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unschooled nghĩa là

A term coined in the 70’s by writer and former school-teacher John Holt. Used to describe the practice of an individual who does not attend school- instead choosing to travel, write, play, run, build things, volunteer, and learn about the world không lấy phí of grades, subjects, periods and “school hours“.

Example”where most schooling puts the emphasis on what needs to be learned, unschooling puts the emphasis on who is doing the learning.”

unschooled nghĩa là

A form of homeschooling where there is no set curriculum or regular classwork. Instead, a more student-lead schooling is used where learning is not simply defined as, for e.g., ‘reading a math book’. Most activities can be educational.

ExamplePeople who are unschooled tend to do far better than average when they attend college.

unschooled nghĩa là

A very cool person who does not go to school. But no, not a homeschooler. They live and learn, living in the world, not wasting years learning about it. Not stupid, sheltered farmers, but very cool, easygoing, awesome people.

ExampleWho is that intelligent, good-looking, charismatic guy standing over there?

Must be an unschooler.

unschooled nghĩa là

An upper-middle class and wealthy system for turning their spoiled and incompetent children into ignoramuses with high self-esteem; a permanent vacation intended to produce “trophy children” for display.

ExampleYeah, he went around the whole loop — Montessori to unschooling to trustafarian — his dad’ll have to buy him a business for him to retire from, now that he’s thirty.

unschooled nghĩa là

Unschooling is a term coined by John Holt who championed education reform in the 1960’s. Unschooling is the philosophy of assiting your child’s education through exposing them to educational opprotunities in real life and relating important material to your child instead of teaching out of a prepackaged curriculum. It is often called child led education or intrest directed education as well.

ExampleAn example of unschooling would be your child learn about math, science, history, and language arts through their intrest in Yougioh (the most random thing I could think of). For math they would learn about the thousands of duel monsters out there and the complex math rules of the card trò chơi (trust me that some serious math there). The science would come from learning about television and the technology that goes into making a show. Also they would learn about biomes by learning about how different monsters live and do better (in both the trò chơi and show) in different environments and then discussing with them how that relates to animals in real life. History would come from learning about the Japanese culture and the history of television, card games and their impact on society, Language arts could come from writing to a Japanese pen pal about anime they have their and the societal differences such as America’s censorship of material allowed in Nhật bản.

unschooled nghĩa là

Similar to homeschooling, minus the learning part. There is no curriculum involved, there is no structure, and there is no social interaction with other kids their age. Typically leads to severe social anxiety, an IQ of 79, the inability to spell any word over 4 letters, refusal of vaccinations, homeopathy, and virtually no grasp on how the scientific method works. Honestly they don’t even know what the scientific method is. They can’t spell science.

Example”I started unschooling Johnny this week!”

“Oh is that like homeschooling?”
“Kind of, I just let him sit home eating whatever food I can afford to buy him with my food stamps, and he’s gotten really good Minecraft.”
“Oh…well that doesn’t sound very healthy. Are you sure it works?”
“I’m not sure, but last night I heard him scream ‘YOU SHIT EATING COCK NOZZLE, I’LL FUCK YOUR MOM!’ while he was playing Call of Duty.”

unschooled nghĩa là

The Unschooler’s Emporium established its business in early 2010, to offer the Unschooling Community a myriad of books, tools and natural remedies that have already shown themselves to be a success by the families that have used them. Although a young business, because of its focused and dedicated product line, and its approach to unschooling, it has, in its infancy, garnered much attention and praise from Unschooling Advocates Dayna Martin, Sandra Dodd and many more.

The purpose of the expansion for The Unschooler’s Emporium is part of a continuing effort to satisfy the needs of this ever-growing community. Whether a family is new to unschooling or has been enjoying its advantages for many years, they want one central location where they can purchase all of the products that will help tư vấn Unschooler’s and help each person on their unschooling journey to grow.


ExampleAre unschooler’s The Unschooler’s Emporium successful?

Why yes they are, check them out

unschooled nghĩa là

This is when a person is a very good student of a teacher that teaches incorrect information. The result is an unschooled individual.

ExampleI found out my mom was so unschooled that she thought the Jews were modeled off the Christians.

unschooled nghĩa là

a self design learner doesn’t go to school.
also known as không lấy phí learners. They don’t need a structure to learn

Exampledon’t you go to school nah man i am an unschooler

unschooled nghĩa là

a person who doesn’t go to school and who is a không lấy phí learner.
generally they self design learners they don’t need a structure to learn.

Exampleunschooler a person who is a self design learner

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