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You might want to create playlists that either assist you to get out of loneliness or allow you to revel in it. Nothing goes better with wallowing in grief than a gloomy playlist that’s 80% doom and gloom and 20% upbeat. So, show the world your best deep-feels collection and finish it off with little sad playlist names.

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    Sad Playlist NamesPlaylist Names for Sad SongsSad Spotify Playlist NamesGood Sad Playlist NamesSad Rap Playlist NamesDepressed Playlist NamesHow To Create A Sad Playlist Name?1. Create A Playlist Names List2. Should Be Associated With Emotions3. Must be a source of entertainment4. Incorporate Friendship References Into Playlist Names5. Make use of emojis.6. Recognize.

Look no further if you’ve crafted the perfect playlist for a specific mood but can’t think of a good name for it. We’ve put together a collection of 500+ Sad Playlist Names that are suitable for any occasion. There’s something for everyone here, so pick one now and let us know what you think in the comments!

Here are some unusual names for melancholy playlists that you will undoubtedly enjoy. You are không lấy phí to use them for your own purposes as well as to share them with anybody you wish. Check out our website for thousands of blogs on name inspiration and fantasy names.

Sad Playlist Names

Here are some names for sad playlists that make you feel gloomy.

    Picnic Time
    loud for cloud
    Rhythmic Existentialism
    Silent Snow
    the lazarus missions.
    Jazz Club
    Exam time
    The Rolling Stones
    Head over Heels
    Dance to These If You Want To Get Fir
    Man will be man
    Feed Your Soul
    The Rise and Fall
    Blue in Green
    Agonizing Times
    Meet you Again
    Well, oh well
    Country Crushes
    Deep Nostalgia
    sounds of [insert place/idea]
    shake dynamics
    Felt Good
    Earth, Wind & Fire
    Not a true lover
    Love Lost & Found
    ‘indie r&b’ primer
    Sounds Like Summer
    Muddy Waters
    Jazzing The Day Away
    My Teddy
    How could you
    Glued on the past
    Listen With Caution
    Your friend loves you
    In My Mood
    Trench of life
    Magical Love
    A Trip Through Classic Jazz
    Soul food
    The World Becomes A Fantasy
    What is even Techno
    back in the days
    Party Anthem
    Sleepover Music
    Come Back To Me
    Feelings and other stupid things
    Did me Dirty
    Blame Myself
    Special Person.
    I wish I Knew
    Maybe next time
    After Glow
    Close Your Eyes
    mouth wide shut
    Junk of my heart
    Broke up with you
    Entering a Parallel Dimension
    Alarm Tones disguised as Songs
    Companions for life
    hip shaker sting
    Grow old with you
    Stardust Orbit
    Signs of love
    My Secret Keeper
    Power of Love
    My prince left
    punters of party
    Grateful for You
    Beautiful Tunes
    My lifeline
    Just Listen To The World Around You
    Sweet Classic Tunes
    Listen don’t Read
    Songs that make me question my life
    Always Be My Baby
    The Coming of Age
    roots of the suffering
    Ocean of tears
    steampunk extropy
    Party hard
    neighbor awakening in c major
    Stargazing into early mornings
    Walking in LA
    Cowboy Attitude
    Blues Diva
    Close Friend
    Every Shade of Blue
    Journey through life
    Stay with me
    hip electric
    Wolves In The Night
    Rockin’ in Red Dirt
    Growing old
    workout wonders
    Anything for Love
    All for you
    More than A Feeling
    Waiting and Waiting

Playlist Names for Sad Songs

Are you looking for Playlist Names for Sad Songs? Here are some ideas for you.

    We rocking
    Drink and die
    Somebody else to love
    Songs about food
    Shower of life
    Bros before Hoes
    Got your back
    Love Essentials
    Wild, barefoot and không lấy phí
    fairytale divorce
    Lounge Jazz
    Let me help
    Classical Ambience
    Teenage Friends
    Songs about Space
    Rainbow Love
    Mornings with You
    Oh My Love
    Love is lost
    Aesthetically Flawless
    The Broken Hearted
    A darker kind of day
    Vibrant Secrets
    Text me back
    Screwed over you
    Gun Powder
    Plate filled of hope
    cold and frosty
    The Greatest All-Cast K-Pop
    Daydreaming in The Cascades
    Emotional Roll coaster
    Demon’s laugh
    Bias Crush
    dreadful season
    Midnight highway
    My Muse
    There’s No Way Out
    Jazzy Lover
    Adorable Picture
    Never Seeing you again
    Authentic Jazz
    paranoiac music
    Blackest of Blacks
    Underrated Gems
    Over the bridge
    Oh My Song
    Grills of my mind
    Broken Pieces
    naruto theme tuy nhiên playlist
    Stepping out
    Forever and ever
    Singles feeling Heartbreak
    The Night We Met
    The Current
    All-American Heartbreak
    Mood Boosting Playlist
    That Popular Girl
    Unforgettable Nights
    Extreme heat
    Dizzy mind
    Laid Back All Night
    Songs to listen to after a long day work
    Lost without You
    the mirror says “blah”
    Nails in the coffin
    My Valentine
    Vibing with Chai
    Painful Breakup
    songs that make great alarm tunes
    Songs about Journeys
    Floating in Space
    Today’s Jazz Today
    Bottle of kindness
    Over & Over
    Personal Notes in form of songs
    Street of wonders
    Every Song is You
    I know I left my sanity around here somewhere
    Together is a Promise
    Dream Catcher
    Kiss Me in The Rain
    War within
    Arcade Fire
    Contemporary Jazz
    Heartbreak bed
    It hurts to miss
    We stay close
    Feeling small and insignificant
    My heart aches
    No trust no love
    Baptizing of Brandi
    First Kiss
    romanticizing life
    Someone like you
    take action towards your dreams.
    Friends for Life
    soul music that heals
    Away from me
    Sparkling eyes
    Breaking as you sleep

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Sad Spotify Playlist Names

Love Spotify, then here are some sad Playlist Names for your Spotify account.

    Loved You First
    Will we meet again?
    First Love
    Coated with salt
    In my bed alone
    keep moving
    Bad Days
    Whisper in Ears
    Counting Stars
    Sorry not Sorry
    Classic K-Pop
    Letting Go Of Exes
    Ill take a bullet for you
    Rule the World
    Never Enough Love
    Goodbye Dear Friend
    My Heart Stealer
    Mixing It Up
    Last Ride
    Bad Trip
    Female Rage
    life is a succession of lessons
    Easy Going Blues
    Girls got girls
    Pump up The Jams
    Magic of love
    The Cure
    Jazz Jam Session
    Secret of Happiness
    Dope days, chill nights, good company, and mellow vibes
    The Quirkiest Dance Party In The World
    Wake Up in the Morning and Your SO Isn’t Next to you
    Tears for you
    Begging and clinging
    Old Happy Times
    Picking up the Pieces While You’re Broken Hearted
    Feelings of life
    Barefoot and Lonely
    Friends forever
    Fumes of despair
    Outrageous Gypsy Jazz
    Chapel Jazz
    Friends Together
    Honky Tonk Heroes
    Seeing you wither
    Kept me in the dark
    Easy Listening
    On the Hunt
    Little Things
    Jazz Party
    The Ex Girlfriends Club
    Lonely daydreams
    Drenched in you
    Cowboy Country
    Work life
    All Time Low Playlist
    Love & Happiness
    See You in Hell
    My Kind of Country
    Songs I could dance to
    Burst of Energy
    Something between us
    wild shakers
    Remember that Day?
    Beautiful Love
    Past Memories
    Endless Heartbreak
    You fall, I’ll pick you up
    My blood
    Sunglasses and night
    K-Pop Soul Power
    Better feelings
    tuck fantastic
    back to radio
    Hold me Forever
    My very bad deeds
    50 Shades of Twilight
    When the butterflies in your stomach turn into bats 🦇 💀 👹
    mellow mornings
    cypher bass
    no-sense feel-good
    fire and ashes
    Ocean Goddess
    Naked to my bone

Good Sad Playlist Names

Looking for Good Sad Playlist Names then here are some ideas

    joji stop
    Season of love
    Flower garden
    yee to my haw
    Songs to play Funeral
    Angel energy
    Broken Mirror
    can’t talk rn, doing hot girl things
    Not enough for you
    Smooth flow
    Beat Drop 1,2,3
    Sad Music for Sad Souls
    Boxes of mind
    Gloomy Day
    Beauty in Simplicity
    2000s Love Songs
    When It’s Just Me And My Friends
    Emo days
    Autumn Afternoons
    Love Sick
    Rolling Hills
    Depresso coffee ☕
    Romantic Notes
    Kids in our heart
    The Most Depressing Songs Ever Recorded
    Got to Pay the Price
    songs that sound cold
    Glitch Hop Playlist
    Shopping hatred
    psycho deh lick
    Criminally Overlooked Tracks
    On the Verge of Panic Attacks and Anxiety
    I’m Your Man, Baby
    Upbeat Pop Songs
    Slumber Party
    Friends? No, brothers
    Don’t Worry Baby, We’ll Be Alright
    Crying Pillow
    Crying in the Club
    Getting nails done
    Jazzy House
    The Blues of the Chorus
    Caught in Love
    Bad Romance
    Slow Dance
    Something in Common
    Chase the Sun
    Song for When You’re Scared to Say “I Love You” 😢
    K-Pop Picks
    Sit down with me
    Super Friends
    Make over
    Not Ashamed of My Love for These Songs
    Party Playlist
    We Shall meet again
    Whose fault
    a clear conscience
    Blues Power Chords
    Love Vibes
    There is no angry way to say bubbles
    I Really Don’t Want to Know
    Black & White
    We’re made of stardust
    Fake Love
    Closer to You

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Sad Rap Playlist Names

Sad Playlist names for Rap music are here.

    back in the day
    Sweet Heart
    road trip sing-along songs
    Brother from another Mother
    Love Letter
    The Best of K-Pop
    Sassy Lover
    Fly Me to The Moon
    Rumble together
    My pieces
    Now You’re Gone
    soft as silk
    Top Country Hits
    bros and woes
    better naked
    Country Roads
    All Night Long
    Sweet K-Pop
    Midnight Blue
    I’m Laughing ‘Til I’m Crying
    Rock N Roll
    Lover’s Secret
    In it together
    Songs with nothing but beat drops
    Making onions cry
    She wore moonlight like lingerie
    Miss me
    Concrete Expressionism
    Stolen lips
    Date Night
    Connected Through Music
    bad breath blondes
    Good Time Groovers
    You’re the Answer
    After a Long Day of School
    Smooth Love
    I make pour ​ decisions
    Building Castles
    Crying favorites
    Fiesta de la Tarde
    Wired to the world
    Music is cheaper than therapy
    Relight My Fire
    Can’t forget
    When Your Mom Says It’s Just Depression and to Get Over It
    Lovers Playlist
    Boosted to moon
    Love Can Fail
    Rainy hours
    The Real Thing!
    Love Fading
    Baby I’m Yours
    My sad pillow
    Songs for First Dates
    Good as Gold
    The Chillest Songs to Listen to While Doing Homework
    Open up for me
    404 not found
    heaven doors
    wip hip skip
    My emergency contact
    You and not me
    Study Tunes
    Save Me Now
    Pumping hard
    Exciting K-Pop Beats
    How I Deal With Being Single
    All the Colours of My Dreams
    Breathe deeper
    Just Trying to Chill Out Here
    Discooooo Baby
    there is rhythm in emptiness
    I’m a K-Pop Fan
    Our love Fading
    Chill to The Max
    Faded Love
    Auditory Hallucination
    Soft Piano Tunes
    Weekend Buddies
    What happened to us?
    Come meet me
    Distorted Reality
    Sexy Dance Night Boosters
    My better Half
    growing pains
    Energetic Songs
    Songs that hit hard
    Yaaasssss Girl Yaaassss
    For the One who Likes a Slow Jam
    Candle Light
    Born to express, not to impress
    Never Enough babe
    Blowin’ in The Wind
    Pop Psychos Music
    2000s Break up songs
    Wonderful Tonight
    Escape the ordinary
    We are Men
    Don’t Worry Be Happy
    It’s Been a Rough Day
    When Life Gets Hard, Put on a Breakup Song or Ten

Depressed Playlist Names

    where do i start, where do you end?
    Tap to feel Despair
    The Angry Playlist If You’re Having a Bad Day
    Memory lane
    Soothing Music
    totally white thoughts
    lana del ray of sunshine
    Don’t listen to this night
    Getting lost in what I love.
    Lips Like Sugar
    Make It Perfect
    He was everything
    Sunset on my island
    Sad Songs That Will Make you 😢
    sugary euphoria
    Soft Piano Melodies
    The golden daze of summer
    street meat graffiti
    A Thousand Miles
    It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Wanna
    High Tech Harmony
    Funny Rap Songs On Repeat
    Thank you
    Feeling my Fictional Heartbreak
    Just a Sadboi
    Sugar Honey
    Downbeat Blues
    Gem Life Jazz Party
    Get Over Your Ex
    Electropop Inspiration
    Dancing in the dark
    Another Lonely Day in Paradise
    Jazzy Bossa
    Self-indulgent drama
    Long Drive Playlist
    Country Music Blast
    catch the rhythm
    Guys Trip
    Stay Strong bro
    If My Heart Had a Voice
    Lemonade Days
    Songs that will make you go WTF
    Lost in the Wind
    For Those Special Sunrise Moments
    Cold nights, great vibes
    Again & Again
    Happiness comes in waves
    could die for you
    Beauty Awakened
    Petrol to my fire
    Time travel
    Timeless Love
    Music That’ll Defrost Your Heart
    Please don’t break my heart
    i love pizza
    Elevator Dance Party
    Holding hands
    Teen days
    Tonight, I’m Loving
    Friends’ Memoir
    Wet hair and tan lines
    Teenage dreams
    Sleepy Walk
    Jazz Reimagined
    Smooth Lover
    Not enough memory
    Breathing Easy the Beach
    Journey to the mountains
    My Juliet
    i wake up with drool
    Chillout Monday
    Hard work
    Beer and Friends
    No more of you
    Six to Midnight
    Leave, I’m sad
    Unfiltered and Unapologetic
    Kiss and Makeout
    Pillow fights
    Only a fool for you
    My love
    Fuzzy bed
    Jazzy Jazz Pitstop!
    spin spirals
    All Blues, All the Time
    Peaceful Nights
    Bury Me
    An Incomplete List of Songs I Love That You Probably Hate
    Friends Are family
    All About Us
    I’ll miss you
    Sabrina Claudio’s eternal need to make me Sad
    Serial Killer Favourites
    Faults in my stars

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How To Create A Sad Playlist Name?

With so many possibilities and to avoid seeming trite, everyone should be asking oneself, “How can I come up with an awesome playlist name?”

Simply follow these 6 Pro Tips for Creating Sad Playlist Names and you will succeed.

1. Create A Playlist Names List

Make a comprehensive list of everything. You should jot down any and all thoughts that come to mind. Analyze your playlist to see whether the songs are mood-related or generic. Once the musical genres of your songs are established, it will be much easier to evaluate which notions fit your overall theme.

2. Should Be Associated With Emotions

Do any of these songs conjure up any particularly vivid memories for you? What genre does it belong to? Is it feasible to assign a season to this playlist? Is the playlist themed around a certain artist’s work? Can you envision yourself in a specific location when listening to this playlist? Is it the same ring as a colour? Respond to these questions in order to get possible hints concerning the playlist’s Name.

3. Must be a source of entertainment

Make an attempt to maintain a sense of humor. Additionally, you can include puns in the Names of your playlists or make them sound moodier. Continue scrolling down until you find a name for your playlist that best describes it.

4. Incorporate Friendship References Into Playlist Names

Finally, share it with your friends so that everyone can profit from it.

5. Make use of emojis.

Experiment with the text and, if desired, include emoticons.

6. Recognize.

What do you, or others, identify with the mood/genre/style of music you’re compiling in this vast world?

Consider and jot down related items such as emotions, seasons, colours, artists, city/area, time of day, culture, and food. These terms add more alternatives for identifying the name when you see it or for gaining inspiration for creating your own.

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Final Words

The Sad playlist names were classified into several categories based on the ambiance evoked by the music. Combining and matching these ideas will allow you to create your own playlists.

You’ve made it to the conclusion of this essay! We hope you enjoyed reading this article and would like to show your tư vấn by sharing it on social truyền thông. Additionally, feel không lấy phí to shoot us an email with any questions or suggestions. Any feedback, positive or negative, would be greatly appreciated.

We appreciate your time in reading this and wish you a pleasant day!

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