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catwoman nghĩa là

1. Catwoman is a character from the DC comics universe, specifically affiliated with Batman, her on again off again love interest. The character has been portrayed throughout the years by notable actresses, most recently Halle Berry in the recent adaption of Catwoman cinema, but i maintain, as many agree to, Julie Newmar was the best Catwoman ever. She was a stone fox back when she portrayed the character on that old Batman show with the -zip- *BANG* +NEWT+ punch effects…from her cute innocent smile to her curvaceous body toàn thân..and that smooth round…….ANYWAY…!
Although variations have been made to the character’s appearance as time passed, she basically maintains the same general characteristics, including catlike agility, very high sex appeal, thievery, and a fetish for dressing like the host of a BDSM party every day, right down to the whip. Her costume is usually seen as a tight bodysuit with some kind of head cover, in the Julie Newmar days she simply wore little cat ears, while she was in later years depicted having a hood or mask of some kind. Oh yeah and she is a crazy good fighter with some lethal kicks which can incapacitate their victim, depending where they get hit. On that note, Catwoman seems to have proven herself untrustworthy, using baiting techniques (see example) to get her enemy to lower their defences so she can strike.
All in all, Catwoman is a pretty fuckin’ cool character.

2. The nickname Catwoman can also apply to a girl who is catlike and highly sensual, although somewhat bitchy and underhanded, or a even a tease who uses her own sex appeal to bend men to do her will.

Example1. In reference to her dirty fighting, in the film Batman Returns, Catwoman (portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer sp?) attacks Batman on a rooftop. She lays in several good kicks until he has enough and decks her. She looks up him like she was genuinely hurt and says “How could you?? I’m a woman!” As Batman tries to apologize, Catwoman surprises him by kicking him in the groin!
In Batman, the Animated series, Catwoman frequently gets Batman close to her and then strikes him with surprise kicks and scratches.
Julie Newmar was the sexiest Catwoman.

2. 2 guys talking…
-Did you get any play from Selena?
-Man, she got me really wound up by purring like a cat while rubbing her body toàn thân while i watched…then she asked me for 40 dollars…I only had 20 on me, but she used her verbal sex kitty witchcraft on me and next thing i knew i was walking back from the bank with balls as blue as the Tick!
-Damn, she’s a real Catwoman.

catwoman nghĩa là

When a person unexpectetedly has the urge to take their belt off and start whipping other people around them.

ExampleHe did a catwoman on me!

catwoman nghĩa là

A movie seen by many horny adolescent boys who could just go rent swordfish or monsters ball and actually see her *gasp* boobs!

Exampledude, any one who doesnt want to see Halle Berri run around in leather and very scantily clad, fighting a very hot Sharon Stone, IS GAY.

catwoman nghĩa là

the cat-loving, whip-wielding, jewelry-stealing, leather-wearing, ass-kicking hottie who alternates between having a romance with the Caped Crusader and trying to claw his pointy cowled head off. has a thing for roof-jumping in Gotham night. without a net. has a sharp tongue and rather sharp claws. sometimes a reluctant antiheroine.

she and said Caped Crusader (Batman) have a knack for saving each other during their late-night rendezvouses… she is Batman’s ultimate perfect match in a woman, even if they can never be together for good… Batman’s mission and her life of crime get in the way of their life together without masks, though not in the way of their feelings for each other.

Her “real” identity is Selina Kyle. She is also known as The Cat (as opposed to The Bat).

ExampleThugs: Hey, it’s Catwoman! C’mere, kitty kitty!
Catwoman: Sorry, boys, no time to play.
Thugs (with rope): Aw, but we got your ball of string right here!
Catwoman: …On second thought, maybe you boys need to take a little cat-nap.
*Catwoman beats them all up*

catwoman nghĩa là

one of the many villans in the Batman (DC comics) series. Since her debut in the series she has had her own comic book series put out.
she dresses in a leather cat suit and her weopon is a cat o’ nine tails whip.
She has had a love interest role with bruce wayne (batman) in both series and the movies.
in one version of the comic her background story is basicly both her parents die and she is cast into the world of crime. shes in a constant battle with good and evil.
She was a major minor character in the batman tv series and was in the 1966 batman movie.
She was in the movie Batman returns played by michelle pfeiffer and the background story was way off the comic books.
in the movie Catwoman she was played by halli berry, the movie did not fare well.
Catwoman is a very awesome character in the DC comic world, my favorite.

ExampleCatwoman was awesome when she lashed that guy with her whip.

catwoman nghĩa là

verb. To convince a person that a movie generally recognized as terrible is in truth good and worth seeing.

ExampleDennis: You know, everyone says Trash Humpers is a terrible movie, but actually it’s really good. I was surprised, but it’s truly a cinematic masterwork. You should definitely go see it in the theater.
Sam: Are you serious, or are you catwomaning me?

catwoman nghĩa là

A movie that looks like it sucks. Probably another Tank girl type of movie. See: Trainwreck

ExampleMy friends will be paying 7.50 just to go and see Hally Barry, even though the movie will suck.


catwoman nghĩa là

A rather violent act of sexual aggression in which a person ties up a female, stuffs all her body toàn thân cavities (mouth, nose, anus, vagina, ears) with fish, and leaves her out by a dumpster for the cats.

ExampleJulia experienced a catwoman last week and hasn’t been the same woman since then.

catwoman nghĩa là

A movie with two incredibally hot chicks in it that battle it out. NOW Me and my friend here, NOT ZANE, have arguments about this. I say it could possibly be good, EVEN THOUGH its destine to be a hot movie, I thnik it could still be a good movie aswell. BUT NOT ZANE is very Biased towards the not. Oh well.

ExampleMicah: dude, any one who doesnt want to see Halle Berri run around in leather and very scantily clad, fighting a very hot Sharon Stone, IS GAY.

Zane: The plot looks gay.

Micah: BUT DUDE…..ah screw it.

catwoman nghĩa là

Catwoman is one of the oldest antiheroes around. Born Selina Kyle, she has lived in Gotham city her entire life. Some comics state she has a sister, Maggie. Her most common allies include her best friend Holly, and her fellow Gotham City Sirens Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. She has an on/off romantic thing with Batman. Selina is an incredibly complex person, who was traumatized a young age. She’s one of the worlds best thieves, a skill she learned when she was left as an orphan and needed to steal basic necessities to survive. Some comics claim she spent time in a home ran by a literal psychopath, Madam something. I think there was a mention of gypsies. Anyway, the simple way to remember her backstory is her Mom died, Shortly after her Dad did too, and she was left alone and ended up being homeless until she began stealing things and selling them to make enough money to survive. She continued her career of stealing, befriended Holly, and eventually somehow got caught up with Batman and Harley and all the other superheroes and villains. While she’s considered to be a villain, she lacks the evilness or desire to cause pain that someone like Lex Luther does. Catwoman is known as a modern day comic sex symbol, mostly due to her tight suit she wears on her adventures. She has many different hair styles and colors, and green eyes. She is horribly portrayed in all films ever and there is nothing good to be said about TV.

ExampleCatwoman stole a diamond from the Gotham Museum last night!


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