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Many ASUS máy tính users have reported that their ASUS máy tính battery is not charging. The battery indicator on the máy tính says “plugged in, not charging” even when an AC adapter is connecting to the máy tính.

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    Try these fixesFix 1: Troubleshoot the hardware issuesFix 2: Reinstall your battery driverFix 3: Power reset your laptopFix 4: Switch to Full Capacity Mode in ASUS Battery Health ChargingFix 5: Check for corrupt system filesVideo liên quan

This is so frustrating. But don’t worry. Many people have resolved the “plugged in, not charging” issue on ASUS laptops with the solutions below.

Try these fixes

Fix 1: Troubleshoot the hardware issues

As the error message suggested, the battery has been plugged but it’s not charging, so make sure to plug your adapter correctly and tightly, in order to be detected.

In addition, probably your AC adapter or cable is damaged, which is why it’s not detected and charging. If that’s the case, you’ll need to switch to another AC adapter for your battery.

However, before buying a new battery charger for your ASUS máy tính, you can try the following solutions and these methods work like a charm for many people.

Fix 2: Reinstall your battery driver

A missing or outdated battery driver can cause your ASUS máy tínhPlugged in, Not charging” issue. So you should reinstall your battery driver for your máy tính, in order to fix the battery not charging issue.

There are two ways to reinstall your battery driver: manually and automatically.

You can manually reinstall your battery driver via Device Manager. Connect your máy tính to the Internet and uninstall the driver from your máy tính. This requires time and computer skills.

If you don’t have time or patience, you can do it easily and quickly with Driver Easy.

Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. You don’t need to know exactly what system your computer is running, you don’t need to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver, and you don’t need to worry about making a mistake when installing.

You can update your drivers automatically with either the FREE or the Pro version of Driver Easy. But with the Pro version it takes just 2 clicks (and you get full tư vấn and a 30-day money back guarantee):

Download and install Driver Easy.Click Tools.
Click Driver Uninstall. Then double click System Drivers to expand the category.
Double click Batteries, select your battery driver and click Uninstall.
Close the program and restart your computer.

The battery driver will be reinstalled automatically after the start. Then check if your battery is charging now. If unfortunately, the driver doesn’t reinstall after restarting, you can follow this post to manually install the battery driver for FREE.

Fix 3: Power reset your máy tính

If the battery is plugged in but not charging on your ASUS máy tính, you should perform a power reset for your máy tính, and this method works for people who have the same issue. Here’s what you need to do:

Shut down your máy tính (ensure to save your work before shutting down).Remove any peripheral devices connecting to your máy tính, such as USB drive, Bluetooth.Unplug the AC adapter charger from your máy tính.Remove the battery from your ASUS máy tính (if your battery is irremovable, skip this step).Press and hold down the power button for 60 seconds, then release.
Re-plug the AC adapter/power charger to your máy tính.Power on your máy tính as normal.

Your ASUS máy tính should be charging and saying “plugged in, charging”. Then your battery won’t charge issue should be resolved.

If the problem still persists, don’t worry. There’s something else to try.

Fix 4: Switch to Full Capacity Mode in ASUS Battery Health Charging

Another possible solution for the ASUS máy tính “plugged in not charging” problem is to check your battery health mode and make sure to choose Full Capacity Mode (many thanks to our lovely users for the advice).

ASUS laptops provide a feature named “ASUS Battery Health Charging”, and it pops up automatically in the very beginning after your OS is installed. And it offers three options for you to choose for your battery health:

    Full Capacity Mode: Your battery is charged to its full capacity.Balanced Mode: Your battery stops charging when the power is above 80% and re-charges when the power is below 78%.Maximum Lifespan Mode: Your battery stops charging when the power is above 60% and re-charges when the power is below 58%.

So if your ASUS máy tính is in Balanced Mode or Maximum Lifespan Mode, you’ll no doubt have the battery not charging problem. To fix it, follow these steps:

1) Go to Taskbar > Show hidden icons the bottom right corner.

2) Click the battery health charging mode icon.

3) In the pop-up window, select the first option: Full Capacity Mode. Then click OK to save.

4) Restart your máy tính.

Now your ASUS máy tính should be able to charge while plugged in.

Fix 5: Check for corrupt system files

If you can’t fix your problem after trying those fixes above, it might be caused by corrupt system files. You can try restoring your system files in the following two ways:

    Option 1 – Automatically (Recommended)Use a repair tool to check various areas in your computer to determine the cause of your exact problem. It will giảm giá with issues related to system errors, critical system files and find the right fix for you.Option 2 – Manually
    System File Checker is a built-in tool to check for corrupt, damaged system files and manage to restore them if there’re any. However, this tool can only diagnose major system files, and won’t giảm giá with damaged DLL, Windows Registry key, etc.

Option 1 – Automatically (Recommended)

Restoro is a computer repair software that can diagnose problems on your computer and fix them immediately.

Restoro is tailored to your specific system and is working in a private and automatic way. It will firstly check hardware-related issues to identify problems, and then security issues (powered by Avira Antivirus), and finally it detects programs that crash, missing system files. Once complete, it will find a solution to your specific problem.

Restoro is a trusted repair tool and it will do no harm to your PC. The best part is that you won’t need to worry about losing any programs and your personal data. Read Trustpilot reviews.

    Restoro image will replace your missing/damaged DLL files with fresh, clean and up-to-date onesRestoro will replace ALL DLL files that are missing and/or damaged – Even those you don’t know about!

1) Download and install Restoro.

2) Open Restoro and run a không lấy phí scan. This might take 3~5 minutes to fully analyze your PC. Once complete, you will be able to review the detailed scan report.

3) You’ll see the summary of detected issues on your PC. Click START REPAIR and all the issues will be fixed automatically. (You’ll need to purchase the full version. It comes with a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee so you can refund anytime if Restoro doesn’t fix your problem).

Note: Restoro comes with 24/7 Technical Support. If you need any assistance while using Restoro, click the question mark on the upper-right corner of the software, or use one of the following:

Phone: 1-888-575-7583
Chat: ://tinyurl/RestoroLiveChat

To check and restore your system file might take time and computer skills. You will need to run numerous commands, wait for the process to complete, or risk your personal data.

Step 1. Scan corrupt files with System File Checker

System File Checker (SFC) is a Windows built-in tool to identify and repair corrupted system files.

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R the same time to open the Run box. Type cmd and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to run Command Prompt as administrator.

Click Yes when prompted for permission to make changes to your device.

2) In the Command Prompt, type the following command and hit Enter.

sfc /scannow

3) System File Check will begin to scan all system files and repair any corrupted or missing ones it detected. This may take 3-5 minutes.

4) You may receive something like the following messages after the verification.

    no errorsit fixed some errorscould not fix all errorscould not fix errors all……

No matter what message you receive, you can try running dism.exe (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) to further scan the health of your PC.

Step 2. Run dism.exe

1) Run Command Prompt as admin and enter the following commands.

    This command line will scan the health of your PC:

dism.exe /trực tuyến /cleanup-image /scanhealth

    This command line will restore the health of your PC:

dism.exe /trực tuyến /cleanup-image /restorehealth

2) After the restore health process finishes, you may get some error messages.

    If restore heath gave you errors, you can always try this command line. This will take up to 2 hours.

dism /trực tuyến /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup

    If you get Error: 0x800F081F with the restore health scan, reboot your PC and run this command line.

Dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /AnalyzeComponentStore

If the System File Check finds any files corrupted, follow the on-screen instructions to repair them, and then restart your computer for the changes to take full effect.

That’s it. Hope this post comes in handy and fixes your ASUS máy tính “Plugged in, Not charging” issue.

Feel không lấy phí to leave a comment below and let us know which method helps.



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