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Quý khách đang tìm kiếm từ khóa Spotify not showing playlists được Update vào lúc : 2022-03-07 13:09:17 . Với phương châm chia sẻ Thủ Thuật Hướng dẫn trong nội dung bài viết một cách Chi Tiết 2022. Nếu sau khi Read nội dung bài viết vẫn ko hiểu thì hoàn toàn có thể lại Comments ở cuối bài để Tác giả lý giải và hướng dẫn lại nha.

Playlist within in a thư mục have not been showing on mobile. This occured after the mobile ui update so Idk why its happening, check my profile for a vid of whats happening since this subs doesnt accept videos

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I hardly see how this has been solved. Seems like a common enough issue that’s been remedied with excuses or reasons as to why it happens but no actual solution so that users don’t run into this route again. Personally I have public playlists that are not showing up in search, on my public profile with my other public playlists, and are not available to my followers and friends. It seems like only certain playlists will show up on my profile when searched and others are simply missing. Playlists that have 0 followers still show up but only a select few that spotify decides to display. This is a misconception or unusual user behavior uncovering a loophole… it’s a bug plain and simple. Public playlists should appear under “public playlists” when people look up my Spotify user profile.

To provide a use case scenario: I work for a creative agency that uses spotify premium for ambient music all day long. The employees here create public playlists and then go on our mac mini, launch the Spotify app, search their profile, select the playlist and begin playing it. This allows us to contribute with our own music and share it with the whole team throughout the day. The error arises when a team thành viên creates their own playlist, goes over to the mac mini, launches spotify, searches their profile, and only sees a handful of their public playlists.

I’ll say it one more time to make it very clear: We are searching the user profile and viewing public playlists from there, NOT searching the playlist name itself. The playlists are missing from the profile publicly.

Please solve, don’t just run circles around the issue.


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