

“Don’t embed. Just provide”. These are the immortal words of Aislinn Barry, Production Director SketchDeck. Aislinn regularly assists clients with this issue and has become an expert troubleshooting PowerPoint font issues. Those four words have become her mantra when moving presentations and template designs from Mac to PC, or even staying within the Mac universe.

Aislinn notes that font names can be an issue
between Mac and PC. The names can be different for the same font! Plus, compatibility errors do not show on the Mac side. PCs generally show an error message and let you know the font is missing, but Macs do not show this error, unfortunately. Her tip to Mac users is to always check on your Preferences and confirm that Embed Fonts is unchecked, then send through the font packages with any presentation or template.

As a best practice, when Aislinn delivers graphic design work to clients,
she includes a font help guide as well, and packages up the font files needed in the format their computer requires.

PC-to-PC solution

When working within the PC world, embedding does become a recommended and convenient option. If you are a PC user, sending files in PowerPoint to other PC users, this is when embedding your fonts is a natural step to help avoid issues caused by missing fonts and wrong font versions. Office Support provides some easy to follow
instructions on embedding and confirming the fonts used in your presentation. Aislinn advises to still provide font files with the presentation as a failsafe. 

Another tip from Aislinn is to be wary of the “Font style” options in
PowerPoint. For some fonts, this can cause problems down the line because different versions of the same font can use the Font style control differently. Aislinn has seen fonts that use different font files to provide boldness, and some that use “Font style” to control boldness. This is unfortunately straight up confusing, and you’ll need to experiment with some trial-and-error to figure out if your fonts are causing this sort of pandaemonium. 

For a user-friendly solution option, Aislinn recommends setting the theme
fonts on new templates. Themes can help eliminate end-user questions on font choices and style needs. Theme fonts are a unique feature to PCs and are not available to Mac users. Establishing the theme fonts for presentations and templates helps ensure consistency of your presentation’s appearance and eliminates additional formatting needs and questions by

Font management software can help a lot

If you are working across multiple brands, each with their own custom fonts to keep straight, you may want to consider using font management software: Aislinn’s favorite is Suitcase Fusion. There are many font management software programs available for
PCs and Macs. Font management tools organize your font library into convenient folders with searchable tags and can create an easier way to activate and deactivate your fonts. 

Best practices

Phew! That was a lot of font information! As simple as we want to make it, there are a lot of different font files and software versions out there and they’ve not made our lives easy. To try to navigate through this, here are our suggested best practices. This might be too much for a
casual design project, but least you know what to do if the font-gremlins are causing you chaos.

When starting a new presentation or template project with your designer, talk through all the usage situations, and end-users for the new document. Having a shared understanding of the functional needs of the presentation helps your designer in selecting the best types of fonts and licenses for your applications.

As Aislinn does with SketchDeck clients, request font instructions for
any PowerPoint presentation or template from your designer. In turn, be sure to provide similar usage guidelines to all end-users. You want to make sure your presentation accurately reflects your brand standards everywhere it’s seen.

Always try to have the font files ready in case something goes wrong, even if you’re embedding fonts when sending PC to PC. Plan in advance to review the presentation on the receiving computer and install the fonts if needed. If you install fonts, you might
need to restart any and everything – Office applications, the operating system, font management software.

Your ultimate PowerPoint project checklist for zero font issues:

    Align with designers on how the presentation will be used, on what systems, and by whom Get usages instructions from your designerRelay usage instructions to other end-usersSend fonts, do not embed, when moving between Macs and PCsDo embed when moving within PC versions:
    but also send the font filesPlan to check the document prior to presenting whenever a new computer is usedKeep font files handy for easy access when needed, potentially with a font management software if managing across a number of brands or different looks

While this can all seem like a strange new language and process first, merely doing a quick Settings check and getting comfortable with
loading fonts can actually simplify your PowerPoint life. Getting in the habit of checking the embedded font status, and having font files available with all presentations can help you overcome your PowerPoint font frustrations. And have the added benefit of helping ensure your presentations and templates always reflect your brand as

Why is my font not showing up on PowerPoint?

To resolve this issue: Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel. Double-click Fonts. On the File menu, click Fonts to place a check mark.

Why is my font not changing in PowerPoint?

To solve this issue: Click the Replace drop-down arrow, located on the trang chủ tab, in the Editing group, and choose Replace Fonts. Under Replace, choose the font you want to replace, and under With select the new font that you’ll use. Once you’re done, click Replace to apply the changes.
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