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telemarketer nghĩa là

The telephone equivalent of spam.

The worst kind of salesman in the universe.

Traits: Officious, sometimes bullshittingly “polite” pricks who will recall your number over and over when they aren’t scamming other random phone numbers.

How to giảm giá with them: Shoot em up! …er, i meant

How to really giảm giá with them: Whenever one of these calls you, immediately i.d. which category it falls into:

Unwanted service
Donation scam
Subcription for 40 months of shitty magazines you dont need

Now the fun part. Keep acting like youre interested in whatever theyre offering. Thank them for every last excruciating detail they throw you hyper-machine gun speed so they have trouble concentrating trying to sucker you into their shit. Prolong everything. Ask questions about everything they say (be sure to sound as happy as can be, and as interested as a masochist in hell). Then, when the inevitable closing giảm giá part of the conversation comes, your choices are:

“Fuck youz” + Hang-up
“Go fuck yourself”
“Get a real job”
“U r SuxOr
“-random soundeffect-“
i did your mom

Be creative. Let your imagination take over in getting back these asses. Peace`=)

ExampleNotorious telemarketers = Orange County Register, Phone survey groups, Magazine subscribers

All mentioned above, kiss my ass

telemarketer nghĩa là

a human being trying actually pay their bills just like the rest of you except they probably hate their jobs as telemarkets more than you hate them.

Example”i feel like i have no soul because i am a talented telemarketer. i need a beer.”

telemarketer nghĩa là

A person who sits on the phones and badgers the hell out of people to either donate to the police or sign up for a credit card. Yet, the telemarketer gets a huge kick out of people who cuss and scream them and ask to be taken off the list.

ExampleAnybody who works for Millenium Teleservices/CDG Management, LLC RULE!

telemarketer nghĩa là

Those fuckers who call you asking you to buy shit. They constantly call you telling you things like “please don’t hang up the phone“, “I’m calling you up on an item we sent you in the mail“, “Hey would you like a subscription to “.

These lovely individuals. are usually payed high, but work on commission, so they have to be good what they do.

ExampleTelemarketers need to find better jobs and leave us the fuck alone.

telemarketer nghĩa là

1. A person or robot you receive in a commercial call.

2. One of those times its O.K. to feel like you wanna kill someone.

3. Makes you wish you had Caller ID or even a Telezapper.

Example”You’ve got four seconds to hang up this phone, you halfwit telemarketer, and never call this number again.”

telemarketer nghĩa là

A person with the shittiest job on the planet. Some make decent money, some make nothing, all are annoying as hell. Buy stuff from them so they can afford a happy meal.

ExampleI can’t make commission because no one likes telemarketers. So quit being a jerk and buy whatever it is I’m selling, then cancel after we hang up.

telemarketer nghĩa là

A telemarketer is basically a technology-equipped street hawker who rings you incessantly and tries to turn your own private home into a market bazaar, just in case you don’t find the constant spruiking of products and services in junk mail, on radio programs, TV commercials and late-night infomercials annoying enough.

It ranks just above being a wheel-clamper, a parking inspector and a pimp, but trumps all with its persistence and invasiveness.

It’s one of the few jobs which give a chance for hermits who never leave the house to experience the joys of being incessantly harassed in their own home.

It is a very unprofessional and disrespectful way to market products and it reeks of desperation. Attempting to get people to agree to complex đơn hàng over the phone and not giving them time to compare the giảm giá with the competition or any current đơn hàng they have, is a scummy way of doing business.

The lack of respect inherent in the job is demonstrated by corporates themselves who outsource their telemarketing to places like India to keep their marketing costs down.

Get call-barring if you can, or ditch your landline for a mobile. These are the only ways to stop these people. You can abuse them all you like, make all the requests to them to stop ringing and they will always ignore you.

The epitome of corporate arrogance and unprofessionality.

ExampleThe Zombie Holocaust will not be televised: it is already being brought to you in person four or more times a day by Indian telemarketers.

telemarketer nghĩa là

Noun. Also known as telescams and cold calls. When a salesperson calls you unexpectantly and offers you something you don’t want or need, such as double glazing.

In the US and Australia, telemarketing is restricted and policed. In the UK, it is less controlled, because otherwise it would clash with the không lấy phí speech laws.

Telemarketing is the bain of most houseowners’ existences, and will guarentee you a place in Hades if you ever get a job in a telemarketing company.

Example”God, I only asked my girlfriend to sell her body toàn thân for money, it’s not like I asked her to go into telemarketing!” – Jeremy (Robert Webb), Peep Show

telemarketer nghĩa là

The official newspaper for the Teletubbies.Released every Sunday.

ExampleLala would you please go to the 7Eleven and pick me up a copy of “The Telemarketer“, i want to check how my investments are doing

telemarketer nghĩa là

An under educated unmotivated group of millions that mantain civil obligations,just like the rest of you dirty sanchez’s getting off the jersey turnpike.

ExampleI’m following up on a mail piece we recently sent you.


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