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Writing a Google review is a great way to show businesses your appreciation for their services. Google is probably the most visible review site on the Internet. No matter what question you might have, whether its What time is it in New Zealand or best hair salons near me, Google can give you an answer to your question.

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    Leave a review on desktopLeave a review on mobileCan you write a review without a Google account?Why Google reviews matter for businessesHow to get more Google reviewsVideo liên quan

If youre a local business, collecting Google reviews are crucial. Heres how your customers can leave you Google reviews on both desktop and mobile.

Are you a marketing manager looking for more tips on how to collect and manage your Google reviews? Check out this audio guide It covers everything you need to know in less than 20 minutes.

Leave a review on desktop

Find the businesss Google My Business (GMB) profile. Usually, youll need to type in the businesss name and the city that its located in Google search.

Next, click the Write a Review button on the businesss GMB panel.

A pop-up titled Rate and Review will show up on your screen. Leave a star rating, a description, and a photo (the description and photo are optional).

Click Post.

Leave a review on mobile

Dont have access to a desktop? Heres how you can leave a review on the Google Maps app.

Open the Google Maps app on your mobile device.

2. Type the businesss name in the Google Maps search bar.

3. Click on the relevant business, then click the tab labeled reviews.

4. Add a star rating in the section labeled Rate & Review, then leave a comment (this is optional).

5. Click the Post button.

Can you write a review without a Google account?

Google has eliminated the ability for customers to leave reviews anonymously. Keep in mind, all reviews you post on Google Maps are visible to the public.

Why Google reviews matter for businesses

If youre a business owner, getting more Google reviews is crucial for your business. Not only is it a major factor in your businesss search ranking, but it also helps build trust and credibility with your customers.

How to get more Google reviews

Now that you know about the steps that it takes for a customer to leave a Google review, you can start thinking about how you can start collecting more reviews from your customers.

A platform like Birdeye can help. More than 70,000 businesses use Birdeye to collect reviews on Google and 150+ sites, connect with customers, and use this data to deliver fantastic customer experiences.


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