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Putra, Dio Alief (2022) A STUDY OF ONOMATOPOEIA IN SPIDERMAN COMIC SERIES. Undergraduate (S1) thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.

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Onomatopoeia is a special language expression because the phonological form is more directly related to its meaning (菅原, Sugahara, & Takashi, 2011). Usually, onomatopoeia used in comic or movie to describe the sound of something through word. The researcher selected this research is because just a little research was conducted on onomatopoeic related to comics. The researcher investigated onomatopoeia used by all characters in Spiderman comic series focused on the types and meaning of onomatopoeia. The aimed of this research are to find out the types of onomatopoeic words and to explain the meaning of onomatopoeic words in Spiderman comic series. This research utilized qualitative method because the research instrument is the researcher itself, that is different from qualitative which requires calculation before interpreting the data. The data were collected since July 09, 2022 up to September 10, 2022. The finding of this investigation confirmed that onomatopoeia used by all the characters in Spiderman comic series were 13 onomatopoeias. Those 13 onomatopoeias characterized into 3 kinds of onomatopoeia they are: 3 Direct onomatopoeias, 0 Associative onomatopoeia, and 10 Exemplary onomatopoeias. The most dominant type of onomatopoeia was exemplary onomatopoeia because the onomatopoeias are copying real sound of something based on the physical work or the quantity of the sound it represent. The most dominant meaning comes from dictionaries (Onomatopoeia List and Merriam Webster) because there is no similar onomatopoeic words comes from expert opinion, and previous research. So, for teacher this research can be a reference of more examples of onomatopoeia that they can used as a part of their teaching material in class. So, learners have new onomatopoeia to learn. Teacher can teach onomatopoeia to their student by introducing onomatopoeia in this comic.

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