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preps nghĩa là

A prep is a person that is totally brainwashed by the truyền thông. They wear what brands the truyền thông tells them to such as A&F, AE, Aero, hollister, express, etc. They basically only listen to mainstream music. They make fun of people who aren’t afraid to be themselves otherwise know as individuals. Preps are shallow. They are monkeys –> monkey see, monkey do. The truyền thông says something’s cool, prep sees, prep thinks it’s cool.
As someone else on here said, “preps are the downfall of society”. and they are.
THOUGH, there ARE some people that are actually not snobby, wear the “prepy” clothes because they like them, and are smart and not shallow. These people are OK they are nice. They will not lead to the apocolypse like the rest of the preps.

ExampleThe truyền thông says jumping off a bridge is the cool and “in” right now.
prep: Lyk OMG I’m lyk ssooooo jumpin off a briadgee todai. OMGOMG who wantz to com.

preps nghĩa là

In high school, preps usually:

-Are on the varsity football team, the cheerleading squad, or dance squad

-Are rich

-Wear clothes from stores such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister

-Have cellphones with ringtones

-Are the first in their class to have cars and other “adult” luxuries

-~:*TyPe LiK dIs On Da InTeRnEt*:~

-Know absolutely nothing about music outside of what is on MTV or the radio

-Know absolutely nothing about “nerd” things (anime, comic books, D&D, etc)

-Think goths are “evil Satan worshipping freaks”

-Do not play video games outside of sports/racing games and Halo/Halo 2 (males) -Do not play video games all (females)

-Do not play musical instruments, write poetry, or have any artistic qualities of any kind

-Spend their weekends the mall, school sports games, or parties, where they “get drunk off their ass”

-Are absolutely HATED by most intelligent people (including me) for their stupidity and snobbish attitude.

ExamplePrep: LiKe OmG iM gOnNa Go 2 aBeRcRoMbIe AnD fItCh AnD dEn WaTcH mTv

Me:…*wants to tear their head off*

preps nghĩa là

The wealthy class of teens often cruelly capitalizes on their superior access to money and social power which builds animosity within the less privileged classes. The wealthy class develop among themselves a system of dress and demeanor that is very much akin to their fraternity and sorority counterpart which eventually matures into the business and country club community of adults. Preppiness, in such a way, is really the earliest exhibition of the wealthy attempting to subvert and dominate the poor that the average American experiences while growing up.

ExampleDirt poor bastard wearing clothes from Salvation Army: “Dude, that guy’s wearing a pink sweater and looks like a cocky prick.”

Principal: “Now that’s no way to talk about your fellow classmates. Zack Morris is one of the wealthiest students this school… although he is known for his hillarious shinanigans.”

Dirt poor bastard wearing clothes from Salvation Army: “Look, he’s got that smaller poorer kid in a headlock.”

Principal: “Oh I’m sure that kid deserves it, but you can see me in detention for using the curse word, ‘prick’.”

preps nghĩa là

Preps can be found anywhere in the world, and are known as wealthy, upper middle-class people. Mostly noticed, in highschools, colleges, country clubs, and famous dinner parties.

Can be extremely shallow, and/or ignorant towards other people that are not within their socioeconomic status.

98% of all preps are caucasian.

Most of which do not earn their way to the top of the socio-economic ladder but end up there because of their parents therefore making their “significance” rather manufactured.

A group of people who may not show but can have an incredibly large amount of emotional problems… most of which are these: lack of self respect, low self-esteem (which is why they tend to disrespect and destroy the self-esteem of others who are not like them), insecurity,and alcoholism, narcotics/drugs (money = access)

Preps are also mostly perceived as narcissistic with a superiority complex; and quite possibly the fakest people you will ever meet in your entire life!

There can be however a SMALL percentage of the prep population who are NOT what was described above, but in fact the opposite.

ExampleMost preps in this world share one brain; a brain of shallowness,immense ignorance, and loss of true identity. Being a prep is like celebrating Halloween every day since they always like to be someone or something other than THEMSELVES every day of the year.

Two words to simply describe MOST preps in this world:


preps nghĩa là

Snobby, obnoxious teens whom think they own the world.

Examplethose preps are bad.

preps nghĩa là

Preps are mainly a clique (group) of teenagers or young adults who wear Abercrombie, American Eagle, GAP, AERO, and Hollister, and will socialize with others who are just like them based on their clothing and personality.


preps nghĩa là

Preps are offspring of the old Anglo-American ruling class, whether or not they rule today. Preps once ruled North and South. Their offspring can be be found in select enclaves in Texas and California, but will always be aware of their roots in the British colonies where their ancestors were Royal Governors, Judges, Presidents of Harvard or Yale, Declaration of Independence signatories or other useful things such as merely rich. Preps have long driveways. Public display of wealth is not prep. Preps do not drive ferrarris. Prep men do not wear Italian clothes. Ever (except Gucci loafers).
Preps have always been preps. As far as clothes its a manner of dressing that you are born into. Siblings raid each other’s or their parents closets for prep clothes. All generations dress the same with minor variations. Old prep clothes are better than new. Preps are not nouveau. Your dad bought his suits Brooks brothers or had them made bespoke by his tailor. If you are lucky he may have some nice English tweeds you may come into and shirts with double cuffs from somewhere around St. James’s in London, but American preps are generally much more casual than their counterparts in the UK or on the continent. Your prep dad taught you how to shoot (guns are prep). You learnt how to swim, ride, and sail (water and horses are prep). Someday you will get dad’s very thin gold watch and you will wear it on a striped grosgrain band just like he did. You inherit your grandfather’s thin gold cuff-links and thick ivory-handled coat brush engraved with his monogram or coat of arms. You have and often wear a dinner jacket, and possibly a white tie for full dress with gewgaws.
Preps are the gentry. The real ones have pedigrees that tie them to the English gentry and nobility. You may be a 9th cousin once removed of Prince William. Preps came to America in the 17th c. on boats like the Lady Arabella (better than the Mayflower) named in honor of the Earl of Lincoln’s daughter.
Preps did not come through Ellis Island. Some of your friends and someone in your family is in the Social Register. You do not belong to the very expensive clubs and socialize with new minted high tech billionaires. You belong to the older clubs that preps have always inhabited. You may go to a public school but only if you live in the right prep neighborhood so that you will find other WASP preps there including . Super preps will have recognizable “social” names that are like a code only preps know and by which they can identity each other. Preps are often the nicest people on the planet because they have no need to be otherwise. Since they are born with top inherited social status, they have no need to step on others to get ahead unlike the aggressive middle class strivers and class climbers you will find taking over places like Harvard.
Preps may be city slickers for a while, but they are country people heart. Preps love the land, country houses, and country pursuits like steeple chases, point-to-pointing and gentleman farming.
Preps love the past. Preps have oil paintings of their prep ancestors, often by famous artists of the 18th c. The future belongs to everyone else. Preps know the best stuff (beautiful women, good drink, fine houses, the countryside, hunting, oxford, cambridge, and harvard) has always been around. Preps are not trendy, although the women may be stylilsh and fashionable. Men can be dashing and southern preps tend to have retained a more aristocratic dash from their royalist ancestors than their buttoned- down puritan cousins.
Preps are not “intellectuals” and find the term somewhat alien and amusing in its pretentions. They may be very smart, even scholarly, highly accomplished and full prefessors in which case they are men of letters. Preps like alcohol and good conversation. Hip flasks and good jokes are prep. Preps have beautiful antique furniture (some inherited, some bought auction or scrounged from estate sales in the country). Preps are rarely found running large American corporations anymore, and except for lucky preps, the old
fortune is not what it once was although you probably still have your trust fund to take some of the hard edges off of life. Some preps are born into branches of the family without the money but will live essentially the same way as their more fortunate cousins, just on a smaller scale. Preps won’t change for anybody, or anything. Even poor preps, They have one of the few authentic, distinct and enduring cultures in America reaching back nearly 400 years. Preps like Washington and Jefferson invented America. Preps are usually socially tolerant Republicans, although some may be conservative Democrats.

ExampleHappy preps spot a noovo over Bloody Mary’s the Yacht Club on Sunday: one prep says “What’s the difference between a porcupine and a range rover?” the other prep answers “With a range rover, the pricks are on the inside!”

preps nghĩa là

1. all look the same
2. do the same things
3. would feel unconfident if they didn’t have a companian or their “crew” along with them
4. try too hard
5. are boring, bland and plain

Example”so, whats your favourite brand?”
“um…..abercrombie and fitch…duh”
“where do you plan to live?”
“um…..newport beach or something…like the people on the O.C
“and what did you preps do last night?”
“heeheeheehohoho i got totally wasted”
“really, how much did you drink?”
“erm…..half of Jason’s bottle”

preps nghĩa là

most preps will only shop in abercrombie and fitch, holister, american eagle, etc…and they think that goths worship the devil just because they have a different taste in clothing and different life style. in short, most preps are assholes.

AND to all the fat/chubby preps out there: stop wearing clothing where your ass and stomache are hanging out and just a word of advice; nobody wants to see that so wear clothing thats actually your size

Examplepreps are just fucking clones of eachother

preps nghĩa là

A group of teenage girls who think they are superior to all the others. Most of them are very rich, or should I say they’re parents are. They usually wear things from Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle and other “preppily popular” clothing stores. They’re accessories (sunglasses, purses..) come from expensive designer brands, such as Prada, Armani, etc.

Alot of preps don’t care about school (most can afford to go to private schools). All they need is their clique, their usually prep/jock boyfriend, and the ability to go partying until 3 am.

The more “smarter” preps are nicer to people outside group, and are actually getting good grades and have talent for something.

Preps usually listen to pop, or anything popular (in their group). They watch those “teenage shows” such as The O.C. Many of them are against people who don’t dress or act like them. Some of the nicer ones can tolerate punks, goths, etc. Gossiping is a favorite pastime.

-Disclaimed’s Opinion :D-
I’m not exactly friends with many preps, but some, very few are actually tolerable. I hate cliques, they are retarded. Also, the clothing stores they shop are extremely overrated, so I wouldn’t step foot in one.

ExampleConversation between 2 Preps 😉

Prep Girl 1: OMG!! Hey Krissy, like, my daddy got me a new camera!! My old was that I got like a month ago is sooo out!!

Prep Girl 2: You are like, so lucky! MY daddy bought me this cuute Marc Jacobs purse!!

Prep Girl 1: Lets like soo take a photo together, and then I can like put it on my Meta!!


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