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The mens fringe, also known as mens bangs, has emerged as a cool short haircut for guys this year. Put simply, fringe hairstyles allow a guys hair to fall over his forehead whether it lays flat like bangs or has volume is a personal choice. Interestingly, mens hairstyles with bangs sit in stark contrast to many of todays popular modern styles. Haircuts like the pompadour, quiff, faux hawk and comb over feature hair styled away from the face; however, the benefit of getting a fringe is that it works with straight, wavy, or curly hair.

If youre thinking about trying a short or long fringe with an undercut or fade, youll want to check out this guide to mens hair with bangs.


    1 What Is The Mens Fringe?2 How to Get and Style The Fringe Haircut3 Best Fringe Hairstyles For Men

      3.1 Long Curly Fringe3.2 Fringe Undercut with Beard3.3 Messy Fringe with High Bald Fade3.4 Long Wavy Fringe with Fade3.5 Short Textured Angular Fringe3.6 Long Fringe with Messy Top3.7 High Skin Fade with Cropped Fringe3.8 Men with Cropped Bangs3.9 Long Angular Fringe3.10 High Skin Fade with Curly Fringe3.11 Thick Straight Fringe with High Taper3.12 Short Textured Bangs3.13 Short Sides with Angular Fringe3.14 Thick Angular Fringe3.15 Messy Top with Short Bangs

What Is The Mens Fringe?

The mens fringe refers to any hairstyle where the sides are cut short and the hair on top is styled to hang over the forehead. Furthermore, stylish haircuts with bangs can come in a variety of styles depending on how you want your hair to look. From voluminous, curly bangs to a thick, straight fringe, theres a way for everyone to rock the look.

And since male bangs only require hair long enough to cover your forehead, the fringe leaves a lot of freedom on how to cut the sides and top of your hair. You can combine the look with faded sides to get a fringe undercut or even texture the top of your hair with a cropped fringe to get a French crop.

For those with straight hair, a trendy option to try is the angular fringe haircut, a type of side swept fringe. This style features hair that has been cut an angle and then swept to the side to create an angled, edgy look.

Finally, the fringe is particularly appropriate for guys with large foreheads or long face shapes. If you have a rectangular or oblong face, the fringe will appear to shorten your face length. As always, its important to choose a hairstyle according to face shape.

How to Get and Style The Fringe Haircut

Getting a fringe haircut depends on your hair type, texture, and style. To style a straight or side-swept, angular fringe, youll need least 2 to 4 inches of hair in the front and your stylist will need to cut your bangs an angle for the latter. For the sides, you can get an undercut or any type of fade, including a high or low taper fade. Ideally, we recommend showing your barber a picture of how you plan to style your hair.

To style a mens fringe, guys with curly hair dont have to do much just let your curls fall naturally in front. For a more formal or textured look, styling the fringe requires that you apply some pomade or wax and comb the hair forward.

In general, fringe hairstyles arent complex your hair will do most of the work for you. This is certainly one of the advantages of this simple yet trendy new look.

Best Fringe Hairstyles For Men

To help guys find the best fringe hairstyles, weve compiled the hottest pictures of mens hair with bangs. Check out the gallery below to find an awesome new short haircut for you.

Long Curly Fringe

Fringe Undercut with Beard

Messy Fringe with High Bald Fade

Long Wavy Fringe with Fade

Short Textured Angular Fringe

Long Fringe with Messy Top

High Skin Fade with Cropped Fringe

Men with Cropped Bangs

Long Angular Fringe

High Skin Fade with Curly Fringe

Thick Straight Fringe with High Taper

Short Textured Bangs

Short Sides with Angular Fringe

Thick Angular Fringe

Messy Top with Short Bangs


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