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Netflix is making a Terminator anime series
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    By Michael McWhertor
    on February 26, 2022 4:38 pm

Image: Paramount Pictures

Netflix is developing an original anime series based on the Terminator, with famed animation studio Production I.G on board. The new animated series will approach Terminator in a way that breaks conventions, subverts expectations and has real guts, according to showrunner and executive producer Mattson Tomlin.

The project will be the Terminator franchises first foray into animation, following six live-action films and one television series, Foxs Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Terminator is one of the most iconic sci-fi stories ever created and has only grown more relevant to our world over time, John Derderian, vice president of Nhật bản and anime Neflix, said in a news release. The new animated series will explore this universe in a way that has never been done before. We cant wait for fans to experience this amazing new chapter in the epic battle between machines and humans.


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Skydance and Netflix tapped Production I.G, the veteran anime production studio known for its work on series like Ghost in the Shell, Haikyu!!, and Psycho-Pass, to develop Terminator. Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, president and CEO of Production I.G, said in a news release, I asked my long-time friend and colleague Mamoru Oshii what he thought about the idea of turning Terminator into an animated series. His response was Ishikawa, are you out of your mind? At that instant, I was confident we should get onboard. As huge fans, our team Production I.G is putting their heart and souls into creating this series. We hope fans will enjoy it!

Tomlins credits include writing the stories for Matt Reeves upcoming The Batman, Netflixs Project Power, and Capcoms Mega Man movie. Now hes tasked with turning the Terminator franchise around after the propertys most recent big failure, the coolly received Terminator: Dark Fate.

Netflix did not announce a release window or title for its Terminator anime.

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Heres how you do a new Terminator story: make it a horror movie, and dont tell anyone its a Terminator movie.

Strip it way, way down. Everybody loves T2, but theyve tried what? Four times to recapture the T2 magic? Let it go. The Terminator was made for $6 million in the 80thats only $16 million in today dollars!and was an attempt to cash in on the slasher craze.

Make it a lean, nasty, dark thriller about paranoia, pursuit, and violence. Forget all this timeline shit, forget all this “no fate” garbage, for the love of god forget the Connors.

Just three people: a victim, a protector, and an unstoppable killer, scrambling through LA over the course of a few days. If you can keep the “Terminator” label off it until its released, even better: old fans will have an inkling (“I think Jeremy Saulniers new movie is secretly a new Terminator”) and the kids in the audience wont care. Then, 30 minutes in, the killer gets hit in the face with a shotgun blast and as he turns to face the camera, hit them with the “dundundunDUNDUN” on the reveal of the metal skeleton and red eye.

Or DONT and go the whole movie without any calbacks all, and let Reddit or YouTube pick apart all the “hidding references” and “explain the ending.”

By Colin Munch on 02.26.21 4:58pm

Your lips to Netflixs ears.

Or your post to their screen, rather.

But yes, 100% yes. Terminator needs to NOT be a giant bombastic overblown action thing ever, ever, evereverever again. It needs to be a little mean-spirited dirty horror thing.

Bonus: This is also how you make the Alien series worthwhile! its funny, James Cameron turning the sequels to these two absolute horror classics into all-time action spectacles was the absolute right call for those two movies. Double edged sword being that it caused EVERYONE to believe that both movies should be the springboard to dumb “franchise” applications, the pursuit of which tended to ruin everything everyone ever liked about those first two movies to begin with.

(I think Dark Fate is probably the best version of Terminator 3 you could come up with, but it also took over 20 years and a mess of not great stuff before you even GOT there)

Honestly, neither Terminator or Alien should have been “franchised” to begin with. But since thats a foregone conclusion, the question is in HOW you franchise them. And the answer isnt to make them action series. Its to make them HORROR again.

By Larry_O on 02.26.21 5:06pm

The only way to save the Alien franchise is to make the xenomorph the good guy.

By woef on 02.26.21 5:15pm

The Planet of the Apes treatment? Thats interesting. I dont know if I love it for Alien but its a cool idea

By Colin Munch on 02.26.21 5:30pm

With Aliens (and with Terminator) there is another way to make a fantastic sequel.

Alien and the original Terminator started small 1 bad and very intimate.
Aliens and T2 cranked the scale up larger scale, more people involved, and more aliens/terminators.

The natural next step is to keep going. Aliens 3 (if my memory serves me) was supposed to be a war movie of sorts as the Aliens were supposed to come to Earth (but the studio behind it didnt want to tư vấn a budget of that size so you got the dumpster fire that was the third Alien movie). T3 as a war movie a much grander scale could be amazing.

By murphsp1 on 02.28.21 9:25am

“Get your hands off me you damn dirty creep!”


By BillClam on 02.26.21 7:10pm

Are are you me?

I have pretty much the same shower-pitch for rebooting Alien: make a workplace drama in space and never mention anything even remotely extraterrestrial until somebodys chest explodes dinner.

By Colin Munch on 02.26.21 5:30pm

I am very much hoping this is what is going to happen with FXs upcoming Alien series, and its definitely something I can see Noah Hawley doing. I think its going to be a very dark satire of bureaucracy/office politics and itll just sort of SLIDE into pure horror every now and again.

At least thats the hope.

By Larry_O on 02.26.21 5:47pm

I did not know about that, thats very exciting

By Colin Munch on 02.26.21 5:58pm

Ah well now I have to go check that out immediately! Had no idea something like this was on the cards.

By KD27 on 02.27.21 8:36am

Along those lines. been hoping whatever this spawn movie is that keeps popping up, they go the same route.

Follow the detective who doesnt know what hes chasing. Call it Sam and Twitch. All of these movies have to stop showing the shark.

By KD27 on 02.27.21 8:33am

Predators seemed like an attempt to go back to its roots, and it wasnt the worst Sci-Fi/Action sequel.

And Cameron did make Aliens and Terminator Bigger, but its important to remember that both of those movies had something going for them before the large action set pieces.

By BillClam on 02.26.21 7:10pm


By PerpetuallySkeptical on 02.26.21 9:21pm

I love Predators

By Colin Munch on 02.27.21 6:55am

I think I liked it? Its been too long since I last saw it.

By BillClam on 02.27.21 11:08am

I feel like T2 and Aliens are absolute perfect sequels, because they both did the unexpected which was flip a horror movie into a an action movie, but everyone took the wrong lesson from it and just thought sequels should just always be bigger and more action-packed. Flipping these now-action movies to horror would be the right move, but its never gonna happen unfortunately.

By ReplicantZero on 02.27.21 2:34pm

While I liked the Sarah Connor Chronicles, that might have been in part to the episodic format.

Drop the Connors, drop Arnold, quit trying to “one-up” James Cameron.

By BillClam on 02.26.21 7:07pm

The Sarah Connor Chronicles definitely deserves more love and attention than it generally gets; it did some very clever things with its version of the Skynet time war, and turned out some extremely well-crafted little stories along the way. Its proof that it was actually possible to do something good with the Terminator series after T2, despite the extreme efforts the post-T2 movies made to demonstrate otherwise.

By herpes cineplex on 02.28.21 1:35pm

Make it a Slice Of Life Romantic Comedy

By Gnome de Plume on 02.27.21 1:03am

That movie already exists:
Cyborg Girl

By countzero99 on 02.27.21 3:09am

I always felt that even T2 has all the marks of a bad cash grab sequel.

    a teenager protagonist for the kids to relate to
    making the T-800 to look cool instead of threatening, ruining the reveal that he is the good guy this time (but that was probably given away in the trailers anyway)
    ruining the perfectly consistent time line from the first movie by making it open ended to set up more sequels
    deliberately putting in cool one liners

I also love how Cameron tells the story of how T2 got started (paraphrasing from memory):
Filmstudio: We want to make Terminator 2 and we want you to direct.
Cameon: Im not interested in making any more Terminator movies.
Filmstudio: We will pay you 6 million dollars.
Cameron: OK then!

But despite all that they managed to make an awesome movie. As the sequels have shown, T2 was kind of a fluke.

By countzero99 on 02.27.21 1:38am

The good-guy reveal is handled brilliantly in the moviethe trailers the time gave it away, sure, but if you hadnt seen them theres no giveaway that Arnolds the good guy right until the shootout the mall.

By ReplicantZero on 02.27.21 2:37pm

That scene in the arcade is great, but T1 Arnie would have definitely killed a few of the guys in the bar (and T2 Arnie only got the “no killing” order later from John). Bad to the Bone was also a bit off if you want to have the audience believe he is the bad guy.

By countzero99 on 02.27.21 3:04pm

T2 is essentially just a remake of the first film with the Terminator flipped from bad to good. It was basically Cameron retooling the first film into something bigger to fit his original vision more closely.

By greyjk on 02.28.21 7:52am

Im not sure theres much of a point to making a Terminator movie where you dont show its a Terminator, and where theres no timeline “I come from the future to save/kill you” shenanigans.

Much of what you described, “a victim, a protector, and an unstoppable killer, scrambling through LA over the course of a few days”, is just T1. T2 took that recipe, and made the unstoppable killer the protector, against an even unstoppabler killer. They havent really managed to do anything new since then (except maybe with Salvation, and Im only saying that because I have zero recollection of what happens in that movie).

I think how you do a new Terminator story is you dont. Its been done.

By AmiralPatate on 02.27.21 1:59am

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