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kim taehyungs nghĩa là

a god

Examplekim taehyung, what a god.

kim taehyungs nghĩa là

Kim Taehyung is very popular idol in the boyband/group BTS. His stage name is V. He’s the most precious human being you’ll ever see. He cares about his family so much, it’s incredible. He’s very caring towards the other members of BTS, his family, and ARMY.

His birthday is on December 30, 1995. He was born in the same year as Park Jimin, another thành viên of BTS. Taehyung was born in Daegu, South Korea.

He has the deepest voice in BTS and is 5”10. He also has a square smile and his giggle will literally evaporate your heart. He’s often called dumb or stupid by some ARMYs, but he is actually very intelligent. He’s not stupid or an alien. He’s himself.

One of the most popular ships that he his in is taekook/vkook (Taehyung + Jungkook) Another popular ship is Vmin.

He has acted in a Korean Drama (show) called Hwarang. He played as Hansung. He is a talented actor.

He is known for his love for Gucci. (This joke is old pls don’t overuse it) He often wears Gucci clothing. He used to be very poor, but look him now. :’)

He was initially supposed to be a rapper in BTS, but switched with Jung Hoseok to become a vocalist.

He gets very few lines along with Kim Seokjin. Taehyung often growled in songs in the past. He is starting to get more lines as BTS’s career continues.

Example“Hey, who’s this guy? He’s lookin’ fine,”

“Oh, haha. That, my friend, is the amazing, talented, beautiful, Kim Taehyung. Stan Talent. Stan Taehyung,”

“Uh, okay,”

kim taehyungs nghĩa là

Kim Taehyung is a South Korean singer who is apart of the band BTS and is (in Korean age) 23. He was born on the 30th of December, 1995. He is the second youngest thành viên, but the Maknae heart.

His personality has calmed down and matured throughout the years, but he’s still the adorable and energetic boy we all know and love (but, you’re reading this description right now so I’m guessing you actually don’t know who he is…).

His stage name is V and he’s one of the vocalists and visuals. Some characteristics of his consist of:

Being perfect
A Gucci boi
Being perfect
An adorable person who is loved by all
Cherished and loved by all the members of BTS
Being perfect
Charming and charismatic
Being beautiful

Being responsible for most of the heart attacks of this world
and finally, being perfect.

He’s a great singer, visual, rapper (even if they don’t put him any of the Cyphers..), and dancer. He’s very kind and caring towards everyone, and has lots of love to give.

I don’t want to be friends with you if you don’t like him, because it means you’re probably not a good person 🙂

Example”I love Kim Taehyung from BTS so much! He’s so generous, thoughtful, beautiful, sweet, and so adorable!”

kim taehyungs nghĩa là

To all the people who say that Kim Taehyung is dumb, idiot, alien wtf it’s 2022 y’all. And can you please stop describing him like that. Cause himself he don’t want to be called Iike that. He is now a mature man.

Kim Taehyung or BTS V as he’s stage name is such a talented man he’s a singer with a deep and sexy voice and a dancer. A songwriter V wrote he’s first masterpiece title “Hold me Tight ” which is a really good songs that can melt ur heart the vocals is so strong.Another one is “Stigma ” which this tuy nhiên really show he’s vocal. Next is “4”o’clock ” this tuy nhiên really dedicated to he’s best friend BTS Jimin co wrote with leader in the band BTS RM. The lyrics is beautiful and the tone which make your tears falling.And lastly he’s latest solo tuy nhiên Singularity, this tuy nhiên is sensual and seductive but the lyrics makes you emotional. The MV is so artistic, full of meaning behind and choreography is so amazing.He’s has a cover songs too like Hug me, Someone like you and etc.

Kim Taehyung is also an actor. He’s first in acting is in Hwarang the Poet Warrior.

BTS V Kim Taehyung is a social butterfly man. He’s a lot of celebrity’s friend.

Taehyung is such a good son, brother, friend, a boyfriend material ,a man that every woman’s dreamed.

And V invented purple meaning which means trust and love for a long time. And purple is BTS and Army’s color. And the rainbow meaning too. He said the reason why rainbow has 7 color it’s because BTS has 7 members.

ExampleKim Taehyung is the most beautiful man on earth.

kim taehyungs nghĩa là

A dangerous guy that can go from cute in to hot in 2seconds

Example~Kim Taehyung oppa

kim taehyungs nghĩa là

A singer in the k-pop group BTS. He may seem quiet but is a very lively person. He is know for his deep voice and acting alien like. He’s also the cutest funniest person you will ever meet. His stage name is V.

ExampleI just saw BTS the AMA’s last night and Kim Taehyung was performing on stage.

kim taehyungs nghĩa là

A Korean Daddy

ExampleoH mY gOd I’m sO whIPped FOr Kim Taehyung

kim taehyungs nghĩa là

the most beautiful human to ever exist. his beauty outshines everyone else’s i can’t with this man.
how is one person so freaking beautiful i don’t understand i love him uwu

Exampleperson: kim taehyung is so beautiful

other person: i know right he was voted most handsome man of 2022

kim taehyungs nghĩa là

my lord and savior ???

Exampleyou: isnt kim taehyung your bf??

me: yes lol

kim taehyungs nghĩa là


ExampleKim Taehyung is a daddy.


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