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ISHCMC Annual Tuition Fees for the 2022- 2022Academic Year

Semester and term payment plans are also available for non-corporate fee payers. Further details can be found below.

GradeAnnual Tuition FeeAnnual Tuition Fee
InclusionEE2 Half Day227,200,000

To tư vấn parents and companies, we have included all aspects of the daily program that students are required to be involved in as part of the annual tuition fee. This includes:

    Selected local excursionsAnnual overnight field trips for students in Grades 3 -12 are fully covered or heavily subsidized. Some field trips for Secondary students, generally those out of country, may require further payment.One-to-one tablet provision to Grade 3 to Grade 5 students and one-to-one máy tính provision to Grade 6 to Grade 12 studentsAll stationery from Early Explorers to Grade 5All required text books are provided for students in Early Explorers to Grade 12Selected After School Activities (ASA) and sports programsLimited tư vấn for English as an Additional Language(EAL)Student tư vấn services (GATE and LS)Annual school uniform setMorning fruit snack for all students

EE2/3 Full Day313,200,000EE4407,200,000KG555,700,000Grade 1555,700,000Grade 2555,700,000Grade 3592,800,000Grade 4592,800,000Grade 5608,800,000Grade 6688,900,000Grade 7688,900,000Grade 8688,900,000Grade 9720,400,000Grade 10720,400,000Grade 11821,900,000Grade 12821,900,000

Annual Development Fee (ADF) or Certificate of Entitlement (COE)

This fee applies to applications made to Grade 1 to 12. Details of these two options as below.

    Option 1 Annual Development Fee (ADF), 67,500,000 VNDOption 2 Certificate of Entitlement (COE), 337,500,000 VND

All Fees are quoted in Vietnamese Dong (VND)

Admissions Fee

An Admission Fee of 25,000,000 VND for Nursery to KG applicants and 50,000,000 VND for Grade 1 to Grade 12 applicants will only be applied if there is a possible vacancy for a student who meets the appropriate academic and English requirements, as stated in the ISHCMC admissions policy.

The Admissions Fee covers the costs of administrative procedures necessary for processing student applications; including student interviews, English language testing (if required), reviewing academic history, placement in grades and classes, allocation of subjects and timetabling.

For the first enrolling student, this fee will be paid in full. Any subsequent sibling will be given a 50% discount.

In the case of 2 or more siblings in the same family enrolling the same time, then the school will apply the Admissions Fee 50% discount to the youngest child in the family. The Admissions Fee is paid the time of application and is not refundable.

Payment Options

ISHCMC non-corporate fee paying families are able to choose from three options. The fees can be paid annually, through a semester plan twice a year or a term plan four times a year.

Sibling Discount

A sibling discount is offered for non-corporate fee payers. Any 3rd or subsequent children of the same family attending ISHCMC will be entitled to a 20% discount on tuition fees. This discount applies to the youngest children in the family.

IB Examination Fees Grade 12/Year 13

The examination fees for students studying the IB Diploma will be issued as soon as exam registration is complete with the IB organization which is typically around December. Annual fee payers will receive a separate invoice due on December 1st. These IB examination fees are charged to you cost.

Annual Development Fee (ADF) or Certificate of Entitlement (COE)

One of the two following fee options will be applied to Year 2-13/Grade 1-12. Families/Companies should advise the Admissions Department of their fee choice upon application.

Option One – Annual Development Fee (ADF) – 67,500,000 VND

This is an annual fee paid the beginning of each school year for Year 2-13/Grade 1 -12.

Option Two – Certificate of Entitlement (COE) – 337,500,000 VND

Purchasing a COE is a one-time payment available to families with students in Year 2/Grade 1 to Year 11/Grade 10 that foregoes the need to pay the ADF fee each year. A COE entitles the holder to the placement of one child in school a time. The school is experiencing increased demand and significant waiting lists and purchasing a COE gives priority for admissions into the school. New enrolments in Year 12 and 13/Grade 11 and 12 are only given the option of paying the ADF. If you would like to know more information about the COE entitlement, please contact the Admissions Office.




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