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    Chase Roberts@chsrbrts@benedictevans If you havent used @pipedream yet, then you havent lived.Ellie Day@heyelliedayEvaluation update: @pipedream has quite literally been a dream to work with! Im excited to leverage this tool for all the various workflows I need to write. Im currently 11k invocations a day from the initial workflows Ive written in the past couple weeks.Michael Braedley@MBraedleyUpdate: I got it working properly, and it’s working so well that I’m dropping IFTTT. @pipedream can do everything that IFTTT basic can, and most (if not all things) IFTTT pro can for không lấy phí or a reasonable price if you need it. I am recommending it for basically any power user.Thomas Cutting@mrthomascuttingWant quick+dirty integrations for a serverless workflow – @pipedream is my new go-to Matthew Roberts@mattdotrobertsday 013 – finally hit node js. This is the secret sauce of taking #nocode projects that one step further. Pumped about getting deeper into @pipedream nowKenneth Auchenberg @auchenbergYahoo Pipes is back! Kinda @pipedreamRaymond Camden @raymondcamdenAwesome video by the @pipedream folks showing real time twitter sentiment analysis integrated with Google Sheets. This is where Pipedream *really* shines, connecting systems together in easy workflows.Nacho Caballero@nachocaballeroI couldn’t recommend @pipedream more. It’s an amazing service to integrate different APIs. Much more powerful than Zapier and more user-friendly than AWS Lambda. I’m very proud to wear this t-shirt #NoCodeJason Snow@jyksnwDeveloped a working prototype environmental sensor IoT solution with @particle Photon, @pipedream, and @MongoDB with full graphing and alerting in less than a day! All amazing technology, will def. be exploring these more.Steven Terrana@steven_terrana@burgwyn you’ve inspired me to finally set up my own blog. I’ll make sure my first blog post explains the tech behind the setup. think @obsdmd + @GatsbyJS + @pipedream. James Augeri, PhD@DotDotJamesWant to low-code your back end, need more horsepower than @Bubble / @KnackHQ, or just miss Yahoo! Pipes? Check out @PipeDreamSébastien Chopin@AtinuxGitHub issues should be like @linear_app for maintainers. Looking forward more integrations with GH actions or tools like @pipedream Raul@raul_predescuIf you’re a dev and not using @pipedream, you’re missing out. Been using it for months, daily. FREE for devs. Plenty of integrations and good limits. Absolutely love it.Bruno Skvorc@bitfallsSo @pipedream is pretty amazing. In 3 minutes I just made a flow which adds @rickastley’s Never Gonna Give You Up to my @spotify playlist whenever a new pull request arrives in an old repo of mine.Zach Lanich@ZachLanichUm, wow @pipedreamSteven Bell@bellontechI just used @pipedream to build a Shopify App. Wow, they make small backed tasks easy.Jay Hack @_jayhack_Very impressed with this bad boi – it reminds me of a @PalantirTech internal tool, but geared towards integrations instead of data analysis and far more customizable. Great expectations here Tree Sturgeon ‍️@philsturgeonFor context this is day 2 of a really challenging and stupid migration from Notion to @airtable with disparate/missing data. It’s going better than expected and thanks to @pipedream I don’t have to bother the iOS dev to add W3W.



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