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parrot nghĩa là

1. A tropical or sub-tropical bird from the order of Psittaciformes which is comprised of some 315 species. Parrots are known for their usually bright colored plumage, large heads, short hooked bill, blunt tongues, strong feet (two in the front and two in the back), and talking and mimicking ability. They are arboreal and eat seeds and fruit. Many are kept as pets and some are endangered and threatened with extinction. Most are very intelligent creatures and contrary to the meaning of parrot as applied to humans below, parrots don’t necessarily repeat words mindlessly. It has been shown in research that parrots have the ability to use words to identify objects, describe them, count them and answer questions.

2. To imitate someone. To mimic or repeat their actions or sayings without thinking.

ExampleAlex the Grey is a very smart Parrot because he knows how to count.

parrot nghĩa là

n. An annoying little know-it-all who, in reality, knows little to nothing. They merely sit in class, take word-for-word notes (often in very neat or girly handwriting), and learn nothing, not allowing they’re mind to wander and form its own thoughts, but to wallow in the mundane of that which has already been said. They, however, do wonderfully on class assignments, homework, and tests that require no individual thought because they delve so thoroughly into the cliché. They are so-named because they are very good a mimicing what a teacher just taught back to him via class discussion or, more commonly, essays.

ExampleTeacher: So, does anybody have any thoughts about the character Simon in The Lord of the Flies?
Parrot: I think he’s a Christ-like figure because he goes off and prays and doesn’t want people to fight anymore.
Teacher: Right, then, let me rephrase. Anybody with any original thoughts?

parrot nghĩa là

Derogatory word for a person who never questions authority and only says what the government or church tells them to say.

See also: slave

Example”Homosexuality is wrong because it’s against God’s law”

“Go kiss the pope’s ass somewhere else, you fucking parrot!”

parrot nghĩa là

Parrot in Internet social truyền thông terms is someone who recites information (whether aware if its correct or not) for the sake of repeating it to increase their own percieved “social standing” in an social community. Can be applicable to both a single trực tuyến community (a forum) or a group of sites of communities, for example a “blogosphere.”

ExampleParrots are: bloggers who blog about social truyền thông: what it is, what it is becoming, because they read it on someone else’s forum. People in automotive or other technical forums who repeat something because it “sounded right.”

parrot nghĩa là

Fucking sick ass pets to have, they are literally better than any other pet and will live for longer then 10 years (if you take care of it. I mean that’s the reason why you have a pet isn’t it?) It’s like a expensive baby without ruining your wife’s body toàn thân shape.
Some just might summon Satan if you give them the right drugs.
You can even teach them to talk. Bruh just teach them the N word and teach em to give you the n-word pass if they are black.
some spin their heads around thinking that they are gods because they can’t snap their own neck
Can also be used as a bottle opener

ExampleOwner- Hey Polly, want a cracker
Parrot- “No fuck off, I only take seed you dick, seriuosly. You’ve had me as a pet for 10 years now and you still know that I am fucking allergic to crackers. Fuck off.”

parrot nghĩa là

The act of repeating heard information without educating oneself on the subject or forming an intelligent argument of one’s own.

Example”That guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s just parroting what he read in a headline.”

parrot nghĩa là

To put your cock on someone’s shoulder as if it were a parrot.

ExampleJohn: I tried to parrot Judy last night!
Bill: Cool story, bro!

Carter: I totally parroted Judy last night!
Eric: Cool story, bro!

Daniel: I can’t wait to parrot Judy tonight!
Mike: You motherfucker!

parrot nghĩa là

1. The ability to take care of and love a parrot.

2. The ability to retain information and remember it word for word.

Example1. Freyja has great parrotability, she really loves birds.

2. Elissa has parrotability, she can repeat what she’s been told word for word.

parrot nghĩa là

1. a vagina; a part of the vagina looks like a parrot’s mouth, so the vagina is called a parrot

Example1a. girl, my parrot itches like crazy
1b. he fed my parrot with his dick

parrot nghĩa là

The process of repeating information or behavior with minimal or zero comprehension of the subject matter (much like the parrot bird repeats human speech).

Parrotic information or behavior results in a cascade effect influencing the percentage of humans that find the information or act reasonable enough to parrotically propagate to others.

Even a small parrotic sự kiện can lead to death. Example: law enforcement takes lethal action based on parrotic information.

Large scale parrotic events can and have lead to war. But, in that context is more commonly defined as : propaganda.

Example64 billion dollars in stock losses due to parrotic information that apexed the Facebok IPO.


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