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We have received reports from user saying that they have trouble using their HP máy tính keyboard. Some of them complained that certain keys, such as functional keys (F1, F12 etc.), are unusable, while a small number of users mentioned that the máy tính keyboard is totally useless and they have to turn to an external one.

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    What Causes HP Laptop Keyboard Not WorkingHP Laptop Keyboard not Working SolutuionStep 1: Reinstall Keyboard DriverStep 2: Check Keyboard SettingsSteps 3- Reset Keyboard SettingsStep 4- Scan Your SystemWhat are the steps to fix hp máy tính keyboard not working on Windows 10?Related posts:

If you are one of the victims, no worries, there are some effective ways that are going to help you solve this problem. Please follow the instructions below and get your máy tính keyboard fixed!

What Causes HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working

HP máy tính keyboard not workingis a very common problem that seems to creep up in every other HP máy tính from time to time. The severity and frequency of these errors is particularly very high with older devices that have been in use for quite a long time. There may be a lot of reasons as to why this problem happens. Some of the most commonly found issues that lead toHP máy tính keyboard not workingare:

    A faulty driver is installed It may happen that your Windows version does not tư vấn this installed driver or the driver is simply faulty. So, your keyboard may not work until it is uninstalled.Using older driver versions Outdated keyboard drivers are another possible reason for keyboard not working. You should update your keyboard driver.Damaged keys It might also be possible that the keys are damaged due to some physical cause. Your keys may go out of work if the máy tính is pretty old.

Beside these reasons, any mis-configuration or mistake in the setup process may also cause this issue ofHPlaptop keyboard not working.So you need to check each and every aspect carefully.

HP Laptop Keyboard not Working Solutuion

Step 1: Reinstall Keyboard Driver

1) Follow the path:Starticon> Control Panel(View byLarge icons)>Device Manager.

2) In the Device Manager window, click to expandKeyboardscategory. Then right click the keyboard option listed here and chooseUninstall.

When prompted to confirm the uninstall, pressOKto continue.

3) Wait for the uninstall to finish. Thenrestartyour computer. The keyboard driver will be reinstalled automatically once you restart your máy tính.

Note: If you need to type in password to log into your desktop, please use the on-screen keyboard by choosing the middle icon from the three icons on the bottom right corner, then selectOn-Screen Keyboard.

You will be able to see the on-screen keyboard appear. Use your mouse cursor to type in your password and clickEnterkey You should be able to see Windows is automatically searching and updating the keyboard driver for you.

Step 2: Check Keyboard Settings

1) Click yourStartbutton, then chooseSettingsicon from it. Then chooseTime & language.

2) On the left side of the pane, chooseRegion & language, then on the right side, make sure that the language is set toEnglish (United States).

If not, clicktheOptionsbutton as shown in the screen shot.

Then make sure the Keyboards is selected asUS.

Steps 3- Reset Keyboard Settings

In order to fix the keyboard not working issue, you can reset the keyboard settings.

    To do so, go to the Start icon first.Then, select the Settings option. After that, you will see the Time & Language button, simply click on that.After this process, you need to select the Region & Language button on the left side of the pane.Now, you need to make sure that the language is to set to English (United States). If you notice that the language is not set to the English (United States) then press the Options button and be sure that the keyboards are selected as the US.

Step 4- Scan Your System

If you are still stuck with the same issue, then virus or malware infection can be the culprits. At such times, you need to perform a scan. To do that, you need to enter your PC in Safe Mode and then disconnect your PC from the internet.

What are the steps to fix hp máy tính keyboard not working on Windows 10?

From hp envy máy tính, hp pavilion máy tính, hp stream máy tính to hp omen máy tính every máy tính can have this issue while operated with Windows 10 or Windows 8. You do not need to worry about it as it can be easily fixed by following certain steps as mentioned below:

You need to update your Touchpad driver.Reinstall your Mouse driver.After this, you have to tap on the Function key to enable your touchpad. For this, you have to dab the combination for the function on keyboard keys for allowing expanding the Touchpad functionalities.You have to perform a clean boot process. To resolveHP Laptop touchpad not workingerror you just need to rub a clean boot process in your PC and analyze the issue carefully.Now, enable the touchpad settings. Tap on the Windows +I key on your keyboard and open the Devices option. After this, select the Touchpad option. Now, make sure you turn on the toggle under the Touchpad option. At last, restart your computer and save the changes.Once you have enabled the Touchpad driver, you have to enable the touchpad from the BIOS configuration. You just have to enable the touchpad from the BIOS. Boot up your Windows and then click on the F2 key or F8 or DEL key.The next step is to allow the touchpad in Mouse settings and Properties.At last, you just have to run the HP diagnostic program to check whether the error still persists or not.

Hopefully, the error hp máy tính keyboard not working is resolved by now. If you still face difficulty or you are stuck in between the steps then it is a suggestion to visit HPs official website to get assistance from the technical assistants who work dedicatedly to solve your issues in no time. You can chat with them or call them on the HP máy tính tư vấn phone number available on its official website.

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