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tháng 11 03, 2022 IntroductionIf your máy tính battery is older or reporting incorrectly, it may be possible to recalibrate the battery. This can correct the reported capacity or battery gauge to extend the life of the battery.IMPORTANT: Recalibration only corrects the capacity on worn out batteries. There is no way to reverse the aging process.For help understanding what calibration is, why its important, and how to calibrate batteries in other types of devices, check out the Battery Calibration Wiki.

    If your battery exceeds 30-40 °C (86-104 °F), REPLACE THE BATTERY!You will likely see a capacity decrease. This is good – not bad.Try to avoid using the máy tính while it is charging. This may affect the calibration.Inconsistent reporting may indicate an EOL battery. Proper care delays this, but it cannot be avoided or reversed.If your battery is older, consider a ~10% discharge. A full discharge may kill the battery.
    Charge the máy tính to 100%. Use it until it shuts down and no longer turns on.

      See BIOS lockouts and EOL quirks for HP and Lenovo laptops.

    Immediately recharge the battery. Do not use the máy tính if possible.

    (BIOS lockout) HP laptops have a 15% BIOS lockout and need to be bypassed for a full discharge. Immediately charge the battery once the máy tính shuts off.

      All HP and most Compaq laptops.

    (BIOS lockout) Some Lenovo laptops have a 7% critical capacity lockout (0190).

      Only occurs if the máy tính shuts off early. Easily bypassed.

    (EOL quirk) Some Dell batteries hold incorrect data once the battery is heavily worn, or end of life. This issue self corrects with time. I have seen this on a few OEM Dell batteries. Notably, the NX31D (DOM unknown/2x with same issue) 65Wh (2014 DOM/E6440) and a RMJFW 65Wh Extended (2014 DOM/E6220). The 45Wh 34GKR is prone to it, but to a lesser degree (2014 DOM/E7440).(Firmware quirk) Some laptops like to show 0% wear in BatteryInfoView – notably most HP models. In order to access the data with HP, you must run the diagnostics (UEFI may be required), or use the HP Support Assistant battery check and find the advanced info. This is not a hardware fault, but a quirk with HP.

    This battery is too far gone for realibration.Before recalibrating the battery, charge the battery to 100%. Take a note of the initial data.
    Any data from this step will be lost. Only plug the máy tính in to get the machine started from a BIOS lockout.Use your máy tính while it is discharging. Do this until the computer shuts down.
    While it is safe to use your máy tính, the calibration accuracy may be affected.Every máy tính has a different charge indicator. When your máy tính is fully discharged, plug it in immediately. Fully charge the máy tính.
    This procedure may “kill” end of life batteries.Once you are finished, check the BMS data. The reported data should be corrected.
    This may not work if your battery is older, even if it is OEM.Run Command Prompt as an administrator. Enter powercfg /batteryreport.When the report is ready, you will receive a message stating where it is located. Check the data for consistency.
    This will fully discharge the battery. HP diagnostics do not check the charge capacity.Plug the máy tính in and turn it on; unplug it once it is on. Press ESC and select System Diagnostics.Open the Component tests submenu. Select Memory or Hard Drive.Select Extensive test. Choose Loop until error.When the máy tính shuts off, immediately recharge the battery.
    DO NOT apply these settings to your primary OS. They may damage the battery.Boot the máy tính into a live Linux Mint Cinnamon session. Open Settings and make the following changes:Open Power Management. Change When the battery is critically low to Do nothing.Use the máy tính until it shuts down. Everything from this session will be lost.
    To better track the estimated health of the battery, labeling is recommended.Note the date of the recalibration.Note the original charge capacity (Designed capacity).Note the current capacity of the battery (Full charge capacity).

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