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(Adds National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Raymond James, City Financial, Deutsche Bank, BNY Mellon)

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April 30 (Reuters) – The following financial services industry appointments were announced on Wednesday. To inform us of other job changes, email to .


The British arm of the Spanish bank Santander said its chairman Terry Burns is stepping down and it intends to have his replacement in place by the end of the year.


David Gonski will take over as chairman of the bank from retiring John Morschel, effective May 1, the bank said in a statement.


The French investment manager said it hired Debra Anderson to help lead expansion of its pan-European credit business. Anderson was most recently a senior managing director alternative asset manager Blackstone’s credit unit, GSO.


The largest lender
by assets in the United Arab Emirates has named James Burdett as group chief financial officer. Burdett joins from Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, where he was finance head of its international and institutional banking business.


The company’s brokerage unit said on Wednesday that it hired two advisers from Wells Fargo & Co to open a new Santa Barbara office of Raymond James & Associates. The advisers, David Neunuebel and Lisa Barrantes,
had managed more than $80 million in client assets Wells Fargo and had about $950,000 in annual fees and commissions.


The asset management company said it appointed Lalit Aggarwal as a non-executive director. The company said Aggarwal is president and chairman of the investment committee Manor Park Capital Advisors in Toronto. He has been a director of Bridgepoint Health since 2011.


The bank said it appointed Andrew Bhak and Peter
Zippelius as managing directors and co-heads of healthcare services within investment banking coverage (IBC). Based in Tp New York, Bhak and Zippelius will report to IBC global head of healthcare, Michael Cohen.

Bhak joins from Morgan Stanley, where he helped the bank build its healthcare services investment banking business. Zippelius also joins from Morgan Stanley, where he was a managing director in the healthcare investment banking group.


The investment management
and services company said it appointed Rebecca Ryan as head of life insurance lending group. Ryan will report to Elizabeth Engel, head of lending for BNY Mellon Wealth Management Private Bank. Prior to joining BNY Mellon, Ryan worked for Northern Trust as national director of premium finance and senior relationship manager. (Compiled by Avik Das and Ankit Ajmera in Bangalore)


Brandy, the president of ABC Communication., and Sam orally agreed that Sam would work as a computer programmer for ABC Co. for a three-year period. Their oral agreement also covered other matters such as his pay and the availability of one week of paid vacation. On the day he talked with Brandy, Sam signed an employee handbook including a provision that his employment was will, meaning that any time he could quit or the company could
discharge him. A month later, Sam received a three-year contract for employment with ABC Co. in the mail incorporating the amount of his salary and other issues he had discussed with Brandy. Sam signed it and mailed it back, but he changed the vacation provision to three weeks instead of one week. Bobby, the human resources manager for ABC Co., called Sam up after Bobby received the agreement and told Sam that the contract was only a draft for discussion purposes and that he was actually firing
Sam because he seemed too focused on vacation. Assuming the court follows the reasoning of the court in the dispute discussed in the text involving Michael Gallagher and Medical Research Consultants, which of the following would be the most likely result in the dispute between Sam and ABC Co. if Sam claims he had a three-year contract of employment?

ABC Co. will win because even if a three-year oral agreement for employment was made, it would not have been enforceable because the
statute of frauds requires that agreements that cannot be completed within one year be in writing. Further, the draft Sam returned was not signed by ABC Co.

ABC Co. will win because although the three-year oral agreement for employment was initially enforceable, Sam reopened negotiations by altering the later contract to provide that he was to receive three weeks of vacation.

ABC Co. will win because as a matter of law, no other document can alter the provisions of an
employee handbook.

A jury will decide if Brandy orally agreed to a three-year contract; and, if so, Sam gets his job back along with the extra weeks of vacation.

As a matter of law, since the contract was sent to Sam, he received a guarantee of employment for three years; but he does not get the extra weeks of vacation he inserted.

“Not So Rich Uncle.” Bruce is attempting to convince Sally to marry him. He promises her that if
she will marry him, he will buy a new Mercedes automobile for her within six months of the marriage and take her on a world tour within a year of the marriage date. Sally reluctantly agrees, and they sign an agreement by which Bruce agrees to provide the Mercedes and world tour. Bruce and Sally marry on January 1. Unexpectedly, on March 1, Bruce’s supposedly rich uncle, Frank, dies. Frank has no living relatives other than Bruce and has a will leaving everything to Bruce who is also appointed
executor. In attempting to settle the estate, Bruce agrees orally to pay out of his own pocket debts of Frank totaling $10,000. Sally is concerned about Bruce’s doing so. Bruce tells her not to worry because he will get all the money back when the estate settles. Bruce admits to a number of friends that he agreed to settle the debts out of his own pocket because he needed to obtain assets from the estate in a hurry and did not want anything to slow down probate. The assets were needed in large
part to satisfy his obligations to Sally. Surprisingly, it later came to light that prior to his death Frank had signed away all his assets to his girlfriend in Argentina. There was nothing left in the estate for Bruce to inherit. Bruce disavowed his agreement to pay the $10,000 to various creditors of Frank.

“Courtroom Surprises.” Wilma agrees to sell Wally her house for $200,000. Wilma, Wally, and the house are all located in Tennessee. She also orally
agrees to sell her used car to Wally for $1,000. Wilma and Wally discuss the fact that the house needs some repairs. Wilma gives Wally a key and tells him to do whatever he wants with the house. In reliance on her promise to sell the house, Wally sells his home, gets a loan, and has a new roof put on Wilma’s house because of leaks that needed to be repaired to prevent further damage. When presented with the written agreements of sale for the home and the car, however, Wilma refuses to sign
either. Wally sues, and the case proceeds to trial. Wilma tells the judge in court under oath that she orally agreed to sell the house but that she changed her mind before signing and that she believes she has protection under the statute of frauds. She tells the judge that no agreement was ever made regarding the car and that she also has protection under the statute of frauds regarding that matter.

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