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Support the development of narrative writing and close reading skills for high school with this growing bundle supplemental resources for teaching creative writing, 1984, To Kill a Mockingbird, The House on Mango Street, The Great Gatsby, Frankenstein, The Hobbit, Catcher in the Rye, Dracula, Lord of the Flies, Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Othello, King Lear, The Taming of the Shrew, The Merchant of Venice, The Tempest, and more than 100 short stories representing a variet

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    Dystopian Novels Digital Breakout BundleDystopian Analysis Flow ChartDystopian/Totalitarian State Propaganda ProjectTeaching Dystopian Fiction in the Classroom BundleGenre Word Art Poster: DystopianDystopian / Utopian Book List Slide ShowDystopian NarrativeDystopian Lit Bundle for Google ClassroomDystopian SpeechDystopian/Utopian Genre PosterIntroduction to Dystopian UnitDystopian Activity 6: Dystopian Novel Final PortfolioDystopian Activity 5: Dystopian Novel Literature ReviewDystopian Plot Diagram and Book CoverTHE DYSTOPIAN SOCIETYDystopian Discussion BookmarkVideo liên quan

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A fun way to get students to practice and develop careful reading skills, knowledge of sentence structure, and contextual vocabulary decoding. A great activity for test prep and review, holidays, the last day or week of school, or other filler days. The example sentences in this trò chơi all come from dystopian novels, so the trò chơi would also be a great activity during a literature unit on The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, 1984, The Giver, Uglies, or any other dystopian novel. In “Catch That Word”

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This project is for use with a dystopian novel/literature unit. It asks students to create a dystopia of their own. Ultimately, they create four end-products: encyclopedia entry, creative story, promo/commercial, and presentation. Students should have a good understanding of dystopias before assigning this project. It works well in conjunction with both literature and movies, such as The Hunger Games, Divergent, Fahrenheit 451, The Truman Show, etc. This project covers multiple English Langu

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Introduce your students to the common features and a few authors of dystopian literature with this engaging word search puzzle worksheet. The words are hidden in all directions and there may be some overlaps making this a challenging word search. A great activity for early finishers or just for something fun to take home and enjoy.The 27 hidden vocabulary words are: Anarchy, Atwood, Bradbury, Class Divide, Dehumanizing, Disease, Dystopia, Fiction, Frightening, Future, Huxley, Metaphor, Mistru

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This was an activity I did before reading “The Giver”, but can be done anytime of the year! THIS IS A POWERPOINT THAT STUDENTS FILL OUT. So each students needs access to a computer and the internet. My students completed theirs on their chromebook. Before doing this activity, explain to your students what a dytopia is. Through this activity, students get to make up their own society with laws, government, setting, healthcare, education, and more! At the end of the powerpoint, students pretend th

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This worksheet is a plot map template for dystopian novels. The design matches the rest of the dystopian items in my shop and the plot map itself guides students through the various sections of a dystopian novel with questions and reminds This activity can be used with any dystopian novel! Possible titles include the following: The Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, Legend, Quarantine, A Wrinkle in Time, The Giver, The City of Ember, The Selection, etc. This activity is a great extension of

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Used with: Handmaid’s Tale, 1984, Harrison Bergeron, The Lottery, Minority Report, We Ate the Children Last, The Windup Girl, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, Hunger Games. I use this with my high school students for literature circle discussion, Independent Reading Interrogations (this is when my kids pair up with a peer and must ask questions about the other student’s novel–then they flip roles), and for pop quizzes about novels we are reading in class. This is a doc (easy to edit) with 16

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This unit plan focuses on Dystopian Literature. It is designed for a high school level. The literature circle has three different novels, assigned based on the individual student’s reading ability. Each novel features a dystopian theme (1984, The Giver, The Hunger Games.) The unit plan includes discussion questions, worksheets, lesson plans (UBD format), rubrics, an introductory letter, and a final project. This product uses a new writing style each week. 5 Weeks, 5 style.

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This unit provides daily group activities for dystopian-themed literature circles. There are Monday questions, Wednesday questions, and Friday questions all themed around issues of power and self-sacrifice. I recommend having students answer these questions in blog format, such as Schoology, Google Classroom, Kidblog, or Moodle, but they could be answered on paper or any other way available to the classroom teacher. There are also Tuesday/Thursday activities, which involve students reading thr

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Unit Plans for eight Distopian Literature works. Includes pacing guides, text to film essays, activities, reading quizzes, and discussions. This bundle has everything you need to get started teaching classics in an engaging way! Units included: 1984, Animal Farm, Brave New World, Divergent, Fahrenheit 451, Hunger Games, The Giver, & The Handmaid’s Tale Save time and money – this bundle is 25% off the price of each individual unit! This bundle of resources supports an in-depth analysis o

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I promise you will love this unit! Resources for 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 are included, so you can choose which book. It includes timed writings, optional research project, poems and poetry writing, Newspeak activity, Supreme Court cases, quizzes for the books, and discussion leads. Feel không lấy phí to contact me if you have questions.

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This project was developed as part of a Thinking Critically with Data class. In this project, students will use reading and research to determine why the idea of dystopia has become so prevalent in our culture.
I have included my entire project plan, from creation to completion, which includes an assessment plan, link to a data collection/assessment tool, and ideas for projects/presentations. **As always, if you have any questions about this product, please feel không lấy phí to contact me 🙂

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Dystopian Novels Digital Breakout Bundle


This Dystopian Novels Digital Breakout Bundle is a fun, engaging way for students to review reading skills and concepts after completing a book study on dystopian novels.Breakouts included for books below:The GiverThe Maze RunnerDivergentThe Hunger GamesReading skills/concepts reviewed include:*character*theme*symbolism*conflict*figurative language*setting*and more…♥ Love the lesson?://.teacherspayteachers/Product/Utopia-Vs-Dystopia-Hyperdoc-4479007https://.teacherspayteachers.c

Dystopian Analysis Flow Chart


Use this flowchart to help your students analyze the root cause of a dystopian society. This flowchart works great with a variety of dystopian stories such as:
The Giver
Fahrenheit 451
“The Carnival”
“The Lottery”
“Harrison Bergeron” It can be used as a starting point for class discussions, or as a scaffold for opinion and persuasive writing. It is also a great method to compare and contrast multiple dystopian texts. For further analysis or for a civics connection, apply this chart t

This project will have students learn what are utopias and dystopias, while focusing on their differences and similarities. This project will motivate students to explore what they want their future to look like. It will also have students discuss on their dreams and use their creativity to create the world they want to live in. The project also includes a short writing where students are asked to put themselves in the life of someone living in a dystopian world.

Dystopian/Totalitarian State Propaganda Project


Completely ready to use! +++ Free updates forever! +++ Since I post items I actually use in my own class, whenever I reteach units, all of the items in/for those units get reworked for clarity, quality, presentably, or anything else that I see. +++This is my custom final project for my Fahrenheit 451 unit (though you could use it for any dystopia unit). I always teach F451 after Animal Farm where we intensely study propaganda and deceptive language. This project is an attempt to build off of tho

Teaching Dystopian Fiction in the Classroom Bundle


Great Deal. 24 Pages of Classroom Activities, Handouts and Discussion Questions! Includes:
Handouts to teach and help students chart the heroes journey in dystopian fiction Interactive handouts for Ted Ed videos
Dystopian Fiction/ How Stories Transform Your Mind
How to Recognize a Dystopia
Group Discussion and homework questions for short stories “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and “There Will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury
Activity that uses Conflict Theory to analyze dystopian fiction

Genre Word Art Poster: Dystopian


A bright and modern poster featuring key words for the fiction literature genre ‘Dystopian’. Use it to promote reading to students and help them to independently pick genres they will enjoy. It could also assist students with writing in the style of a specific genre.This zip file contains an editable ppt and a pdf. You may need to tải về some fonts for your posters to look the same as the preview image (see links below). Sized for A4 paper.—CopyrightNot to be resold, copied, altered, recolor

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After reading an interesting news article (linked in the file) about how you’re being spied on every day of your life, students work together to run around the room and swat things! What could be better?This article and trò chơi are a great pair with any dystopian text (Harrison Bergeron, 1984, The Censors, etc.). This file includes the 18-slide trò chơi, signs to hang, trò chơi directions, article link, and the answer key. If you’re interested in this resource, consider checking out my print-and-teach read

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Dystopian / Utopian Book List Slide Show


This is a Power Point created to book talk 15+ books under the categories Dystopian or Utopian. I like to book talk all of these books before my students choose a book to read when we study this genre. This is an editable product, so feel không lấy phí to add or edit this to make it your own. I use this to introduce my Dystopian Assignment. ://.teacherspayteachers/Product/Dystopian-Assignment-Differentiated-3202992 Erin

Dystopian Narrative


Package includes: 1. Slide presentation (37 slides)
2. Visuals and prompts
3. 5 assignments, 2 summatives
4. Worksheets, assignment handouts and rubrics Intro: This unit gives students the opportunity to critically interpret a dystopian narrative focusing their analysis on the concept of otherness, a central theme of this genre. The concept is first explored in the earlier lesson in a close reading and the paraphrasing of a definition of the “Other.” This is followed by the writing of the es

Dystopian Lit Bundle for Google Classroom


This is the perfect starting point for dystopian fiction! After reading “The Lottery” and “Harrison Bergeron,” assign ten questions to help students see the similarities in Dystopian Lit. Although the settings are drastically different, they have surprising similarities. By analyzing the characteristics of Dystopian Lit and reading both short stories, students can make new connections and understand the genre.ProductsThe Lottery for Google ClassroomHarrison Bergeron for Google ClassroomComparing

This activity is enacted into two parts: the first part is a cooperative learning group assignment, and the second part is an independent creative writing assignment.Part one requires students to work as a group to outline specific, prompted components of a Dystopian society of their own creation. Part one is also accompanied by discussion questions about the Dystopia they have created, which ensures that students will be held responsible for individual effort in this group-based portion of the

This thematic writing assignment asks students to consider the pros and cons of living in each of the dystopian worlds presented by Kurt Vonnegut in “Harrison Bergeron” and Ken Liu in “The Perfect Match.” The handout is a graphic organizer that facilitates paired and small group brainstorming. The writing assignment has students individually crafting a response to the question, “Which world would you rather live in and why?” providing least two specific pieces of textual evidence to tư vấn

Dystopian Speech


This is an assignment and a descriptive rubric for students to complete a dystopian speech. The process will help students work through the argument process (making a claim, providing evidence, explaining evidence). It’s in the form of an editable Word document, so you can make any necessary changes for personal use. Students need to have read a dystopian story or novel to complete this assignment, but they do not need to read the same story/novel. If you want to read a short story as a clas

Dystopian/Utopian Genre Poster


One of seven of a set genre posters used to define genre sections of library. High resolution image. Excellent for large format printing. Other genre posters available are Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Action, Adventure & Sports
Historical Fiction
Mystery and Suspense
Realistic Fiction
Relationships & Romance You can email if you would like this poster in a different color or need a different file type.

Introduction to Dystopian Unit


Buttiens’ English Resources

In this bundle you will find a 4-5 day activity to have students immerse themselves in dystopian texts. They will read beginning pages, watch the beginning of a movie, and complete handouts analyzing the dystopian elements. Once this is complete, the last day is spent brainstorming similarities in all of the texts in order to build a working knowledge/definition of Dystopia. I use this to introduce our first marking period, which is Dystopian Literature and our focus is 1984. I typically collec

This powerpoint walks through an activity in which students are asked to create profiles of characters that appear in Dystopian literature. Lesson includes learning target, do now, explanation of lesson activity and summary/wrap up question. This is a great way to get students to think critically about the characters while having some fun! You get the complete lesson activity and the graphic organizer! Each item in the bundle is also listed separately on TpT! Dystopian Meet and Greet GO Dys

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The students read a dystopian novel, other than Catching Fire. Then, as a surprise we brought them to the movie, Catching Fire. It was a wonderful experience. When we returned, I had them complete this compare/contrast assignment. There is a venn diagram for them to brainstorm their ideas and thoughts, and then they discuss their understanding of their novel and Catching fire.

Dystopian Activity 6: Dystopian Novel Final Portfolio


Dystopian Activity 6: Dystopian Novel Final Portfolio (2-page Handout) – This projects asks students to read a dystopian noel, then create a book jacket for that novel. Students are asked to define literary elements, write a review, write short constructed responses, and draw their favorite scene. This project also includes a scoring guide. *All dystopian activities can be purchased as a bundle for a discounted price here: ://.teacherspayteachers/Product/Dystopian-Projects-and-Activi

Dystopian Activity 5: Dystopian Novel Literature Review


Dystopian Activity 5: Dystopian Novel Literature Review (8-page Handout) – This is a basic literature review in which students are asked to read a dystopian novel, then analyze the text. Questions include finding biographical information, defining the climax, creating thematic statements, outlining literary devices, and creating an annotated cartoon. This project is commonly paired with the Dystopian Novel Final Portfolio. *All dystopian activities can be purchased as a bundle for a discounted p.

As a part of an ongoing study of dystopian texts, I show the 1927 film, Metropolis. Despite being a silent film, in black & white, the students respond really well and it serves as a strong foundation for more modern dystopian films. This is the note-taking/graphic organizer handout that I give to students to fill in as they watch the film. This allows students to be better prepared for our class discussion the end of the film and provides them with ample preparation for summative assessm

Dystopian Plot Diagram and Book Cover


This is an activity that I created for my students after reading stories by Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451, The Veldt, All Summer in a Day, and There Will Come Soft Rains). If they were to write their own dystopian story, who would the characters be? What would the setting be? What would the major conflict be? What would happen in the story? Students are to think about that and then create a plot diagram for what would happen. Afterwards, they are to create a book cover for their story. I’m leavin




It’s that time of the year where you teach Utopian and Dystopian literature. Well, this product will help students to understand the concepts and shine in your class!This THE DYSTOPIAN SOCIETY product can be used for comprehension of Dystopia. Indeed, this FREEBIE has 4-pages definitions and descriptions, an 8-element page delineating Dystopia, and a 1-page worksheet to help students navigate this genre of literature. This product can be used for 6th – 12th grade students. Check it out!This Prod

Dystopian Discussion Bookmark


Printable bookmark for students to keep track of evidence and questions to have ready for class discussion! This bookmark focuses on dystopian themes, character development, connections to the text, and relatable discussion questions that students want to discuss during class. Edit the file to change the book title or fit the needs of your students!

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IDEA (Identify, Describe, Explain, Analyse) Analyser sheet on the theme of ‘Dystopian Literature’. Powerpoint so can be used on the board or printed as a worksheet. Includes space for students to explain the keywords and suggested extension activities. Can take 10 minutes or an hour, depending on which activities the students complete. Ideal for the start of a lesson, a quick filler, a homework, part of a cover lesson or as a plenary on the board with a whiteboard pen. The idea behind these

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In this editable worksheet, students will use their critical reading skills to identify textual evidence related to characteristics of a dystopian society (rules, consequences, government, family, celebrations, jobs, school, etc). Then they will make connections to the real world to further their understanding the text. This is a great activity to accompany reading any story about a dystopian society, novels like The Hunger Games or The Giver, and short stories like Harrison Bergeron and The Lot

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