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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, but of course no extra cost for you.Whether you make use of your PC for graphics design, gaming, and editing, or some other heavy-duty functions, your processor is a vital component of your PC. Thus, if you intend to keep your PC functioning capacity, you will need to get the best processor performance. If you are using a PC motherboard that has an LGA 1150 socket and you are in search of the ideal CPU, this guide got written for you! Here we will be taking a deep look some of the best LGA 1150 CPU. We will be considering durability, performance, and some other vital criteria.PreviewBest Core i7 CPUBest Core i5 CPUBest Core i3 CPUTitleIntel Core i7-4790 Processor – BX80646I74790Intel Chip 3.1 4 BX80646I54570Intel Core i3-4150 Processor (3M Cache, 3.50 GHz) BX80646I34150Best Core i7 CPUPreviewTitleIntel Core i7-4790 Processor – BX80646I74790Best Core i5 CPUPreviewTitleIntel Chip 3.1 4 BX80646I54570Best Core i3 CPUPreviewTitleIntel Core i3-4150 Processor (3M Cache, 3.50 GHz) BX80646I34150

    Things You Should Be Mindful For Before Purchasing A Processor

      Number of coresSocketCache level and sizeClock speedThermal Design PowerLithography and architecture

    The Best LGA 1150 CPU in 2022

      1. Intel Core i7 4790K2. Intel Core i7 47903. Intel i7 4770 quad-core4. Intel Core I5 45705. Intel Core i5 44606. Intel i5-45907. Intel i3 41508. Intel i3 4130

    Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Best LGA 1150 CPU

      AdvantagesMajor disadvantage

    Frequently Asked QuestionsConclusion

Things You Should Be Mindful For Before Purchasing A ProcessorCertain factors should influence your choice of the processor when you are in the market for one. We have taken out time to acquaint our readers with the main performance criteria for selecting your CPU. Here are some of the specifications which you must be mindful of aside the family and clock speed.

Number of cores

Note that cores are the primary thread initiators tasked with the responsibility of handling roles assigned to the CPU. The more the number of cores you have the more the threads, thus the higher its multitasking capabilities. Note that more cores do not imply increased performance.This is where the term Instructions per cycle performance comes in. This is a measure of the number of tasks that one core can carry out in one Hertz. The frequency then gets multiplied across the cores and this gives you the total performance.


This is the physical connection that exists between the motherboard and the CPU. The socket type is also a major determinant factor for the upgrade. This is because the CPU of a socket type cant get used with the motherboard of another socket. For instance, an LGA 1150 socket cannot get used by a motherboard of LGA 1155 socket.This is a hindering factor and as such you have to be aware of the socket type before considering an upgrade.

Cache level and size

The cache is a buffer between the CPU and the RAM and functions as a sort of bridge between them both. It may consider as an ultra-quick RAM albeit smaller in size. The Cache assists in speeding the implementation of a program. What this means is that any instruction relayed to the CPU gets passed through the CPU. If it cant get found there, it gets it from the Random access memory. In a case where it is in the cache, the execution will occur. This is because there is a wide performance gap between the cache bandwidth and RAM bandwidth.

Clock speed

Also known as frequency, clock speed is the most vital part of a CPU. This is because it indicates the total number of clock cycles that the CPU will make per second. It gets measured in hertz. With the expansion of the capacities of modern-day CPUs, we now have the use of Giga Hertz.

Thermal Design Power

This is the total amount of heat that your CPU generates. It is a rough estimate of the power consumption in an ideal situation. Note that there is no device that is 100 percent efficient and as such you cant expect the power output to equal the power draw. Hence, the consumed power is a bit higher than thermal design power more often than not.

Lithography and architecture

This is a factor that goes a long way in determining the potential of the CPU. The architecture of the CPU is a term used to describe the technology, design, and layout of the system transistors.The Best LGA 1150 CPU in 2022

1. Intel Core i7 4790K

The Intel Core i7-4790k quad-core CPU is a massive upgrade to its ancestor the 4770K. It also comes equipped with several features among which include improved GPU and CPU capabilities. It also comes with improved power use among others.Specifications

    Power consumption: 88 wattClock rate: between 4000 and 4400 MHzIn has Intel HD Graphics 460032GB physical memoryNumber of threads and cores: 8 and 4
FeaturesThe 4790K is one of the fastest LGA 1150 CPUs out there. It comes with a base clock speed of about 4 GHz which can get boosted up to 4.4GHz as long as its coolness can get maintained while in use. The K in the code name indicates that it is an unlocked version hence you can overlock as you want.The Core i7-4790K makes use of 22nm processes which makes it have better temperatures when compared with the Ivy Bridge series. It also seeks to make amends with the limited overlocking potentials which users had with previous Haswell processors.It is also worthy of note that the chip tends to operate hotter. This is because it uses a little bit more power than its predecessors hence the need for extra cooling. Also, the corei7-4790K got designed to be compatible with the LGA1150 motherboards. It got designed for motherboards that deploy the Intel Z97 and will also be compatible with the Z87 motherboards. For it to work, you may have to update its firmware.An outstanding technology which the 4790K possesses is the Hyper-Threading function. This permits the cores to be sub-divided into eight cores. This goes a long way in boosting its multi-tasking capability and its performance. Note that it also possesses 8MB of cache as the i7-4770K which gets shared among the processors.Furthermore, the 4790K makes use of the Intel HD Graphics 4600 which is the same as its predecessors.Pros

    It has a quicker stock speed than what the 4770K hasIt has class-leading performance and virtualization capabilitiesIt holds the record of being the first all-core processor from Intel (for 4GHz)


    Not much improvement with the graphicsThere is variability with the overlocking
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2. Intel Core i7 4790

This is one of the most efficient processors emanating that deploys the Haswell architecture.Specifications

    Number of cores: 4 and 8Clock rate between 3600 to 4000 MHzIt has the Intel HD Graphics 4600It comes with a peak power consumption of eighty-four watts22nm manufacturing technology
FeaturesThe Intel Core i7 4790 is a CPU that clocks between 3.6 to 4GHz. It also runs as much as eight threads the same time as a result of the innovation known as hyperthreading. When compared with the 4770K it doesn’t give you improved speed. It does come with improved performance levels.It also has a thermal design power rating of eighty-four watts. This makes it suitable for both large laptops and desktops. Note that the release of the 4790 was an effort by Intel to meet up with the market demand for the fastest core processors. The 4790 shares a lot of similarities with its predecessors it has a little incremental clock frequency upgrade.Some of the features highlight
ed in the pitch for the 4790 includes:
    Thermal monitoring technology which assists in the regulation of the processor temperature.It comes with the Intel Turbo Boost which implies that the chip can increase to high clocking speeds within a shorter space of time.It comes with identity protection technology which helps in the protection of the user credentials.
Some other notable features of the CPU that make it one of the best socket 1150 CPUs in town are that it comes with the Intel Virtualization Technology, Intel SIPP among others. On the graphics aspect, the 4790 CPU comes with the Intel HD Graphics 4600 which is quite higher than what is obtainable with its predecessors. This thus offers it a quicker graphics solution for tablet and mobile segments. This CPU is also able to handle several games with ease. It doesn’t have the best speed.Pros

    It is quite a power-efficientIt has good core performance


    It has a lower memory bandwidthlower peak turbo frequency
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3. Intel i7 4770 quad-core

The Intel i7 4770 quad-core CPU is one of the best LGA1150 processors out there for several reasons. This CPU holds the unique reputation of being one of the fastest of the Haswell CPU architecture and makes our LGA1150 CPU listSpecifications

    Cores and threads: 4 and 8Base frequency: 3.4 GHzPeak turbo: 3.9GHzTechnology: 22nm
FeaturesIf you are a heavy gamer, with a solid dedicated graphics card, you may not get impressed with what the fourth-generation Core has to offer. The CPU is more power-efficient and leaner. The i7 comes with some unique performance upgrade over its predecessors. The 4th generation Core i7 4770 got made using the 22nm process. It also houses 1.4 billion Tri-Gate 3D transistors. It features unlocked cores that tư vấn overclocking. It has a base clock speed of 3.5GHz and a turbo bump of 3.9GHz.It also comes featuring four cores running on eight threads. This is as a result of Intels threading technology. Furthermore, it comes with the HD 4600 graphics core which gives you playback for HD contents. Its clock speed gets controlled about 1250MHz and has its overclocking function enabled. There is about 8MB of shared L3 Smart Cache. It also comes equipped with the LGA 1150 socket.Pros

    Awesome performanceIt can overclockIt has a low power consumption


    It generates high temperature under load
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4. Intel Core I5 4570

The Intel Core i5-4570 processor is a well-made CPU which offers users most of what the Core i7 offers. This makes it suitable for video or photo editing work a less expensive cost.Specifications

    Clock rate between 3600 to 4000 MHzIt has the Intel HD Graphics 4600It comes with a peak power consumption of eighty-four watts22nm manufacturing technology
FeaturesIf you are on a journey to construct a powerful Computer a very reasonable cost, there are quite many options available to you in this regard. This CPU possesses accelerated processing units that are suitable for those who desire the best. This is especially in graphics performance. Also, there is the mainstream Core processor for those who make CPU muscle their priority.If you are the type of person that has some non-work related needs and do not bother much about overclocking, this is the CPU for you. Be aware that Hyper-threading gets disabled with it. And its power-consumption rating is the same as the more expensive models in the Core family.The absence of hyper-threading could be a draw-back for this chip especially if you are using threaded programs that could have been able to use the four virtual threads which are in other quad-core chips. If the content creation activities are non-rigorous, this is the ideal chip for you.Having said all these, it is imperative to note that this remains a rather powerful chip. This chip got designed on the 22-nanometer process by Intel as well as the 3D transistor technology which came with the previous chip generations of the company. It also has a clock speed range between 3.2 GHz and 3.6GHz and it is not unlocked for overlocking.There aren’t many power savings with the Core i5-4570. It has a thermal design rating of 84 watts. Even though this core processor does not offer much CPU speed or architectural changes, it is an improvement in performance. It comes with the HD Graphics 4600 of Intel the same as the i7-4770L.Pros

    It has a performance that is close to the Intel i7-4770KIt comes equipped with integrated graphics equipped to handle low settings gamingIt is quite affordable


    It doesnt have hyper-threading supportIt comes with the 84-watts power usage which other high-end CPUs use
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5. Intel Core i5 4460

The Intel i5 4460 is a mid-range quad-core processor. It got unveiled back in the second quarter of 2014 and comes in 22nM. It does not come with features such as hyper-threading and as such you will only be able to use 4 cores with 4 threads.Specifications

    It has a clock rate between 3200 and 3400 MHzTotal number of cores: 4/4Power consumption: 84 wattsTechnology: 22nmGPU: Intel Graphics 4600
FeaturesIt comes with Haswell architecture which is an improvement upon the Ivy Bridge architecture. It has a core mandate to improve performance and energy use. It also comes with optimized jump prediction as well as an increase in the total number of execution units. This thus guarantees improved performance in cases of hyper-threading.On the performance angle, the i5-4460 ranks better than the Core-i5-4430. Generally speaking, it has enough performance reserve to handle your daily needs. On the graphics aspect, it comes incorporated with the Intel HD Graphics 4600 which clocks as much as 1100MHz.As for the power consumption department, it comes with 84 wattsPros

    It comes equipped with the HD 4600 graphicsIt requires less powerIt is quicker in all program typesIt comes with AVX2/AVX/FMA3 F16C instructionsHigher memory bandwidth


    Can be slower with single-threaded programs
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6. Intel i5-4590

The Intel i5-4590 makes our list as one of the best LGA1150 CPUs for several reasons. It is a desktop processor equipped with 4 threads and 4 cores. It doesn’t come with the hyper-threading feature. The cores got designed to clock between 3.3-3.7 GHz while the SoC integrates 6MB level 3 caches. It comes with an integrated Intel HD graphics card 4600. Also, the integrated memory controller can tư vấn as much as 32 GB.Specification

    Lithography process: 22nmRAM: 32GBTDP: 84wattsFrequency: 3.3GHzTurbo frequency: 3.7 GHzThreads and core: 4
FeaturesLaunched in 2014, this CPU is a part of the Core i5 lineup and it uses the Haswell architecture with the socket 1150. It comes with 6MB of L3 cache and it functions on 3.3 GHz by default even though it can boost to 3.7GHz depending on function.Also, it got made on a 22nm production node. It has a TDP of 84 Watts and can be a heavy power consumer hence the need for cooling. it supports the DDR3 memory along with a dual-channel interface. For communication with other components, it deploys a PCI-express Gen 3 connection. It also has hardware virtualization which helps in boosting virtual machine performance.Pros

    It comes with better multi-threaded performanceIt comes with virtualization supportIt has NX Bit


    It can be power intensive sometimes
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7. Intel i3 4150

The Intel 4150 is one best LGA 1150 CPUs bec
ause of its unique features. It comes equipped with 2 cores and four threads while running on a clock speed of about 3.5GHz.

    Clock speed frequency: 3.5GHzCores and threads: 2 cores and 4 threadsIt comes equipped with Intels Rapid Storage technologyIt has the Intel Turbo boost technologyManufacturing process: 22nm
FeaturesThe core i3 4150 by Intel is a processor designed for desktop computers and got built on the Haswell Micro-architecture. The CPU got locked to avoid a situation of overclocking. It has a total of 2 cores and 4 threads. It comes with the Intel Graphics 4400 with a maximum video size of 2GB.This CPU is compatible with the Z97 and Z87 motherboards. Users of Z87 motherboards may have to use a BIOS update for compatibility. It comes fitted with the Intel Rapid Storage Technology as well as quick sync Video which creates faster conversion for videos. Besides this is the fact that it comes with the Intel Turbo boost technology and Intel IPT and PKI.Furthermore, it is a desktop processor that comes with integrated video. The core i3 4150 is a dual-core processor. As a result of the Hyper-threading technology, it gets seen by the operating system as possessing four cores.The Intel Core i3 4150 CPU comes in a 4.6 by 3.4 by 4.6 dimensions and measures about 13.3 ounces. If you are looking to build a mainstream computer using discrete graphics cards, you should consider using the Core i3-4150Also, its GPU supports the Intel Insider feature and the CPU is compatible with OpenGL, DirectX 11.2, as well as OpenCL 1.2APIs. The graphics unit also comes with Wireless Display, Quick Sync Video, as well as clear video HD Technology.Pros

    It is quite an energy-efficientIt comes integrated with the HD 4400 GPU which can run 3D applications and casual games.It is generally faster than AMD CPUs(Quad-core CPUs)It is hyper-threaded


    It has a lower base frequencyLow memory bandwidth
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8. Intel i3 4130

Although it lacks some of the features of the most expensive quad-core CPUs, Intels i3-4130 still ranks as quite affordable and quick. Hence, if you are a budget gamer or a mainstream PC user who intends on using a dedicated graphics card, this is the ideal chip for your next PC.Specifications

    Core: HaswellFrequency: 3.4GHzNumber of cores:2 virtuals, 2 physicalManufacturing process: 22nmThermal design power: 54WHyper-threading
FeaturesFor some time now, the A-series by AMD deploys graphics processors and CPUs which are APUs. This had some benefits over the lower end Core CPUs by Intel. The first benefit is that the AMD parts have a better-integrated graphics capability. In recent times, the integrated graphics silicon on the consumer processors has seen great improvements. It hasn’t been able to catch up with the AMDs parallel chips.Another remarkable feature of this CPU is the price which is quite affordable. The Core i3 4130 is also quite suited for productivity use against gaming. It also comes fitted with the Intel HD Graphics 4400 silicon.On the architecture aspect, the Intel i3 4130 got made using the 22-nanometer process. It also uses the 3D transistor technology. The core i3 only has two physical cores which may seem discouraging. It comes with the Hyper-Threading feature by Intel which some of the more expensive chips in the same line do not have.What hyper-threading does is to allow each core to handle two threads the same time. It suffices to say that the Core i3-4130 can handle as much as four processing threads the same time.On the clock speed aspect, even though it has two physical cores, it comes equipped with a 2.4GHz base clock speed. It is worthy of note that it does not tư vấn the Turbo Boost technology by Intel. Also, its clock speed gets locked. These features and more make the Core i3 chip as fast as other expensive Intel alternatives. It may not be the best LGA 1150 CPU for gaming, but it makes up for this in other departments.There is a benefit of having two physical CPU cores and that is the fact that it makes it an ideal choice for silent PC builds. It also has a thermal design power rating of about 54 watts. On Graphics performance, it comes with some improvements in integrated graphics performance. It functions on an HD 4400 graphics core.Pros

    It comes with hyper-thread supportHas improved CPU performance than other related AMD CPUsIt is affordableHas a reasonable power need


    It doesnt have the turbo boost featureIt doesnt have impressive integrated graphics performance.
Check Price On AmazonAdvantages And Disadvantages Of The Best LGA 1150 CPUThe best LGA 1150 CPUs come with their unique advantages and disadvantages.


Here are some of the unique advantages of an LGA 1150 CPU:It is worthy of note that most of the Intel 4th Generation processors come with increased multitasking ability. Their unique architecture means that they offer quicker multi-tasking abilities. This is when compared with their predecessors. Added to this is the fact that Intel Processors make use of hyper-threading to carry out quicker processes such as surfing more than one tab or using more than an application the same time.The average LGA 1150 processor comes with higher processing speed when compared with its rivals. What this means is that the CPU can analyze and process the assigned task within a shorter period. You spend less time waiting and can carry out multi-task functions as well as increased performance function.
    Less time to complete functions
Due to their quick processing capacity, you will get your data processed within a much shorter time frame. This saves you more time, energy, and resources as your applications will be opening without delay.

Major disadvantage

    It comes with fewer featuresHas lower RAM

Frequently Asked Questions

    Will an 1150 CPU fit 1151?
The answer is no. an 1150 CPU will not fit well into a motherboard which supports the 1151 processor. As a way to prevent this, the CPU will not be a good fit for the slot. Even in a situation where you can fit in the 1150 CPU, it will turn out not to be compatible with its memory.
    Are LGA 1150 CPUs Outdated?
No! They are not obsolete or outdated. They are quite capable of carrying out their functions.
    Is LGA 1155 compatible with LGA 1150?
No. the LGA 1150 and LGA 115 CPU are not compatible. Note that only fourth-generation Intel processors are compatible with the 1150 motherboard. Hence, if you have an 1155 processor, it wont fit into the slot.
    Is 1151 and 1150 the same?
It is worthy of note that the LGA 1150 came before 1151. Even though they may share some architectural similarities, they do have some gaps in performance.
    Which is more important between cores, clock speed, or threads?
This is dependent on the tasks you intend to carry out with it. For instance, higher clocks generally mean quicker program load times and responsiveness. If you engage in a lot of multitasking, you should consider the cores.
    What is the LGA 1150 all about?
The socket LGA 1150 is a CPU designed to be a platform for the 4th generation Intel Core processors. It is also known to tư vấn several 5th generation core chips in the market. It is on six unique chipsets: B85, H81, Q85, Q87, Z87, and H87.ConclusionYour computer should generally make your life easier and better. This hinges on the quality of choices you make of it. We have provided you a list of the best LGA 1150 CPUs in the market to help you make the right choices. Our list consists of CPUs that are quit
e affordable, power-efficient, reasonable Graphics capabilities, and the likes. Your choice the end of the day will be a function of what you want out of the CPU in the long run.
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