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Trong tiếng anh Feet số nhiều là Foot mang nghĩa là bàn chân, bước đi, dùng làm cty đo,… Dưới đấy là một số trong những thành ngữ đi cùng với danh từ này.

Nội dung chính

    back on one’s feetback on your feetdrag one’s feetdrag your feetfeet of clayfeet on the groundget cold feetget your feet wetjump in with both feetland on one’s feetland
    on your feetsix feet understand on one’s own two feetsweep you off your feettake a load off your feettwo left feetknock off sb’s feeton one’s feetregain one’s feetspring to one’s feetstand on one’s own feetto one’s feetvote with one’s feetthrow oneself one’s feetthink on one’s feetsweep one off one’s feetsit one’s feetlet grass grow under one’s feetkeep one’s feet on the groundhave feet of clayget to one’s feetget one’s feet wetget one’s feet on the groundget back on one’s two feetget a load off one’s feetdead on
    one’s or its feettake a load off one’s feetland on both feetknock one off one’s feetFall on our feetFind
    your feetLet the grass grow round your feetLight on your feetRun off your feetSweep
    off your feetWorld your feetFinding Your Feethave itchy feetunder (one’s) feetunder your feet

Be/ get, run/ rushed off your feet.

Be very busy (rất bận rộn).

 Ex: In the last few days before the holidays, the sales assistants were rushed off their

(Trong những ngày ở đầu cuối trước kì nghỉ, những trợ lí bán hàng rất bận rộn).

Fall/ land on your feet.

Be lucky in finding a good position, job, place to live, etc, especially when your previous.

(May mắn tìm kiếm được vị trí tốt, việc làm, nơi sinh sống,… nhất là trước kia bạn gặp trở ngại vất vả).

Ex: Well you really fell on your feet this time, didn’t you? A job in Rome, a large flat, a company car.

(uhm, bạn thực sự như mong ước trong thời hạn này, phải không? Một việc làm ở
thành phố Rome, 1 căn hộ cao cấp lớn, 1 xe công ty).

Get your feet wet.

Starting doing sth that is new for you (Bắt đầu làm sth mới mẻ riêng với bạn).

Ex: At that time he was a young actor, just getting his feet wet.

(Thời gian này anh ấy là một trong diễn viên trẻ, chỉ là mới khởi đầu).

Tài liệu tham khảo: Oxford Idioms by Oxford University Press, nội dung bài viết Idioms with Feet được biên soạn bởi giáo viên TT tiếng Anh SGV.


“Keep out from under one’s feet” = không bám theo chân ai -> nghĩa là tránh đường cho ai, không khiến thiệt hại/đánh lạc hướng ai.

Ví dụ

Noem says government will keep out from under your feet in South Dakota. Noem is not interested in running for president.

They’re going to help me if I need help with stuff and with the songs I’m working on — and if I don’t want their help, then they’re going to keep out from under my feet.
They’ve done a great job of that so far.

“I tư vấn the governor’s persistence in addressing not only contact tracing but all of the tools that are in his toolbox to address COVID,” said Semnani, who’s previously criticized the delays in getting digital contact tracing off the ground. “I encourage stakeholders (người nắm Cp) to keep out from under his feet and tư vấn him in his effort to get his tools to market.”

back on one’s feet

physically healthy again My mother is back on her feet again after being sick with the flu for two weeks.

back on your feet

feeling better, recovered from an illness When you’re back on your feet, we want you to return to work.

cold feet

a loss of courage or nerve I planned to go to Europe with my cousin but he got cold feet and decided not to go.

drag one’s feet

” delay; take longer than necessary to do something.”

drag your feet

work too slow, prevent progress They’re dragging their feet. Tell them to work faster.

feet of clay

a hidden fault or weakness in an esteemed person The new Prime Minister has feet of clay and and may not last very long in his new position.

feet on the ground

understanding of what can be done, sensible ideas The new manager has his feet on the ground and will probably be able to come up with a sensible solution to our problems.

get cold feet

become afraid the last minute He got cold feet and cancelled his plan to go to China.

get your feet wet

try to do it, attempt it, try your hand “To become a lawyer, learn the theory; then get your feet wet.”

itchy feet

ready to go, anxious to leave As we talked about the trip, I could see that Dad was getting itchy feet.

jump in with both feet

become totally involved, go whole hog Ken gets involved in his work. He jumps in with both feet.

land on one’s feet

come out of a bad situation successfully I was able to land on my feet even though our company had recently gone bankrupt.

on your feet

be ready to work, be ready for action, hit the ground running We’re looking for employees who land on their feet after facing a problem or challenge.

six feet under

dead He doesn

stand on one’s own two feet

be independent My sister needs to do something to make her daughter stand on her own two feet.

sweep you off your feet

impress you, cause you to
love them quickly Andre is very charming. He will sweep you off your feet.

take a load off your feet

sit down, grab a chair, have a seat “Jim pointed to a chair and said, “”Take a load off your feet.”””

two left feet

awkwardness, poor coordination When it comes to dancing, I have two left feet. I stumble a lot.

knock off sb’s feet

surprise sb. so much that he does not know what to
When Charlie was given the prize,it knocked him off his feet.当向查理授奖时,他不知所措。

on one’s feet

1.standing or walking站立或步行
Before the teacher finished asking the question, George was on his feet,ready to answer it .老师的问题还没问完,乔治就已经站起来准备回答。
How do you keep on your feet so long?你怎么坚持站了这么长时间?
Jack is back on his feet after a long illness.杰克病了好长时间,现在恢复健康了。

regain one’s feet

get back up
again after falling down跌倒后重新站起来
The boy fell while he skied down the hill but he regained his feet quickly.这男孩滑雪下坡时摔倒了,但他很快又爬了起来。

spring to one’s feet

rise quickly,as from a sitting position很快站起身来
The whole crowd sprang to their feet and cheered the victorious team.整个人群都霍然站起来为获胜队欢呼。

stand on one’s own feet

depend on oneself独立;不依赖别人
After his father’s death,Bob had to stand on his own feet and earn his own
He offered to help me,but I said I would rather stand on my own feet.他提出帮我,但我说我宁愿自己干。

to one’s feet

to a standing position站立着;起身
His wife’s call brought him quickly to his feet.他夫人的呼唤使他急忙站起身来。

vote with one’s feet

Idiom(s): vote with one’s feet


DISPLEASUREto express one’s dissatisfaction with something by leaving, especially by walking
• I think that the play is a total flop. Most of the audience voted with its feet during the second act.
• I am prepared to vote with my feet if the meeting appears to be a waste of time.

throw oneself one’s feet

Idiom(s): throw oneself one’s feet


HUMILITYto bow down humbly someone’s feet.
• Do I have to throw myself your feet in order to convince you that I’m sorry?
• I love you sincerely,
Jane. I’ll throw myself your feet and await your command. I’m your slave!

think on one’s feet

Idiom(s): think on one’s feet


THOUGHTto think while one is talking.
• If you want to be a successful teacher, you must be able to think on your feet.
• I have to write out everything I’m going to say, because I can’t think on my feet too well

sweep one off one’s feet

Idiom(s): sweep one off one’s feet
AND knock one off one’s feet


FORCEto knock someone down.
• The wind swept me off my feet.
• Bill punched Bob playfully, and knocked him off his feet.

sit one’s feet

Idiom(s): sit one’s feet


RESPECTto admire someone greatly; to be influenced by someone’s teaching; to be taught by someone.
• Jack sat the feet of Picasso when he was studying in
• Tom would love to sit the feet of the musician Yehudi Menuhin.

let grass grow under one’s feet

Idiom(s): let grass grow under one’s feet


WAITINGto do nothing; to stand still.
• Mary doesn’t let the grass grow under her feet. She’s always busy.
• Bob is too lazy. He’s letting the grass grow under his feet.

keep one’s feet on the ground

Idiom(s): keep one’s feet on the ground


DEPENDABILITYto remain firmly established.
• Sally will have no trouble keeping her feet on the ground.
• If you can keep your feet on the ground, there should be no problem.

have feet of clay

Idiom(s): have feet of clay


WEAKNESS[for a strong person] to have a defect of character.
• All human beings have feet of clay. No one is perfect.
• Sally was popular and
successful. She was nearly fifty before she learned that she, too, had feet of clay.

get to one’s feet

Idiom(s): get to one’s feet


MOVEMENTto stand up.
• On a signal from the director, the singers got to their feet.
• I was so weak, I could hardly get to my feet.

get one’s feet wet

Idiom(s): get one’s feet wet


something; to have one’s first experience of something. (Informal. As if one were wading into water.)
• Of course he can’t do the job right. He’s hardly got his feet wet yet.
• I’m looking forward to learning to drive. I can’t wait to get behind the steering wheel and get my feet wet.
• I’ve only been this job for a month, and I don’t have my feet wet yet.

get one’s feet on the ground

Idiom(s): get one’s feet on the ground


ESTABLISHMENTto get firmly established or reestablished.
• He’s new the job, but soon he’ll get his feet on the ground.
• Her productivity will improve after she gets her feet on the ground again.
• Don’t worry about Sally. She has her feet on the ground.

get back on one’s two feet

Idiom(s): get back on one’s (two) feet


INDEPENDENCEto become independent again.
• My parents helped a lot
when I lost my job. I’m glad I’m back on my own feet now.
• It feels great to be back on my own two feet again.

get a load off one’s feet

Idiom(s): get a load off one’s feet AND take a load off one’s feet


RELAXATIONto sit down; to enjoy the results of sitting down. (Informal.)
• Come in, John. Sit down and take a load off your feet.
• Yes, I need to get a load off my feet. I’m really tired.

dead on
one’s or its feet

Idiom(s): dead on one’s or its feet


USELESSNESSexhausted; worn-out; no longer useful.
• Ann is so tired. She’s really dead on her feet.
• He can’t teach well anymore. He’s dead on his feet.
• This inefficient company is dead on its feet.

take a load off one’s feet

Idiom(s): get a load off one’s feet AND take a load off one’s feet


RELAXATIONto sit down; to enjoy the results of sitting down. (Informal.)
• Come in, John. Sit down and take a load off your feet.
• Yes, I need to get a load off my feet. I’m really tired.

land on both feet

Idiom(s): land on one’s feet AND land on both feet


RECOVERYto recover satisfactorily from a trying situation or a setback. (Informal.)
• Her first year was terrible, but she landed on both
• It’s going to be a hard day. I only hope I land on my feet.

knock one off one’s feet

Idiom(s): sweep one off one’s feet AND knock one off one’s feet


FORCEto knock someone down.
• The wind swept me off my feet.
• Bill punched Bob playfully, and knocked him off his feet.

Fall on our feet

If you fall on your feet, you succeed in doing something where there was a risk of failure.

your feet

When you are finding your feet, you are in the process of gaining confidence and experience in something.

Let the grass grow round your feet

If you let the grass grow round your feet, you delay doing things instead of taking action.

Light on your feet

If someone is light on their feet, they can move quickly and are agile.

Run off your feet

If you are run off your feet, you are extremely busy and don’t have enough time to do everything.

off your feet

If you are swept off your feet, you lose control emotionally when you fall in love or are really impressed.

World your feet

If everything is going well and the future looks full of opportunity, you have the world your feet.

Finding Your Feet

To become more comfortable in whatever you are doing.

have itchy feet

not able to settle down in one place: “She’s going off travelling again – she’s got really itchy feet.”

under (one’s) feet

So physically abutting to addition as to be a nuisance or obstruction, sometimes actually as a benumbed hazard. Usually said of a being or animal. I haven’t been able to get any assignment done today with the kids beneath my anxiety allurement me to booty them to the park. Our puppy consistently gets beneath our anxiety back we’re aggravating to move about the kitchen—it’s accepting a little dangerous!Learn more:

under your feet

in your way.Learn more: feetLearn more:

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