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Power BI Report on SharePoint List

An Office 365 tutorial by Peter Kalmström

In this article, Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer, builds a Power BI report based on a SharePoint tasks list. He creates three charts for different parameters and shows how such charts can interact with each other in a powerful way.

Peter uses the default list in the Kanban Task Manager SharePoint editions, KTM Tasks, but the principle is the same for all SharePoint lists.

Peter also shows how to get started with the desktop version of Power BI. When Power BI has been installed, he loads the KTM Tasks list to the application. Before he starts building the report, he removes the columns he does not want to include.

Peter first adds a measure that will count the tasks based on the Id column: COUNT (‘KTM Tasks’ [Id]). Then he can select
a chart type and drag the parameters he wants to use to it.

When several charts are used, they interact with another, something that Peter shows by creating charts for project, lane and priority.


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    Power BI Report on SharePoint ListAn Office 365 tutorial by Peter KalmströmVideo liên quan


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