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Top Women’s Health Topics of 2010

Medically Reviewed by Laura J. Martin,MD on November 16, 2010From the WebMD Archives

In 2010, WebMDs womens health readers showed that they were tired of being tired. No longer willing to accept being told that fatigue is a normal part of aging,” they are seeking solutions their doctors offices, researching it trực tuyến, and looking to super foods to boost their metabolism and energy levels. They also researched information about thyroid conditions – fatigue can be a sign of hypothyroidism.

“The single biggest complaint I hear from my patients, day in and day out, is fatigue,” cardiologist Nieca Goldberg, MD, director of the NYU Medical Center Women’s Heart Program and associate professor the NYU School of Medicine, told WebMD this year.

Although occasionally fatigue may be a sign of a serious illness, experts say most often it’s caused by a minor problem, with a relatively easy fix.

One of those fixes may be improving your diet. More and more research has validated the so-called super foods – like berries, nuts, yogurt, and salmon – for overall health.

Although fatigue was a hot topic among women readers, the most popular overall was something a little more personal: your period. Women searched for information ranging from heavy or painful periods to missed periods. Rounding out the list were stories about sex and relationships.

Heres the list of the 5 most popular topics among WebMDs women readers, along with related content.

1. Period Problems

    Menstrual ProblemsMissed or Irregular Periods

2. Fatigue

    7 Causes of FatigueFatigue Fighters: Six Quick Ways to Boost Energy

3. Super Foods

    Six Super Foods Every Woman Needs

4. Thyroid Problems

    Fatigued or Full Throttle: Is Your Thyroid to Blame?Understanding Thyroid Problems

5. Sex and Relationships

    Why Do Women CheatEat Your Way to a Spicier Sex Life

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