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The Employee Emergency Contact Form is used by an Employer to collect the contact information of an Employees family or partner in case of emergency. For instance, if an Employee suffers an injury the work place and must be taken to an Emergency Room, he or she may require a spouse or a parent to be contacted. This form will allow Employees to neatly present this required information to their Employers.

For employers, it has become standard practice to request emergency contact information from all new hires whether the job is risky or not. Though the worker may feel strange disclosing extra personal information, sharing a friend or relatives phone number and other basic contact details is in the interest of both worker and firm.

Though workplace injuries are generally rare, they do occur. When an employee is hurt on the job, supervision may have an ethical obligation to inform next of kin or other close relatives or friends. In the worst cases, reaching out to an emergency contact may be a logistical necessity.

There are other cases where an emergency contact can come into play. Consider an employee who abruptly stops showing up to work. The specified contact may be able to vouch for this persons whereabouts. Similarly, in the case of an employee who is significantly incapacitated by injury or illness, the emergency contact may serve as a go-between should other relatives or friends contact the employer seeking the ailing worker.

Injury and illness are personal and serious matters, so emergency contacts will usually be those with some personal connection, either family or friends of the employee. Expediency matters too, though so employees should think about accessibility when selecting emergency contacts. Will the appointed person be reachable? Is the contact competent to handle high-stress situations?

Merely soliciting emergency contact information from an employee does not impact future liability, should an incident occur. The question of liability is a separate one that is determined by statute, employee and employer conduct, and, perhaps, other contractual agreements between the parties.

However, employers should not fear reaching out to emergency contacts. Merely informing a relative or friend of an incident does not amount to an admission of responsibility. Indeed, it is courtesy and in certain cases, legal obligation to notify an emergency contact about serious injuries that occur during the working day.


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