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Bài này gồm những dạng bài rèn luyện về so sánh hay có đáp án.

    Các dạng so sánh của tính từ và trạng từ (Comparison)
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BÀI LUYỆN TẬP VỀ SO SÁNH VỚI TÍNH TỪ VÀ TRẠNG TỪ(Exercise on comparison)Bài 1: Viết dạng so sánh hơn và so sánh hơn nhất của những tính từ và trạng từ sau: Tính từ/ Trạng từ So sánh hơn So sánh hơn nhất 1. beautiful 2. hot 3. crazy 4. slowly 5. few 6. little 7. bad 8. good 9. attractive 10. big Bài 2: Chọn đáp án đúng để điền vào chỗ trống trong những câu sau.1. She is ……. singer Ive ever met.A. worse B. bad C. the worst D. badly2. Mary is ……. responsible as Peter.A. more B. the most C. much D. as3. It is ……. in the city than it is in the country.A. noisily B. more noisier C. noisier D. noisy4. She sings .. among the singers I have known.A. the most beautiful B. the more beautifulC. the most beautifully D. the more beautifully5. She is ……. student in my class.A. most hard-working B. more hard-working C. the most hard-working D. as hard-working6. The English test was ……. than I thought it would be.A. the easier B. more easy C. easiest D. easier 7. English is thought to be ……. than Math.A. harder B. the more hard C. hardest D. the hardest8. Jupiter is ……. planet in the solar system.A. the biggest B. the bigger C. bigger D. biggest9. She runs in my class.A. the slowest B. the most slow C. the slowly D. the most slowly10. My house is ……. hers.A. cheap than B. cheaper C. more cheap than D. cheaper than11. Her office is ……. away than mine.A. father B . more far C. farther D. farer12. Tom is ……. than David.A. handsome B. the more handsomeC. more handsome D. the most handsome13. He did the test .. I did.A. as bad as B. badder than C. more badly than D. worse than 14. A boat is ……. than a plane.A. slower B. slowest C. more slow D. more slower15. My new sofa is ……. than the old one.A. more comfortable B. comfortably C. more comfortabler D. comfortable16. My sister dances .. than me.A. gooder B. weller C. better D. more good17. My bedroom is ……. room in my house.A. tidier than B. the tidiest C. the most tidy D. more tidier18. This road is ……. than that road.A. narrower B. narrow C. the most narrow D. more narrower19. He drives . his brother.A. more careful than B. more carefullyC. more carefully than D. as careful as 20. It was ……. day of the year.A. the colder B. the coldest C. coldest D. colderBài 3: Điền vào chỗ trống dạng so sánh đúng của từ trong ngoặc.1. He is (clever) . student in my group.
2. She cant stay (long) .than 30 minutes.
3. Its (good) . holiday Ive had.
4. Well, the place looks (clean) .now.
5. The red shirt is better but its (expensive) . than the white one.
6. Ill try to finish the job (quick)..
7. Being a firefighter is (dangerous) . than being a builder.
8. Lan sings ( sweet ) ..than Hoa
9. This is (exciting) . film Ive ever seen.
10. He runs ( fast ).of all.
11. My Tam is one of (popular) . singers in my country.
12. Which planet is (close) . to the Sun?
13. Carol sings as (beautiful) .as Mary, but Cindy sings the (beautiful) .
14. The weather this summer is even (hot) . than last summer.
15. Your accent is ( bad ) ..than mine.
16. Hot dogs are (good) .than hamburgers.
17. They live in a (big) . house, but Fred lives in a (big) . one.
18. French is considered to be (difficult) .than English, but Chinese is the (difficult) .language.
19. Its the (large). company in the country.
Bài 4: Viết lại những câu sau sao cho nghĩa không đổi.
1. Her old house is bigger than her new one.
-> Her new house………
2. No one in my class is taller than Peter.
-> Peter .
3. The black dress is more expensive than the white one.
-> The white dress
4. According to me, English is easier than Maths.
-> According to me, Maths .
5. No one in my group is more intelligent than Mary.
-> Mary .
6. No river in the world is longer than the Nile.
-> The Nile ..
7. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.-> No mountain …8. This is the first time I have ever met such a pretty girl.-> She is ..9. He works much. He feels tired.-> The more 10. This computer works better than that one.-> That computer ..11. The apartment is big. The rent is high.-> The bigger .12. We set off soon. We will arrive soon.-> The sooner 13. The joke is good. The laughter is loud. -> The better …14. She gets fat. She feels tired.-> The fatter .15. As he gets older, he wants to travel less.-> The older .16. The children are excited with the difficult games.-> The more .17. People dive fast. Many accidents happen.-> The faster .18. I meet him much. I hate him much-> The more .19. My boss works better when he is pressed for time,-> The less .20. As he has much money, he wants to spend much.-> The more .21. If you read many books, you will have much knowledge.-> The more 22. He speaks too much and people feel bored.-> The more 23. The growth in the economy makes peoples living condition better.-> The more ..24. People learn a lot of things as they travel far.-> The farther .ĐÁP ÁNBài 1: Tính từ/ Trạng từ So sánh hơn So sánh hơn nhất 1. beautifully beautifully the most beautifully 2. hot hotter the hottest 3. crazy crazier the craziest 4. slowly more slowly the most slowly 5. few fewer the fewest 6. little less the least 7. bad worse the worst 8. good better the best 9. attractive more attractive the most attractive 10. big bigger the biggest Bài 2:1. C 2. D 3. C 4. C 5. C6. D 7. A 8. A 9. D 10. D11. C 12. C 13. D 14. A 15. A16. C 17. B 18. A 19. C 20. BBài 3: 1. the cleverest
2. longer
3. the best
4. cleaner
5. more expensive
6. more quickly
7. more dangerous
8. more sweetly
9. the most exciting
10. the fastest
11. the most popular
12. the closest
13. beautifully most beautifully
14. hotter
15. worse
16. better
17. big – bigger
18. more difficult – the most difficult
19. largest
Bài 4: 1. Her new house isnt so/as big as her old one.2. Peter is the tallest in my class.3. The white dress isnt so/ as expensive as the black one.4. According to me, Maths isnt so/as easy as English.5. Mary is the most intelligent in my group.6. The Nile is the longest river in the world.7. No mountain in the world is higher than Mount Everest. 8. She is the prettiest girl I have ever met.9. The more he works, the more tired he feels.10. That computer doesnt work so/as well as that one.11. The bigger the apartment is, the higher the rent is.12.The better the joke is, the louder the laughter is.14. The fatter she gets, the more tired she feels.15. The older he gets, the less he want to travel.16. The more difficult the games are, the more excited the children are.17. The faster people drive, the more accidents happen.18.The more I meet him, the more I hate him.19. The less time my boss has, the better he works.20. The more money he has, the more he wants to spend.21. The more books you read, the more knowledge you will have.22.The more he speaks, the more bored people feel.23.The more the economy grows, the better peoples living condition is.24. The farther people travel, the more the learn. Tất cả nội dung nội dung bài viết. Các em hãy click more và tải file rõ ràng dưới đây: Tải về

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